Reviews on Elfdoll Rainys?

Sep 16, 2006

    1. fairly normal for Elfdoll then :) I really want to order a body but I can' see that they are selling them yet- though I am wary becasue they don't contact you!
    2. ^_^; That's why my girlfriend and I have gotten into the habit of ordering from Dollsandfriends rather than elfdoll. It's kind of far for them to ship the dolls to us... and it costs more than buying it straight from elfdoll, but it's a better service :)
    3. Next time I would post in their Q&A board instead of emailing them:

      They respond quickly. I had the same issue with Luts, they didn't respond to email but responded very quickly to their message board. (I've always found Elfdoll to be an extremely nice company that cares a lot about their customers. They've always been very polite and respectful to me.)

      Also, they are selling bodies:

      Elfdoll resin is very shiney before you spray it with MSC. It's really easy to fix on a head, but with a body it might require sanding... I haven't decided how I'm going to deal with that one yet.
    4. Any more reviews on the Elfdoll guys? I'm curious to know how good they pose and stand.
    5. Well, I have all three of the Elfdoll guys now. I already posted earlier in this thread but it was mostly...not about posing. :lol:

      Red and Wu stand OK out of the box, my Wu made me nervous though. I've sueded and wired them both and they stand very well! Their elbows and knees are natural looking and so only bend about 90 degrees before popping out of the socket, they also have a one piece torso so movement there is limited. However, creative photography solves most of this, and overall I find my Wu and Red can do just about any pose I can think of. You can see alot of these poses in my photostories. :)

      Special K (and I'm sure regular K :P ) stands a bit better than Red/Wu and he hasn't been sueded or wired yet. Even though he is taller, I was expecting that getting him to stand would be a pain but it isn't. Otherwise he has the same range of motion as Red/Wu. His hands are more "expressive" so getting his arms to fold over his chest is easier (he can hold onto his arms better) but otherwise everything is the same.

      I hope that helps. I :aheartbea Elfdoll.
    6. spamsama summed it up pretty well. They're average posers, but in the hands of someone who is good at that sort of thing (I'm not - working on it), they CAN do some amazing poses. Case in point: of Angels/foosball1.jpg

      My friend, who is AWESOME at posing, got my boy to do this. He had not been wired or sueded when these pictures were taken, but I do suspect the fact he was wearing ankle boots and had part of the table anchoring him might have helped some. However, she's also made him stand on one foot without support, which completely baffles me. Someone else has those pictures - I'll see if I can nudge the person who has them and see if I can add it here as an example. I've since hot glue sueded him, and it made him a bit more stable in my hands, since I'm not as good at posing. I don't have a mortal fear of him falling over anymore. But yes, it's true that they can't touch their faces without aid - that's when you hold them there and crop your hand out of the picture, I suppose ^_^

      Honestly, compared to my little CP Kid Delf, my Red poses MUCH better - no kicky legs.

      EDIT: I should also mention this friend of mine is not even a doll owner - yet. But I think she will be roped into helping me shoot my more serious photostories.
    7. I have Sooah as a model for my fashions. I did have to come to terms with her large bust and is a bit of a challenge to design for but I love her realistic face and she seems so delicate and glamerous- I'm totally hooked.
    8. I have a Ryung first edition with the larger bust. She was my first BJD so I never knew any different until I got a couple more. She is by far the best one for standing and holding a pose out of my 5. I adore her and once you get the hang of the extra joint in in her middle it really isnt a problem to get her into different poses. I havent ever had any problem with her being "kicky" and her seams are so smooth! I dont think I will ever part with her. :)
    9. I've had my Soah (2-part small bust) for almost a year now, and am still in love.

      -beautifully realistic head sculpts
      -lovely and realistically proportioned body
      -amazing resin (smooth - seamless - excellent quality)
      -heavy and well made
      -are more safely boxed during shipping. Rainys have their very own foam cutouts that conform to their bodies.

      -my girl can't stand (weak ankles)
      -there has been a problem with the foot hooks coming out (easily fixed - there's a tutorial on Elfdoll.)
      -the hand sculpts irk me without being modified
      -the feet aren't as nicely detailed as I'd like and it bothers me that the girls and boys have the exact same foot molds.
      -without being coated or lightly sanded, the body is a bit shiny.

      Mostly, all the "cons" are just personal taste. I think these guys and girls are totally worth the money. I know I wouldn't part with my girl for anything.
    10. I have had a Ryung, Sooah, and Soah, and have let all 3 move on to new homes. While I loved the beautiful quality of the resing and their pretty faces, I just didnt like the body shape and size of the 2 or 3 part bodies. I also had trouble with the feet coming off on 2 of them, which was easily rectified with some glue. If you dont mind their really large bodies they are a beautiful doll for the price
    11. My first BJD was Sooah and she will always be my favorite girl. When I first saw her face sculpt I knew that I had to have her! She was soooo beautiful! I didn't really know anything about BJD's at the time-I just knew that she would be coming to my house to live! I have a little trouble posing her and I am not sure why. She is a bit kicky and I don't know how to fix that but I don't care. I also have Wu and he poses just fine. He is a totally handsome fellow!! I love all the elfdoll sculpts and would own them all if I could afford it!

    12. Sibara is one of the two white skinned limited edition Ryungs. The other was Nabee.

      I don't know why Rainman names his white skinned limited Ryungs, and calls other molds by their regular names, as 'white-skinned Soah'.

      I own a first ed. Ryung with regular skin, so I can't help you out with pictures. Sorry.

      Ann in CT
    13. My first BJD was the beautiful large busted Sooah. At the time I didn't know much about bjd's but I knew I had to have HER! I was quite shocked by her size...I suppose I was expecting a smaller doll, even tho I knew she was didn't "translate" in my head! She was a bit wobbly due to weak knees, ankles and hip joint but after hot glue sueding her she stands and poses perfectly now. The resin is beautiful, no seams...the only thing I don't like is her headpiece is held on by the hook not a magnet.

      My 2nd and only other is Elfdoll Special K. He stands and poses very well so far without sueding. I was totally impressed with his outfit, very detailed. His face and body is gorgeous and his headpiece has the magnet! The only thing I don't like is its very hard to find him more pants being he is 65cm tall and all the extra length is in his calves.

      I will eventually get Lydia, small busted so she'd be easier to find clothes for. I LOVE Rainy dolls!
    14. Just wondering what do you guys think about the elfdoll 60 cm body, in posiblity, looks and texture, i tried to search but theres too many topics, also if theres anyone threads that talk about different bodies would help too, thanks
    15. I have an Elfdoll Red. Well for starters it's not exactly 60 cm, more like 57 cm. My Red is shorter than everyone else, even the girls, so it's a bit funny, but at least he can fit SD10 boy/SD13 girl shoes. The resin is very smooth and shiny with no seams. That bothers some people, but I like it. Skin color is more pinkish and darker than my other dolls, who are more yellowish and pale. It's a one-piece torso which is rare nowadays, and the joints are single-jointed so it's not as flexible as other dolls. But overall I am happy with my boy.
    16. Are you talking about the girl body or the boy body?

      I'll go ahead with my opinions on the girl body: I've got a Soah, large bust option. Poseability is functional, but not great. On that topic, you'll probably have to do a little bit of work with the ankle joints to get the doll to stand on her own-- nothing serious, just adding some kind of tubing around the stringing to give some rigidity to the joint. Still, the body overall is cooperative, and doesn't have some of the peculiarities that other companies' dolls have (such as kicky CP legs, or the Dollshe boy slouch/tummy pop).

      I really like the looks of the Elfdoll body. I think its best feature is the proportions. It has more realistic proportions than a lot of the other dolls I've seen, in terms of comparative lengths of torso, legs, and arms. It's a full-figured body-- womanly, but again not in the exaggerated way that you sometimes see among BJDs. Some points I personally think could be improved would be the sculpting of the arms, hands, legs, and feet. They're a little on the dull side. Same with the back-- it hints at the shoulders, but doesn't really depict them that well. Of course, I'm comparing these to the lovely legs and back of the SD16 girl, so it's a tough standard to live up to. :lol:

      Texture-wise, Meili (my Soah) was pretty glossy straight out of the box. I blushed her body and sealed it with a matte varnish, so that's not that big of a thing, but I ended up having to go over her head with a very fine sandpaper to remove some of the glossiness so the matte varnish would coat evenly. :sweat loz64 brings up a good point about the seams, too-- Meili didn't have a visible seam on her. As she was my first totally resin doll, it was nice to not have to worry with cleaning up the body before doing anything else with it.

      Overall, I think it's a very nice body. It's pretty unique among BJD sculpts stylistically , so I'm a bit partial to it for that alone.
    17. ah, so the girl body can stand alone.., is there a guide to the mods and how about the posing of arms and legs? thanks for your help =)
    18. I'll do a quickie tutorial on how to modify the ankles to help it stand. The idea came from an issue of Haute Doll; honestly, though, I had trouble getting my doll to stand doing things as written.

      First, you need some plastic tubing, 1/4" diameter (not much-- a foot will give you more than you'll ever probably need :) ). Cut off a piece about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, and split it down one side as shown in the picture. I used an XActo knife for this step; the plastic is pretty rigid, and might be a little hard to cut. BE CAREFUL WHILE DOING THIS!

      Now, you've got to pull the foot away from the bottom of the leg. If you've got a hemostat or something else to give you some slack on the stringing, all the better. Once you've got the foot pulled away from the body, put the tubing around the string. The tubing doesn't bend easily, so be warned that you might have to fight to get it open and around the stringing. Once it's on the stringing, push the end down into the ball joint. It's a snug fit, but you'll be able to get it a couple of mm into the ball.

      Finally, I'd recommend hot glue sueding the socket on the foot itself. Even with the tubing in the leg, the foot will wobble without something to hold the ball joint in place on the foot itself.

      That's roughly how to modify the ankle joints-- let me know if something needs clearing up. Also, I'd be happy to take some posing pictures, if you've got any specific requests. :)
    19. My Soah stood wonderfully when she was new. She was perfectly strung, and her joints were very raw - she creaked like a wooden ship in a good wind.
      She's 1,5 years old now, her stringing has loosened and she nolonger creaks like she used to - and she stands wery badly indeed, her knees and ankles buckle at any sideways glancing.

      We are going to try tightening her stringing and kipsing her, to see if that solves her standing issues...

      In general about the body: I like the curvieness of it, but it really lacks detailing, can't sit up naturally, and it tends towards buckling instead of standing.
    20. I agree with the previous comments. I may not have much room to comment as my Soah is my first and only BJD, but I was not impressed with her mobility. She is difficult to stand, and cannot pose very naturally. Her shape is very standard, and lacks detail. I discovered that I could not make her sit back on back legs, or turn her legs in natural ways. I immediately ordered a Domuya Flexi-Body Type S since they are on sale for 50% off, and I hope I will enjoy this body more. Apparantly the resin match of the NS is close.