Reviews on Elfdoll Rainys?

Sep 16, 2006

    1. Zadkhiel: Your post was super informative and awesome. I just ordered my first Elfdoll and now I am totally confident I make the right decision. Thank you and thank you to everyone who took time to post here!
    2. when i first got into bjds. i really liked what was out there but didn't see one that really grabbed me until i saw wu. not only because he looked so masculine but how asian he looked as well. i received wu as a xmas gift from my husband recently and i love him to pieces. i can't leave him alone. he's a beautiful sculpt and completely seamless. at first i thought that was a basic feature of all dolls but i heard from several that you normally have to pay extra to have the seams sanded or deal and do it yourself.
      i love my wu and i think if you decide to get one, you will love him too.
    3. You are most definitely welcome! :)

      I'm so glad I could help you out and congratulations on your first Elfdoll! :aheartbea

    4. Just for a little clarification...

      I don't have any Elfdoll boys (yet!), but I have a girl, and her foot lenght is 7 cm, not 7,5. So it appears that the girls and boys do not share the same foot size actually.

      Before I ordered my Soah I heard that her feet are really big and can't fit in almost any normal SD girls shoes... nonsense. I have shoes from Luts, Leeke and Dollmore, and they all fit, though the Dollmore sneakers are a bit snug. When buying Luts shoes for Rainy girls, you'll just need to look what is the inner lenght of the shoe (mentioned on the site). If it's 6,8cm, they obviously won't fit, but if it's 7,5 cm, they are just perfect.

      And back to topic - I agree that Elfdolls are wonderful. Unfortunately they are not the best posers, and that's what irritates me. (I can only talk about the girls, again.) Sueding does help, though. Soah is much heavier than my Iplehouse boy, and I guess that's why she is more difficult to pose. But I also like the solid feel of the resin; the Iplehouse resin felt almost like plastic to me when I first handled the boy, being used to Elfdoll resin.
    5. I've got a Soah from Elfdoll-- she's great. The proportions are more realistic, the doll is solidly constructed, and the company took great care in sanding the seams. She's my first BJD, and it's nice to have such an agreeable doll as a starter.

      One thing I will say, though, is that she has some trouble standing. This appears to be a common problem, as there was an article in Haute Doll a few months back on how to remedy the problem. So, I don't know if that applies to Wu, but you may want to keep that in mind. ^^
    6. I myself have 2 Rainy girls - a Sooah (Lena) and Ryung (Nina) and I just love them. I also have ordered the newest male "K", and now I am in for a wait. If you are in need of more information, in addition to pictures - join the Ryung-Soah yahoo group, it is a lot of fun

      I didn't get Wu, initially, but he is a very handsome doll, and I am sure that you would love him :o)
    7. I have an elfdoll Red~! Beautiful dolls, beautiful sculpts. The upper half's poseability isn't as good as i'd like it but he stand in several different positions not just straight up. I highly reccomend them. Lovley company, good customer contact, ship pretty quick too! I'm completely in love with them. You won't be dissapointed =3!
    8. WARNING!! Super High Volume list. Ok, not like Den of Angels when it was a yahoo groups, but only 100 messages a day is a slow day. :o Off-topic conversation happens a lot, too, though somehow it always comes back to Rainy Dolls, yes, the boys too, and the other Elf Dolls.

      I'm on the list; I enjoy the community and the cammeradery. But not something to jump into without realising the volume. *_*

      If you want to find out what other ElfDoll owners have experienced, there's no better list.

      Ann in CT
    9. I'm on that list but I set it to "no e-mail" and I just pop in when there's something going on, like the Special K sale. You can go on Yahoo Groups and just view the most recent posts in your web browser without having to get them in your e-mail.
      It's a good list but yes, the volume is very high.
    10. Strange, the website says that the feet sizes are the same, and my friend's Sooah had the same size feet as my Red. Weird!

      Actually, Red's foot size is actually a millimeter or two less than 7.5 cm, but to be on the safe side, I rounded up to the next half because I HATE trying to fit feet into exact sizes because they usually don't fit. ^^;;;

      EDIT: Checked the site again - 7.2cm for girls and 7.3 for boys! :) ... And that means the boys -might- be able to fit the girls' shoes if they are 7.4cm and bigger. I wouldn't know how well they would fit around the calves though.
    11. That's weird! I just measured my girl's foot again, and it's 7 cm, not more. Is it my measuring tape or what.. :?

      I have never been able to compare with Elfdoll boys' feet though, but Soah's feet are about the same size as Soom boys' feet.
    12. i must say i love my girl, Kaede, a large bust Soah. she is incredibly beautiful, the resin is lovely, and sanded perfectly. She is a joy to sew for, and is very versatile.

      now, having said that, she has had a rough year, (and especially bad week). in the very first week i owned her, i put her in a pair of shoes that were a bit loose...i can only think that her foot swiveled around too much in them, because when i too off her right shoe, i found a fair sized curved chip in her leg where the leg and foot-ball meet. (it is visible in this picture , although because of the shine doesn't show up completely) this same kind of chipping occurred on one of her hands (where the hand meets the ball), which is why i decided on buying her a pair of luts hands.

      now onto her s-hooks, in the first week i had her, during regular posing her left hand's hook popped off and jammed in her elbow joint, it was insanely hard to pry the hook from the joint (as it was still hooked to the elastic) and as i pried it out i dinged up her joint hole (ok, that part is my fault), but the point is the s-hook came off so soon, i super glued it back in, but changed her hands shortly after anyway. now, as to the bad week i mentioned earlier, 3 days ago, during regular posing, her right foot's s-hook let go, and up into the joint it went (at least now i knew enough to unstring her to remove it), so she got super glued and was back in action. then today during again, regular posing "POP" went her left foot. the glue on it is currently drying.

      i love my girl, i really do, and i'm sure s-hook issues happen to everybody at some point, but i just felt the need to add my experience.
    13. I have 4 Elfdoll Rainy girls and they are my favorites.
    14. I think they are awesome dolls. I have 4 and they are my favorites.
    15. Does anyone here have Sibara by Rainman? If so could you post pics or PM me some pics and info about her? I missed knowing about her somehow and am curious what others think. Thanks!
    16. ^_^ well i now finally have my own Elfdoll K, and he's awesome.
    17. I have a K head and I have to say I think the resin is a bit shiny, very polished. I am not sure I like the shine on it at all. I am hoping to take some shine out with pastel when I do a face up. It does seem a good quality resin though, very solid.

      their customer service is bad though, they never once answered an email I sent them and the tracking number they gave did not work. Then gain, everything came through fine, no problem. Personally though, it was a panic for me as they didn't communicate other than standard mails that were system generated when you placed and order.
    18. Hmm i guess i'm lucky i got my K through Dollsandfriends, otherwise i may of had a similar problem.
    19. is your head a bit shiny?
    20. Well i have a Special Rainy K, his head has been sprayed with mr super clear (i think, also he may be sanded). His skin is fairly shiny though, especially compared to my lishe.