Reviews on Elfdoll Rainys?

Sep 16, 2006

    1. I have a Wu and he's no problem to pose at all. He also stands quite well on his own. Even with his little feet.

      Elfdoll seams are non-existent, their resin is lovely and smooth, the default face ups are pretty darn nice, and they're packed like champs.

      I can't speak to the gals, as I don't have one, but I'm sure their owners will chime in shortly.
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    4. I've had my Elfdoll Ryung for a year and a half now, and I love her! She is as smooth as anything, poses well. I briefly handled some CPs for the first time the other night and quickly found out what "kicky" means.

      There were problems for a time of the hook pulling out of the feet, but some epoxy glue takes care of that and we haven't seen it happening on the more recent dolls, so it seems to have been a short term thing.

      There is a Rainydolls Yahoo group that you might like to join for more information and patterns and so forth. (Best read on the web as it generates a LOT of mail!)
    5. Be warned that there is a *ton* of OT stuff on that Rainydoll group; which is fine if you don't mind such, but sometimes sifting through to find the doll-related stuff is a chore. That's why I left... I didn't want 150+ emails in my Inbox every day, and Yahoo would NOT let me switch to the "don't send mails, I'll come here [to Yahoo] to read messages" option. Emails everywhere! Too much for me.

      That said, I love my Rainygirl to bits but I have the 3-part body, which IMO is a bit of a chore because it does not respond to repositioning well. You can reposition, then she instantly tries to snap back to where she's comfortable. I imagine the one-piece torso would eliminate this problem nicely. I wish that the Rainy bodies fit the Lishe-sized stuff everyone likes to make, and I wish we could get that new torso in the regular skin-tone for those of us who'd like to retrofit dolls we have now.

      Elfdoll sands seams for you, and this is a considerable plus. The dolls are very nicely finished.

      BUT! There is a caveat: the doll's elbows have extremely limited closing. There will be none of these cool pictures showing your Rainygirl holding a rose to her face, or with her arms crossed on her breast, etc. Ain't happening. This was a HUGE disappointment to me.

      Nothing's perfect, but overall I am happy with my doll and wouldn't trade her for anything. [I would swap her torso, tho. She'd agree with me on that, I think. lol]
    6. I don't have a Rainy girl, but I hope my opinoins of the Rainy boys will suffice. :)

      Likes get the problems out of the way first. I got Chris, my Wu, second hand (though I have the feeling it was actually third hand, but neither owner took him out of the box). He's kinda floppy in the fact that making him stand is a chore. Lucas, my Red, I ordered directly from Elfdoll and he wasn't that great at standing either. And also, like someone said, making Rainys touch their face is next to impossible unless you get creative. Their legs lack definition, but that's merely an aesthetic comment.

      I'm not sure which catergory this next comment goes into but...the rainy boys are stated to be 60cm, which they are not. About 58cm is more like it, but I don't mind. :D

      Ok, the things I love! Rainys come with their seams sanded, which I was grateful for! No sanding for me. Dealing directly with Elfdoll was a very pleasant experience, they answered emails and the Q&A board in a very timely fashion and in pretty good English too! I love the resin color as well, my boys look almost tan next to alot of other normal skinned dolls. The sculpts are very handsome for the Rainy boys, and I love all the Rainy girl sculpts too. The detail on my boys's hands, feet, and faces are awesome. And, they have magnetic headcaps! This makes dissassembly so much easier.

      Every company has some flaws, but I think Elfdoll makes some really lovely dolls that don't get alot of attention. We need more Rainys out there! :D
    7. Well I intend to get one if she doesn't cost too much!

      Thanks for all the good words guys and keep it coming!
    8. I really adore Rainy faces, I think they are the most 'oriental looking' and just beautiful!
      But... but the bodies...
      This is purely a matter of taste and no slight to their quality at all, which is great.
      The boobs are just enormous and don't necessarily fit into regular SD clothes. OK, I got the L size boobs, but I really wasn't prepared for them to be quite /that/ large. I'd recommend the smaller boobs, but that's just me.

      Otherwise, great quality and beautiful faces.
    9. I have Sooah and Wu (as well as Hana Devil and Angel and the 3 tiny Monnaemi sisters) so you can see I am a fan of Rainman and his sculpts. I don't have any trouble posing my Wu, and though Sooah's torso does like to pop out at times, I set her on a table nearly two weeks ago posed as you see her below and she hasn't moved a muscle. Now how many dolls can do THAT?

    10. I got Soah for my birthday with the small bust, and I really like her. She has a beautiful face, the resin they used is really nice. About my only complaint is that her back is a bit wider and her arms a bit longer (this is compared to my other girls, they are all CP Delfs), but it's not that big of a deal. SD clothes fit her just fine, and of course, the Elfdoll clothes fit her nicely too ^-^ And now that I'm making my own clothes for her, we won't have any more problems :D As for posability, she's not as kicky as my Luts girls, but her arms don't bend quite as far (I believe this was mentioned already). Still though, I'm quite happy with her. Ruru looks gorgeous, so if I were you, I'd go for it!
    11. No specific need for a blank head anymore, I ordered Lydia and she'll be here in about 3 weeks, hopefully. It took me forever to do this, but I'm so happy I did! Does anyone know how long or short Elfdoll's shipping and handling is? The site says 3-4 weeks, but I ordered her yesterday and so I'm hoping that she might arrive before the holidays. Any chance of that happening?
    12. I have a soah now. I love her very much. Her face is excellently sculptured.
      The quality of elfdoll is good same with their service. They sand the seam for every cutomers. I like them.
    13. I have a Large Bust Ryung and a Small Bust Sooah. I Love both Girls and body types. The Rainy Girls have some of the Best facial sculpts conceived, imo. They can both stand well right out the box. I sueded and wired them and they are Great posers also. Sueding really helps because their legs don't spread far apart without modding.Their resin is Magnificent. I Ordered RuRu and i am Elated to be receiving a Tanned Doll with No seams. I also have a SoulDoll, a HappyDoll and a Dollmore Ipsae. I Love all of them and my Rainies are my Favs.
    14. I love the faceups and sculpts on Nabee, Sibara and Special Sooah. Because I am a newbie I can't critique the mobility of the joints, but I personally think the large bust body is beautiful. For my taste the small bust has a relatively "low-slung" bosom. I am going to try to sew for these dolls, so I will comment later about how clothes fit. I also like to knit, but I think I will have to write my own patterns unless someone has some knitting patterns? Most of my patterns are for various sizes of little girl bodies, and there is a need for serious adjustment to make a fit for a bosomy young lady. LOL Tibby
    15. I have 2 rainy girls, a soah small bust and a ryung large bust. I would have all of their dolls if they all had a different body. Their posability is fantastic, and it is very easy to fix most any issue you may have. (sueding or wiring or a combo of the two) Their faces are full of personality and really have a humanness to them. I have had 5 different brands of dolls and compared to them all I really prefer the rainy girls for their realism in the sculpt.

      For RuRu I would be leary of the one part body. I prefer a body personally that has some posability throughout the torso as it makes for more realastic posing options.
    16. Hi, I have owned a Soah for about a year. She was my first 60cm BJD. I thought she was loosly strung and a little floppy until I sueded her leg joints and also tightened the elastic some. I can't tell you how pleased I was with the results. Just this Saturday I received my Sibara. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with her...she is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. When I first saw the red eyes, I thought I would take them out immediately, but when I saw her in person I was completely enthralled. I don't think I will ever change anything about her face, not her eyes or makeup. I did try some other color eyes and they are excellent, but I love her just like she is. She does have a different skin color than either or Nabee and Ryung/Soah. Something in between the white of Nabee and the turer skin tone of Ryung. --Terri
    17. I've had Soah for a year and a half, and I love her. The only real posing problem I've had is her wobbly ankles, which can be helped by a nice pair of boots. Also I wish her elbows would bend farther, but some people have modified that joint to fix that. Her boobs aren't really that large but she does have an arched-back posture. As others have mentioned, the seams come sanded and the factory faceups are beautiful. Elfdoll's service is great, the US dealers are all good too. Good luck with your choice.
    18. I have seen these dolls and am just in love with Sooah, hopefully she will be my next purchase. This post helped me too. Now I know I want a small bust
      on my girl.

    19. I was Wrong about RuRu not having seams. She Does have seam lines on the sides of her body and the inner legs (not on the outer legs). As with other tanned Dolls, she is not to be sanded. Here is the reason why from ElfDoll
      I am still anxiously waiting for my RuRu to arrive. I Know i will Love her.
    20. There are a lot of incredibly beautiful "Big Girls" out there, Lishe and Cocori to name two, but when I first saw Elfdoll Soah I knew she was my dream girl. The Rainy girls look as though they could speak. Just got Sibara (Ryung sculpt) and she is incredible. Rainman puts such character and emotion into his dolls' faces, and the dolls' bodies are beautifully proportioned. Elfdoll resin has such a smooth silky feel to it. I was, however, extremely disappointed in Ruru. Would love to see Ruru facial sculpt in normal skintone on the better proportioned elfdoll body, but evidently she is not to be made again.