Revisiting sold dolls: seeing dolls with new owners

Feb 19, 2018

    1. I love seeing what the new owner does with any toys I sell. I anthropormorphise them I admit, so seeing them "happy" makes me glad I let them go. I do however get a bit miffed when I see someone selling something I made for more than they paid for it. There's a vintage doll I personally rerooted, repainted and restored that I sold to someone about a year ago and within about a month of that sale I spotted her for sale in a bundle of other random vintage dolls and was like "wait what?". Kinda bummed me out.
      I get that sometimes you gotta declutter but maaaan. This was something I had created you know? It was a OOAK doll and I sold it for very cheap, seeing someone try to sell it on with some other junky vintage dolls for like 5x what i charged was laughable and it still hasn't sold because it's not worth that.

      Maybe I should be flattered they think my work is worth that, but they haven't listed it as ooak or who painted it so...

      i feel sorry for the doll.

      I needed the money and space more though and maybe one day she'll find a forever home. I dunno.

      I love finding my second hand dolls history as well, I really like tracing back their heritage, seeing where they started out. I dunno I just find it facinating.

      Some sadly you just aren't going to trace, they aren't unique enough, but others i've managed to and it delights me. Seeing what the doll was before you got a hold of it and all that haha.

      i wish I knew what happened to the Makies I sold. I never see them again and it makes me sad because they really ARE OOAK. Like. where'd they go? COME ON GUYS!
    2. I have never sold a doll (or bought any second-hand directly from an owner) but if I ever did I would love to see them in their new lives and what the new owners do with them!
    3. I've seen a few pics of one doll I sold on, but I'd love to see more of all the dollies I've let go! It makes me happy to see they got a proper life and are being appreciated!
    4. Hm. I never regret that I sold my first doll, but for a year, it was pretty hard to see him with someone else. She have got a big doll family, and my first doll became her grail, or favourite. Now I am happy for that doll, and I get lots of pictures about him. I still think that sculpt is the most beautiful Iplehouse sculpt, but he just not work for me... It's nice to see someone loves him so much. So I think it's a good thing to see your exdoll with a new loving owner.
    5. I don't think I would do that. If I had a doll I really loved and played with and I had to re-home it, I would not want to know what happened to it. That would make me sad because I would remember how I felt about the doll. This is kind of making me think "old boyfriend stuff here," (chuckle).

      If it was a doll I didn't really care about and I simply gave it away, I wouldn't care one way or the other.

      I don't sew so I purchase clothing for my dolls. I try to remember to take photos of my dolls in their new outfits and send them to the vendors so they can see my dolls in their clothing. One vendor sent me a thank you email and said that she rarely sees dolls for which the outfits are intended in those outfits.

      I am saying this to say that when I think about a doll or an outfit from an "artistic" perspective then I can understand why someone might want to see where the item traveled to next. However, when I think about a doll as a something for which I cared for and loved, then I don't want to know where it goes.
    6. I was happy to see my old doll with new faceup and body blushing, done by his new owner. On the other hand I felt a little bad for another person who bought a doll from me. They realized it was not for them and listed it for sale as soon as they got home from our meet. I wasn't mad at them or disappointed as I didn't want the doll anymore, I just knew they probably saved a long time for the doll and would have a hard time selling it forward - I had too.

      I have been thinking about people who I've bought dolls from though. I've purchased most of my newer dolls second hand, and sometimes I used to send the old owner a picture of the doll after I paint and clothe it. I haven't done it anymore though, because I started thinking, what if the old owner never wanted to sell the doll, but they had to due to some surprising thing? Of course I never know the conditions that cause someone to sell their dolls and whether they really were just tired to have it. I feel like if they gave up the doll because they had no other choice, they might feel bad to see the faceup they loved wiped and painted over, and they might just miss the doll more if they keep seeing it.
    7. Most of my collection are second-hand dolls but none of their owners ever expressed that they'd like to see what I do with them. I'm too shy to actually contact them again or send them some photos which is a shame. I would actually love to send them a photo when the doll is complete and thank them again for letting me adopt...

      I've had to sell quite a few dolls due to emergencies and some because we never clicked. It would rip open wounds to see those 'emergency' dolls in the hands of someone else but then again I'd also be touched if I see how much they might still be loved. Unfortunately all the dolls I've sold seem to have vanished in thin air. It kind of makes me sad to think about it...

      Therefore, if you've ever bought a doll from me I'd love to hear from you ^__^ even if you've since resold it and know the new owner too. No hard feelings~♡
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    8. I had one doll that I sold, a Elfdoll Hana Devil. He was my very first foray into BJDs. He was really cute and all, but I'm just not into tinies. I spoiled him when I had him.

      I think I sent the buyer everything I had collected for him since I am mostly into SDs and larger.

      I'd love to find out what happened to him. I hope he's still being spoiled.