Revisiting sold dolls: seeing dolls with new owners

Feb 19, 2018

    1. I actually thought about this multiple times... i have sold a number of dolls since i began this hobby over 10 years ago. I would love to see how my dolls ended up. i was looking up one type the other night on instagram and i wondered if id see her again. All of my dolls ive owned have been close to my heart for a little or a lot of when i owned them.

      One owner would send me a monthly or so photo of my ... her.. Soom Appini that i had sold her in her new environment with her other Tinies as well, it was adorable. i do love that type of thing but i wont want to be sending my photos to someone who doesnt really want to see them .... but i do love seeing them

      I want to find out where the others ended up, but reading just a few of the posts already makes me a bit sad that some of these dolls ended up or went thru such an ordeal.

      I also wonder if people feel bad when i start splitting things like heads and bodys and outfits based on what i need to. to all those who feel a bit sad for splitting full sets, im sorry.
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    2. I wonder pretty frequently about one or two specific dolls I sold and immediately regretted selling for one reason or another. I've never seen them again, and I have no idea if their new owners kept them but I would love at least one of them back.

      That said, the vast majority I sold were restoration jobs where I'd bought a doll in a poor state, fixed it up and sold it on as a way of funding the hobby for myself (yes, this was possible back in the day), so those I'm not really bothered about since I wasn't attached.
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    3. Ringo still is very much loved here! :)
    4. I really try not to... It's theirs now, they can do what they want with it. But that's easy for me to say, considering I've only sold dolls I was never able to form a connection with.

      On the other side of things, (I have much more experience with buying lol) sometimes I really hope sellers don't go looking to see what I've done with their dolls. Like I bought a partially modded head here (one eye modded slightly smaller) and I feel sort of embarrassed that I just never finished the mod job. I never intended to, but I got the impression that that was the expectation.

      Also, I don't like people seeing that I wiped their faceup... Like that's their art, and I ruined it. I'd just prefer that they never knew whether or not I had wiped it, tbh.
    5. I often wonder where my Minisup Sujin is now. I didn't own her for long but she had a really beautiful faceup. I'm fairly sure the person who bought her off me left the hobby but I couldn't find out if they kept the doll or not, or if it still has the same faceup.
    6. I’ve only sold two floating heads that I didn’t bond with (I bought them to get the sleeping versions that were being offered as event heads), so I can’t say I’m very invested in what happened to them but it might be nice to see little updates. I sold them both on DOA so I could probably peek if I wanted to. I think the only doll I’ve ever been curious about seeing what happened to it was someone I followed on tumblr. They had my absolute grail doll, and they sold it and I’ve always been curious about what happened with it afterwards.
    7. I do. The few times I kept an eye on the buyer's account, no one was ever posting anything.
      but twice I have randomly stumbled on my old dolls, but only after they had gone through an extra 2-3 owners.
      One was my very first doll and It was really cool to see the ways in which he changed and didn't (New aesthetic, same colour scheme)! I was able to identify him by the dye job I did :} He got sold again though and I have no idea where he is anymore.
    8. If you're talking about the hybrid Dikadoll Finn, I still have him. And he is quite loved.
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    9. I sometimes do, but I try not to think about it because the thought of someone changing the work I've done on it sort of hurts :/
    10. If I'm moving a doll along it's because I'm no longer attached to it, so I really don't think about where they might be now.

      Fortunately, I've dealt with some wonderful people over the years in relation to sales, so I know that my past dolls have gone to good homes.
    11. I had someone buy one of my iplehouse girls and they were wanting to be very secretive about the sale. It piqued my interest, I wondered if maybe she was a gift or they really wanted her but had to hide it. I really wanna know what she looks like now or if she went to someone as a gift.
    12. I don't really think about it since I am kind of over it by the time I want to sell a doll.

      Only one I ever noticed was that I sold a doll head with epoxy modding and then I saw the person posting in the workshop about removing it. Not sure what the doll looks like now.
    13. I never really think about it, because I gave them up willingly. These are beautiful, valuable pieces of art, so I allow myself to assume that they will be well taken care of wherever they go. I'll admit, though, it is fun to see one of my old dolls showing up in someone else's profile or photo shoot. :)
    14. If a doll I sold on pops up somewhere and I see that someone's getting joy out of them it does make me happy. I am also curious about what happened to weirder things I've sold, like an event doll body sans head and hands or a tiny little head with missing parts. Is it something I actively check on, however? Not really. Once I sell something it is that other person's business what they actually do with it.
    15. The only dolls I've sold were ones I'd fallen out of love with. I haven't tried to find out what became of them. One of them who I'd never gotten around to giving a face-up, was bought by someone who frequents the same threads I do. It was great to see pictures of him with a proper face-up and wig, better loved than I ever managed to do.
    16. Years ago, I bought a Doll in Mind Marianne secondhand. About a year later her first owner messaged me, asking if I had recent pictures of her.
    17. Sometimes. I had an old F17 mod (turned her sharp nose into more of a button) that I wonder about. The other heads/dolls I love went to friends, so they stayed in the family so to speak.
    18. If I sell something, it's gone. When I think about the fates of dolls that have passed through my hands (mostly off-topic), I just hope that they are somewhere where they are appreciated. However, I can't say that I feel much emotion about it, and I definitely don't seek out the new owners or dolls to check. When it happens organically (randomly seeing them pop up on social media, etc.) it's kind of fun.

      I recently gave a doll to a friend who had admired her for years. I've been getting updates (with photos), and it's awesome to have the "proof" of her enjoyment, but I didn't feel like I needed it. For me, the act of selling is the closure. If I'm willing to part with a doll at all, I disengage.
    19. My daughter has sold a few and it's always fun to see what the new owners do with them.
    20. I love seeing my doll thrive with their new owner. I really liked my doll but she just was not compatible with me. There were elements that I did not like about her (like her body) and I grew distant from her. She started getting over shadowed by my second doll. But now, seeing her actively being played with by their new owner makes me really happy ^.^
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