Resinsoul 70cm (68cm) female doll discussion.

Apr 26, 2009

    1. I love how Lian looks on lilac :D i have never saw one before. Right now for me i love how she turns out in Dark Tan and Lilac has nothing to envy about it!
    2. I came across two Dollmore Model heads, Belle Arden and Ipsae Monahan, and couldn't resist. Here are the skulls posed side by side, Belle, Chun, and Ipsae in that order: Heads/?action=view&current=B3HDSCN2263B.jpg

      Here is Belle on Chun's body: body/?action=view&current=BAIMG_0555B.jpg

      And Ipsae: Body/?action=view&current=IPIMG_0425.jpg

      Neither the neck nor the head has been modified. The s-hook hole molded into the cranium is a pain in the butt to use, but once the hook is in place, the head is extremely stable -- maybe more stable than you want!

      Both Resinsoul heads are lovely, but the overwhelming choice that Dollmore gives you is dazzling. If I decide that a hybrid is the way to go, I have a friend who can make the simple modifications that would make the hybrids more than just a kluge. He does face-up as well, and isn't intimidated by the obvious resin color mismatch. In fact, I don't whether the heads that I bought on the Marketplace are White or "Normal."

      The heads are $88 plus shipping from the factory.

      By the way, Dollmore has various hands for the Model, as well as high-heel feet. Has anyone tried attaching a pair to their Resinsoul doll?

    3. New phone yesterday, plus new costume jewellery to add to Nu Kwa's outfit, so... Camera phone pics, to keep track of the progress on her outfit. Please bear in mind that both outfit and doll (I only just chose and ordered her wig today after getting the doll in DECEMBER, I win no prizes for lightning fast decisions) are very much works in progess. Right now, bald and with the collar but no sleeves, she looks more like a Martian princess than a Chinese dragon.

    4. She may look like a Martian princess, but she looks like an awesome Martian princess. I love the outfit so far, and she looks very commanding. :D

      (I can't make decisions quickly either. Still trying to decide what new eyes I'm getting Avalon!)
    5. I love the violet skin ResinSoul and Bobobie offer (especially since I've yet to find any other companies that offer that color as a basic option), and I love Lian's body sculpt as well. I do feel, however, that her neck is a bit long, and her head is a bit big... I was curious if anyone has ever tried making the neck shorter, or if you could fit the heads of their 58 cm dolls on Lian's body (I'm not sure how much smaller they'd be than Lian's head, but I figure it might be a good starting point)? I'm honestly contemplating trying it myself, though I have to admit it would be my first attempt of anything of that sort... and she would also be my first doll!
    6. ResinSoul sent me a picture of BBB Charisma on Lian's body, and the proportions were definitely off, and Charisma has a large head - larger the Dan/Yun/Dai, I'd say. No matter how I tried (and I did try hard), I couldn't convince myself that all the modding in the world would make it work.

      Lian does have a very long neck. There's mods on reducing necks in the Workshop section of DoA if you search and if you're brave - that would be a better option than using a smaller head, I think.

      sesana: :snuggles: I need to take good pictures of her, really, I feel sad that they do her so little justice - and swallow the sparkliness of her faceup! Have you looked at DD-Anne's imperfect glass eyes? Again, they don't show up so well in the photo, but Nu Kwa's glittery gold ones are stunning, just what I imagined for her, and they are insanely cheap for glass eyes.
    7. Do you still have that picture? I'm interested to see what it looks like.
    8. Oh, I haven't. I'll have to. I know I want her to have green eyes, and I know basically what shade of green I want her to have, it's finding the perfect green that's the problem.
    9. Just poking this to say that I got Dollmore's Sexy Dancer outfit for my Lian and it fits just about perfectly and looks great on her! I'd post a picture but her head is in California getting faceupped right now. XD

    10. Has anyone tried this?
    11. Does anyone have any comparison photo shots of the 68cm girl doll next to a 70cm boy doll? I'm making a Rogue & Gambit set of BJD and wondered if the 60cm girls are too short, but am a bit anxious that the 68cm girl may be too tall.... ^^

      Thanks in advance!!!!!
    12. anyone have a Rachel? I'm buying one secondhand off of the marketplace and would like to see more pictures of her.
    13. Hello,
      I'm thinking about getting my Lian soon and was wondering: what size eyes does Lian wear?
    14. my Lian used 14 mm - 16 mm eyes
    15. Can someone please tell me if Resinsoul’s Chun is double jointed in the knees or elbows at all? And what size eyes does she wear? :)
    16. sorry to resurrect this thread but I have been scouring the internet for any information on this body. really just want to know if it's any good at posing.
    17. I would also love to know about the posability! I'm considering adding Rui to my collection one day and would love to know more about the body beforehand. The site's images aren't the best -__-
    18. You will need to wire the legs--I have a Lian and she is very stable standing and sits very nicely, but if you want her to hold action poses her knees and ankles need a little stiffening. "Thermostat wire" comes coated and is both stiff enough to support her legs and bendy enough not to fight you. Other than that, I like how flexible she is. If you get the jointed hands you will need to wire them to stiffen them, but they are pretty (I keep buying the hands because they are very close in size to my Souldoll girls and much less fragile :D)