Revisiting sold dolls: seeing dolls with new owners

Feb 19, 2018

    1. I rarely sell dolls, but of the three heads I have sold, I've gotten to see two of them become new characters with their new owners. The third was long ago on here, but I did see an after picture of how the new owner customized them.
      I like being friendly/friends with who I sell to, and if the buyer has an IG or something, I'll definitely follow them. I love being able to provide someone with a grail/wish list doll. I like seeing them get put to use by someone who actually wanted them over just sitting on my shelf. :)
    2. I get happy seeing what kind of style they put the doll I sold to them through. Everyone has a different style, and its just very interesting to see what your previous doll can turn into.
    3. You know, I do have secondhand doll parts, and I see one of the owners around a good bit. I wonder if she wonders about that body she sold me. I'll admit, I don't post photos often, but only because he doesn't feel finished.
    4. The owner of my first doll is no longer in the hobby, I think (I've seen a few old posts from them). I do wonder what she'd think. Mirai looks nothing like when I bought her, since she has a different body, bigger boobs, new hair, and new eyes. Quite different from the beautiful images she took of her (which you can still find by google image searching, which is so wild, like "oh hey that exact doll is sitting right by me"). Her original body is being used by a different girl, as well.
    5. I totally get you on that! The original owner of one of my secondhand boys posted quite a few photos of him here (though I don't know if they survived the Photobucket debacle), and I searched up quite a few to see how he looked before. They barely look like the same sculpt, much less the same doll. (I actually use one of her photos against one of mine in a BJD panel I do at the local con, to show how much your personal touch can affect the look of a doll.) She's also left the hobby, so I don't know if she'll ever see what became of him, but it's so fascinating to see the difference.
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    6. I thought has occurred to me for a while now. I have sold many dolls over the years and recently I have begun to wonder what has become of some of them. One in particular that I remember was an old limited elven Dollzone. Used to come in a white full set outfit and I think was a very small limit that was released. Unfortunately it has been so long I can't remember sculpts name.
    7. I'd love to know where some of my girls are today, and how they've changed; my OG Luts CP Lishe and early Elfdoll Lydia especially.
    8. Yes! Especially less popular sculpts. Every now and then i think i see them pop back up on the marketplace and im like.. "is that the dika doll finn i sold years ago?" just as a funny thought. I think it would be cool too, to see how they changed in new hands!
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    9. I'd rather not know most of the time.

      It is interesting to see the amazing things people may do with my past dolls, and it feels good to know they went to someone who really loves them, so I do appreciate new owners sending me pix of my old dolls in their new homes most of the time, but I had a very bad experience with finding out what happened to one of my past favorite dolls. :( I'd rather not go into details, as it's not a DoA member who has him, and the reasoning is really off topic, but it was enough to make me not intentionally look up my former dolls anymore.
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    10. I'd love to know what has happened to some of the dolls I have sold over the years. I hope their new owners love them as much as I did & am curious to see how they look now.
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    11. I haven't sold any of my collection at this point, but if I ever do I'm sure I'd be curious but I feel like I'd rather not know. Like @CloakedSchemer said, it might be really nice to see how someone gives them new life and reimagines them but on the other hand you might find out that they've been turned into something you really don't like.
    12. I too haven't sold any of my dolls, but I have bought several secondhand and have wondered if the previous owners ever try to see what has become of the dolls they sold me. If I ever do sell any, I think I'd look up to see what the new owner might have done with them, out of curiosity.
    13. So far I have only ever sold BJDs I did not bond with at all, so usually once they're gone I don't think about them too much. Before I found BJDs I was really into modding/repainting dolls and I often got so excited to share what I'd done that I would just sell them, because I didn't really know any other way to connect to doll lovers. I often wish I hadn't sold some of them, and wonder what happened to them. It would be kinda cool if there was some kind of database, like a Facebook for dolls, where whoever owns them would upload pictures and updates. Then you could choose whether or not you wanted to check up on your "exes".
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    14. I once found out where one of my old dolls went. Person who owns it did something with it that I absolutely hated. (completely ruined the headcap) So no, I usually do not want to know. Sometimes I still see my old dolls for sale again. The community in my country is really small. But I tend to avoid seeing the dolls I truly miss.
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    15. I have sold nearly every doll I have ever bought, so there are a lot of them out there! A couple I wonder where they are and what they look like now, but mostly I sold them because I had moved on to other things, so they aren't really something I think about.
    16. At large I feel no greater urge to find dolls I sold again and see what they have become - if I end up selling a doll, I usually lost all connection to it.

      Some of my dolls went to friends I still regularly see so I am kept up to date with those which I admit is nice :lol:

      The only doll I ever sold where I would love to know where she ended (and even buy her back) is my Doll in Mind Laia with a Lylie Pie faceup. She first went to a friend who sadly sold her on pretty fast, then she went to another collector I knew and after that she vanished kinda.
    17. On the other side of the fence, because I haven't sold any dolls. I found out that two of mine started their lives with the same person, one got sold and went off on a journey to various homes before I bought them, then they came back together when I bought them both. I thought that was quite funny and sweet. Like they should have had a reunion :) It probably happens more than people realize.
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    18. I wonder about Shakti sometimes... She was my Juri '05 mod, painted by Vitta Vera... A very pretty and very unique doll that I sold on a little before I was really ready to.

      I sold her to someone here who expressed interest in her. She didn't work out for them, and they eBayed her not long after that. She was purchased by another DoA collector who was eventually banned from the site... They were trying to sell her at the time, and I *almost* bought her back (I would have if the seller hadn't decided at the last minute that they wanted more for her than the price we'd already agreed on. :vein I've always wondered if trying that with other buyers is what got them canned.)… After that? I have no idea what became of her. She hasn't turned up again here as far as I know, so maybe that owner kept her.

      In any case, where-ever she is, I do hope she's being taken care of. She was gorgeous. Vitta did a great job on her.

      I can only speak up for one of them... I may not post photos of my crew very often, but your Cocori is absolutely still with me, and still very much adored. Fate's profile is here. ^_^
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    19. I was actually just contacted by someone who was trying to track down her first doll that she sold years ago! We were able to figure out that I almost certainly owned her in 2016 but I couldn't provide any details as to where she moved on as she was sold on eBay.

      I don't really care who owns the dolls I've sold but I would be curious to know how many owners they've passed through, both before and after me. I would just find that information super interesting - how many people have owned them, and for how long?

      I did own an unpainted Minifee Siean head which I sold as the sculpt just wasn't my style and I would be curious to see how her face got painted in the end. Honestly I don't even remember very much about the dolls I've sold - sometimes I see an old picture and go "wait I owned that??"
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    20. I wonder about my DOD Si. I sold him with a mod that the buyer liked, then he was sold on to another owner who made a whole thread about reversing this "bad mod" that he had. I often think about him, just because he was my first doll, and my first ever mod and I wonder if that owner who "fixed" him kept him after all that work.

      Edit to add; I probaly would never think about him if that thread about saving him from the mod hadnt been wordered the way it was, and I had never seen it. Id probaly still think he was happy with his second owner.