Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. HollowDestruction, Syni is adorable! I love the hat you made her, well done. :)
    2. She really is cute! I like all the colors and the accessories.
      I still can't figure what size they need for their wigs.
    3. I found that 6/7 wigs fit my Dylan pretty well, but I bought a wig cap anyway to ensure that the wigs stay on.
    4. Hey all! I just thought I'd pop in here and say hello. :)

      I just got my Ringdoll Dylan, whom I bought from another user on the MP. I'm currently waiting for his wig and his proper eyes to arrive. He's a a gorgeous little doll and I'm really impressed with his posing abilities.

      Anyway, his name is Radek and as soon as he gets some hair, I'll post a photo of him. :)
    5. Wow... this thread seems dead... :(

      Anyway, this is me resurrecting it with a photo of Radek:
    6. Wow, he's cute! He's maybe the sweetest Dylan I've ever seen.
    7. thank you very much!
    8. Heya folks... I got a lovely Ringdoll Rebecca for the Christmas season as a gift. So far she is one of my favorites as far as posing and body shape go... She is definitely a work in progress for me, and I plan on making her a creepy scary girl. Here she is, eyeless, and quite creepy! I've named her Beatrice :)
    9. She's quite scary already! And cute at once. I also like the old fashioned looking dress you gave her.

      Are you planning to give her some kind of special eyes and modify her face up?
    10. I'd like to share a photo with you from my lovely boy Haru, who comes from the last series of Dylan, before Ringdoll discontinued this sculpt.

      I just love him so much I bought an extra head, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with. I was wondering getting a twin for him, either a boy or girl, but Haru's character is an only child, so it would be strange for a twin to pop-up unexpectedly :) (Somehow the idea of having a girl version of him fascinates me (pretty girl clothes, yay!), but I can't imagine the girl's character so far.
      I was also wondering I'd modify the head with a more mature expression, and buying a taller (46-50 cm) MSD body for it, creating an image of a 15-year-old kid instead of the 13-year-old one he is now. But I'm not sure, what do you think?
    11. He really looks cute and sweet. Is that a custom make up? You took a beautiful photo of him! It really looks like he's alone in town, on a bridge, looking at nothing but his thoughts.
      You might use the other head for a girl, as you said, maybe an elder sister or a far cousin? or a doppleganger? It's nice to play with twins!
    12. Thank you! :) It's the official A-style makeup, and I absolutely like it, too bad it was damaged around the eyes (I can't see how... I always use a face protector...), so I'll probably going to send this head for modding/re-painting, and use the replacement head, if it's going to have the same make-up, not the B style.

      A cousin, or a doppleganger sounds like a great idea! :) I can think about that for a while. I ordered the head from Mint on Card, and they said that Ringdoll won't ship it until all the December orders are finished, so it may take another 2-3 months... :) Plenty of time to work on Haru's "twin" character :)
    13. Well, keep us updated on what you will decide. I'm quite curious to see your twins! :)
    14. Mint on Card still dind't send me the extra Dylan-head... but oh well :)
      If you are intrested, I've uploaded some photos of my Dylan here. The boy is definitely changing :)
    15. Sorry to poke in to your discussion >___<

      But can someone please answer my question?

      I've been really interested about Ringdoll Rebecca for two years now but I've never had the courage to buy her since I'm afraid of the yellowing : / Ringdoll dolls seem to yellow so fast and like old naraes? to _really_ yellow. I've tried to ask my local collectors but they seem to be very... dodging about the subject so they never really answered my question : /
      And I'd really prefer the opinion of an owner (to a company opinion) since owner can tell how they photograph and how they look irl.

      I've tried to dig up information but I can't find pictures that I'd prefer : / So I figured that I'd ask here:

      1) How fast do you feel that your ringdoll yellows?
      2) Does it bother you?
      3) Do you have pictures of a new ringdoll (like box openings with realistic colors?) and current ringdoll (one-year-old, two-years-old?)
      4) How big is the difference between the photo of your ringdolll and the one you hold in your hand? When it comes down to yellowing. For example. My very old minifee was pure white in every photo but in my hands she was butter/creamy yellow.

      ^I ask these because same doll can look normal skin, white skin, yellowed or even tan in the pictures and this has been very confusing to me ó_O

      Thank you!
    16. Maaru, I don't know how helpful my answers will be. My first doll was a Rebecca, and she has yellowed quite a bit, but she was the old environmental resin. In any case, I didn't take care of her as well as I should have; she got a lot of sunlight and heat. I've had her for close to 3 years now. She's clearly mellowed, but it seems I always imagine her worse off than she really is! Given how I treated her, I think she's held up well.

      My Kyo is NS, and I think she's yellowed, but since she's natural skin, I don't have anything to compare herto. She's been in a box for most of her is lifespan with me, so she hasn't been exposed to light or sun much at all. Still, she seems to have yellowed a surprising amount. Nonetheless, all my other dolls are WS, so I have nothing to measure her by...

      I retired both my Ringkids a while ago, but I recently realized how much I miss both of them. So, they're off the shelf and getting loved again. :) Kyo has finally claimed a name. She is called Kiss. My Rebecca is still struggling with her identity, but right now she's being called Nana.

      IMG_1687 by Redfaery1987, on Flickr
    17. Bringing this thread back with a pic of my Rebecca named Aggie sporting her new crop sock sweater thingy I put together for her. She likes showing off her tummy, me thinks. xD

    18. Vividstar, she's cute! I love her skirt, too. :)
    19. Just hopping in to inquire as to if there's any photos of the posing abilities of the boy body somewhere. I've searched for about a half hour now without finding anything. I'm looking for a slim male doll to be a character of mine, but I'm very picky when it comes to posing. I can't seem to find photos anywhere other than the stock photos!

      Thanks for your help<3
    20. *wanders in* Hey all, hope you don't mind me popping in!

      I fell in love with Wagashi (especially the D style) but I'm having a hard time finding pictures of her. I'm thinking of getting her soon. It looks like she has a little bit of a smile, which is what I want, but I want to be sure. Is anybody out there hiding pics of their Wagashi?? <3