Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. Am popping in to say "hello"! Everyone's dolls are so beautiful. I just received my first Ringdoll, a Dylan, and I couldn't be happier with him. I've been waiting to get a Ringdoll for the longest, and now I finally have one!:D
    2. I love my ring doll! she can stand like no one else!
    3. I took some pictures of my Valo the other day, and thought I'd share one. He has a new wig since the last time I posted him here!


      There are a couple more shots of him in this gallery thread (below the Minifee pics.)

      I love how the translucent resin photographs; it has a different quality to it than the solid resin. Does anyone know why they switched to the new resin? Was it a cost issue? Customer demand? Something else?
    4. I'm pretty sure they switched because of 'customer demand'. Though I loved the old resin. :(

      Your boy looks great!! :D
    5. Chemcat, your Valo is lovely. What size eyes is he wearing?
    6. Was going to ask the same! :lol: What size are his eyes? They look great on him. :)

      I'd like to see pictures of Valo in 10mm and 12mm eyes, if someone has him, please.
      And pictures of En in 12mm and 14mm eyes too, please.

      I've read the entire thread and I'm a bit confused on wig and eyes measurements, on eyes especially.
    7. Here's my Valo, Seth, wearing 12mm eyes. :)

    8. Yanagi, my En, wearing 12mm glass eyes. I am very happy with the size.


      He does tend to be on the small size of MSD wigs... Can't remember the measurement for sure, but my guess would be more of a 6-7 than a 7-8. He has kind of a small head, but it fits with his slimness. :)
    9. Thank you both! :)
      It seems that 12mm is the best size for both Valo and En. By the way, both your boys looks wonderful, Valo is so cool and En is so cute! Can't wait to have mine! :aheartbea:aheartbea I already have chosen their names! :XD:

      I'm also getting a "steampunk eye" (the ones with the gears inside) for Valo but the lower size is 14mm... but maybe it will only show more of the gears rather than the round area around them.
      Well, when I'll have him here I'll post pictures for reference and I hope it will look good.
    10. Thank you! :) I can't wait to see your boys, too. They're such lovely sculpts.

      It might work well with an eye like that- less of the color around may show, and it might depending on Valo's eyewells sit a little further back than a smaller eye would, but since it isn't quite a standard eye and thus would be less prone to 'looking off' if the size isn't 'perfect', my guess is that it will be just fine. :)
    11. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, applecandy! My Valo is wearing 12 mm Safrindoll acrylics and a 6-7 Leekeworld wig. (And thanks for all the compliments, everyone!)

      A clockwork eye would look really cool with his bionic arm - are you getting the arm with your Valo?
    12. phoenix_kaji
      I think the same! The eye will show more of the gears! I think it will look fine. :) And since it not necessary has to match the other eye, it can be in a different size (14mm vs 12mm).

      Don't worry, and thank you! :) Yes, I'm getting him with the mecha arm! I'll get the eye with gears in silver color so it will match his arm. I can't wait! :love
      I'll give Valo the other eye olive green, and black long straight hair, his skin will be white. En will have short wavy blond hair and dark brown eyes on normal skin.
    13. Applecandy: If you want to see how a 14mm gear eye will look in Valo ahead of time, I can take photos. My Ringdoll Don has a gear eye, but in gold. :P
      Your boys sound like they will be amazing. *w* I really love En too. I certainly wouldn't mind owning one in the future! (he's just too adorabel~)

      Another of Seth~
    14. Akai Okami
      I would really appreciate to see how the eye looks in Valo! Thank you a lot! ^__^

      Awww I like Don and his pearl grey and teal blue uniform! Don't talk me about him, it's so hard to resist the temptation! :sweat
      I might have seen the pictures of your Don with his golden gear eye somewhere on the forum. Don is one that captured my attention from the start. It's quite hard to choose between Don only or Valo with En.
    15. Had some silly photo time today with my dolls
    16. I finally got a picture of my Dylan today!

    17. hey Peeps I'm looking at ring dolls and i love Dylans face... i would love to find a body that i can hybridize with, my Character that i am trying to create is female who disguises her self as male... so the body needs to be a small/ almost flat chested female body, and the 1/4 ring doll female body just doesn't look like it will work... any suggestions for a body that might work? it looks like the luts normal skin matches the normal skin from RD but does any company match the white skin?
    18. I think the Aidolls match the skin tone pretty well!
    19. I got a Ringdoll (the Rebecca Msd/ 1/4/ kid-sized sculpt) a while back, and I'd say I'm pretty pleased with her, she poses really well and her stringing is held together with a steel ring, (which I've found I MUCH prefer to the S-hook, I'm always afraid the strings might slip free OTL) she was tightly strung but not so much that she pinched or snapped too badly, and the resin was free of bubbles or patchy areas. I wish she could lean a little further back, but overall I'd say she's my favorite.
    20. Here's a picture of Syni, my Ringdoll Rebecca, The sweater vest is a groovygirls blouse I cut the sleeves off, and the hat was just cobbled together out of some felt I had lying around. The phone was off ebay, but I can't really remember where, and I haven't had much luck tracking down the seller. She has the 14mm eyes she came with, and the wig is actually sized for a YoSD/Tiny sized doll, just held on by the hat.