Reviews on Elfdoll Rainys?

Sep 16, 2006

    1. This thread has helped me a lot. I'm now settled on getting a Lydia, and I am torn between the two body types. I like the large bust, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the 3-part torso. I'd rather it were 2, and as far as looks go, I'm not sure which I prefer really. So it's great to hear any input from owners of the two girl body types. Thank you!
    2. I have both body types. I like both. I have a Soah with a large bust and a Ryung with a small bust. I play more with my Soah because she was the one who drew me into BJDs. If I was just looking at the bodies, I'd tend to prefer the small bust on looks alone. The 2 part torso is easier to pose. For sitting, the 3 part is better, because you can bend the top torso to get her to sit straighter. I guess it depends on whether you plan to have them sitting around or standing. If you want to sew for her, I'd suggest the 2 part because she's easier to fiddle around with and get to stand while you're fitting garments etc. Also while a lot of Rainy people have large busted girls, the smaller bust fits better with SD size clothing.
    3. Thanks, Hobbysue! I don't know how much she'd be sitting as opposed to standing, but it sounds like the two part might be more manageable as a whole, and that's what I think I want more, though I do want her to look supersexy.
      Thanks for the input--I appreciate it :)
    4. I just bought a small busted Lydia myself. Like said before small busted is much easier to sew for and find some clothes. I prefer the small busted anyways because she matches well with my small busted Sooah.

      When I got my Lydia, she came with dark brown eyes ( no where near close to the crystal blue shown in pictures and on her box ) but she looks marvelous just the same. By just changing her eye colors from light to dark she almost looks like a different doll. :)
    5. Hi Guys,
      I've been looking into Elfdoll dolls recently and i've seen one that i really like, at the moment i have a couple of BJD's and i am unsure as to what the quality of Elfdoll dolls are. At the moment i have a Lishe, a new delf boy, and two dollfie dreams.

      what's the main different between CP dolls and Elfdolls?

    6. I have an Elfdoll Soah and a CP Chiwoo. Both are very good quality dolls. The Elfdolls do come already sanded and are very smooth feeling. The Elfdoll resin is a slightly lighter-colored, less peachy tone than the CP resin. My CP boy is very kicky and can't really stand by himself whereas my Soah stands very well. Oh, the headcaps work differently too. The Elfdoll headcap is held on by a plastic hook that hangs onto the elastic inside her head. CP has a twist off mechanism which is really nice. I got both dolls with default faceups and both are very nice.You can't go wrong with a Rainey girl in my opinion!
    7. So what's the main difference in the sizing of Elfdolls? do the boys and girls have a similar build to delf dolls, or more like SD-13's? because if i do get an elfdoll i really want to put this really nice suit on him.
    8. I'll interject and add that there IS a skintone difference between the Elfdoll girls and the Elfdoll boys. The Elfdoll boys have something called a 'Homme' skintone, which is warmer than the girls' skintone and closer to the CP boy's Natural colored skintone.

      If you look in either this forum or in the BJD-Opedia requests - I forget which, you can see comparative pictures of a CP Yder Normal skin and an Elfdoll Red.

      The biggest difference that would affect the ability to wear a suit would be the leg size. Current/Older Elfdoll boys like my Red is about 58cm tall versus 60cm, and the difference is all in the legs so some pants fit fine in the waist and thighs and all, but are just too long in the legs. There is currently a new boy body in the works, though, so that shouldn't be a problem for newer Elfdoll boys.

      Other than that, their elbow joints seem to have a little less mobility, but the Elfdoll boys don't seem to have the kicky legs syndrome that the Luts dolls seem to have and my Red poses beautifully and stands like a rock for the most part.

      Another thing you might consider is that Elfdoll boys wear 7-8", 8", and 8-9" (a bit big) wigs versus the 8-9", 9", and 9-10" that the CP boys and other dolls seem to wear.
    9. cool, seems like it might be a good idea buying one after all. Although i think i'll wait till the new doll is released, he really matches the character i already have in mind.

      do you think he'll also be the same height? or is it likely that he'll be a different size?
    10. I think Rainman has said the new guy is going to be 63cm? I know he's said two inches taller than Wu.

      I also think the new guy is basically using the same kinda body so Red and Wu can..."upgrade". I hate saying that though, because some people complain that Elfdoll boys are short but I love my boys that way. :aheartbea
    11. hmm, thats interesting. If he is indeed taller, that would mean that the CP suit i have will probably fit him if i get him.

      If so, that means i'll have the perfect doll to play the role of one of my favourite characters from my stories. I'll just have to see how he looks when he's finished, but i'm guessing he'll look just like my character.
    12. I was looking around a website recently, and saw an absolutely gorgeous doll. The company is Elfdoll, and the doll itself is Wu. I'm totally in love, because of how strong he looks compared to a lot of boys who are hard to tell from the girls. (And let me tell you, people can get pretty pissed when you mistake their boys for girls.)

      However, I'm having trouble finding information about the company? Does anyone own an Elfdoll, or are they part of a larger company, or has anyone heard any good/bad things about them?
    13. And feel free to pester me I have a Wu. He's so handsome. :whee:
    14. Thank you! I'm a little nervous, because I really wanted to get an MSD before I got an SD (Just to test the waters and teach myself how to care for the better) but then I saw Wu.

      And, sorry about it being kinda dumb. I'm still learning all the fun little forum searching things.
    15. I'm awaiting an Elfdoll Red. The wait.. killing me...

      Anyway.. at a dollmeet i just went to there were two Sooahs and they were awesome. The owners had nothing bad to say about the girls. Just made me more excited for my Red. Also if you have a question that isn't answered by anyone or the boards on their site, they answer within a day on the Q&A board. So far they have great customer service but I'll have a full review once he comes.
    16. I have 2 Elfdoll 60cm girls, Ryung and Lydia. They are very well made and Elfdoll stands behind their product. Elfdolls have more realistic sculpts, they were one of the first and the reason I got into BJDs in the first place. I am anxiously looking forward to the release of their new guy to be released Feb 1.
    17. Mostly, I was looking for a more masculine type, and he just jumped out at me. I've been reading threads and I'm getting more and more excited about ordering one, expecially since they apparently sand the seams. I wonder if they still will for a Wu, because the skin is darker.

      I hope you'll post lots of pictures once he comes in!
    18. He's actually normal resin for Elfdoll. The only one who does not have sanded seams is Ruru. And I know what you mean about the more masculine type (but not too masculine), that's why I went for Elfdoll.
    19. There was a thread around not that long ago that highlighted some pros and cons about Elfdoll dolls.

      As for me, I own a luscious Red. :aheartbea

      Something to note about the Elfdoll boys' skintone: Unlike Ruru's skintone, the 'Homme' skintone is even throughout the resin so it can be sanded without having significant resin coloration differences.

      EDIT: I found my review on Elfdolls that I posted! I'll repost it here because everything I said back then still holds true now. :) If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!