Resinsoul 70cm (68cm) female doll discussion.

Apr 26, 2009

    1. All my orders have taken about a month from order date to arrival.
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    2. I really depends where you get her from how long it will take. I got 2 of my dolls directly from Resinsoul, and they took under 3 weeks to get here. I got another one through a dealer and that took 7 weeks.
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    3. I've ordered my (my :)) Lian directly from Resinsoul. I find that dilers receive large shipments every 2-4 week. So it must be the reason of prologation of wating.
    4. Somewhere I read (probably on the Dollmore or Resinsoul site) that SD boys shoes should fit. I only bought one pair of tennis shoes from Dollmore, and they fit fine, so I hope that other shoes would fit too.

      By the way, the tennis shoes come it all colors and are dirt cheap, so you could have a pair to match each outfit, assuming your tastes run to sportsware for your doll. Dress her as a basketball player, and you wouldn't have to spend much on clothes at all:)!
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    5. I ordered Chun through Bobobie. I don't remember how it took, but I was happy and surprised to get mail one day that it would be shipped in two weeks, and that I would be notified when it shipped. Two weeks came ... and went ... and I started sending queries to Bobobie. About two weeks later, I recieved mail that she had just shipped and I should receive it in 3 days. I made the mistake of letting myself get excited. When it didn't come, I checked the tracking number and found it was in EMS / Customs Hell in San Francisco. I knew from experience that meant at least another ten days to clear Customs and have it shipped to Seattle.

      I am not complaining, that's what you should expect when you order a doll. Next time, though, I would order it directly from Resinsoul.

      About the wig, I think I ordered it from Dollmore -- all I remember is that there was a huge assortment of wigs and I was surprised an how expensive a good wig was!
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    6. To Ranma

      It's fun idea about basketball. Lian's body is long and thin, so it looks sportly. Thanks. I thought about fur coat - "shuba", because I'm from Russa :). I also will dress her in sexy underpants under the fur. it'll be vulgar but nice
    7. Tie a red ribbon around her neck, and she would look like the Russian seductress from the James Bond book, From Russia with Love! As for the underpants, although in general the Model clothes seem a bit big in the waist, the Model underpants I got for her are so tight they give her wedgies in her joints.

      We'll look forward to seeing the finished result, but if it the pictures are too sexy, you may have to find a host site other than Photobucket to keep them:)!
    8. My Lian arrived today and she's just beautiful! I ordered her directly from RS and got an extra set of eyes with her, but the eyes she has are just perfect - a beautiful purple! I think her name is Liadán...


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    9. Okay, now I definately have to get her in purple :doh
      She's stunning!
      She's been on my wishlist since she came out, but could never decide on skintone. But now I know :aheartbea
    10. I WANT HER, I WANT HER, but ...

      "She could wear Chun's clothes, so it wouldn't really be a big investment."
      "You are having custom clothes made so Chun can cosplay Utena, and a Utena with elf ears .... I don't think so!"
      "Find someone to make clothes for the dolls you already have, before you start talking about another doll:evil:!"
      "Maybe I should spend my evenings in sports bars, like normal guys!"
      "Go right ahead, at least it would be cheaper!"

      No, I'm not arguing with my wife, but myself:).
    11. Where did you get her beautiful dress? Is that the Viking Dress? And it seems as though her bust size has decreased dramatically -- I thought it was the same body as Chun's. I would be curious to see the same dress photographed from the side.
    12. It's not the Viking dress, it's one I found for sale from Mimi Woo. I'm still looking at the viking dress at dollmore though. I'll be taking lots more pics, especially since I'll be going to a doll meet on Sunday.
    13. Her face is realy beautifil. I am waiting her inpatiently.
    14. Not in the same dress, but a side view that shows the bust size more accurately. One thing I have found hard is finding a wig to fit her well, so the wig she has is my "everybody wears 'till the right wig is found wig' Anyway, photos...


      and just because I think this one captures her face so well...

    15. Thanks for the pictures -- she is such a beauty! And I love the mop top, I have one just like it:). It is the first picture I've seen that really shows off her elegant ears. I can see why you have trouble finding a wig, though. If your hairdresser is adventurous, take the doll to him or her and discuss the problem. They would probably get a kick out of helping to design the hair-do, as well as style the wig. If they aren't interested -- get another hairdresser!
    16. Wow! I'd heard that Lian had some curves on her, but... Wow! She's just stunning.
    17. Ohhh... My hairdresser is a good friend and would love to do something like that! I actually met her through my Blythe and Pullip collecting and it could be the final push she needs to get her first BJD (she's already totally in love with my RS Long and helped me decide the resin colour for Liadán)
    18. dolls&tea: she's stunning. The purple resin looks really lovely on her. I think the spiky wig actually looks awesome.

      Ranma: Heeee. I was actually considering getting a NS Lian with modded ears to be Utena, and a chocolate Chun Anthy, before I was all evilspriteevilsprite - I'd love to see how yours turns out.

      I have yet again failed to come up with decent pictures. I have no photo taking talent. I hear you about the wigs, though - Nu Kwa was happy being bald and scaly when she was naked dragon, but now I've finished her robe, she seems a bit naked. Maybe wings will help.
    19. Thanks! I want to try something with some more length if I can, but I don't mind how the wig looks. I am so happy with the resin colour - it's not too purple or too grey unlike some other "purple" resins.
    20. I think Lian's face is closer than Chun's in resemblance to Utena's , but I don't know if I could bear to bob Lian's ears! If only Resinsoul sold their heads separately ...

      My Limwha Anthy is (deliberately) 10cm shorter than Chun, but whether they will become real chums will have to wait untill are on the same continent. I may have to buy extreme platform shoes for Anthy :).