Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. I just got my secondhand Kyo. He feels a lot lighter and smaller than my other MSDs, and his resin feels odd, but he's growing on me!
    2. Congrats on getting your Kyo! Ringdoll do tend to be smaller than other MSDs. My boy is actually wearing trousers that are too small for my Resinsoul mini girl on the single-jointed body, to give some idea as to the size difference.

      Here is my boy Radek (Ringdoll Dylan). He finally has some eyes that I'm pleased & satisfied with. :)

      Radek by SapphireStargazer, on Flickr
    3. He's very cute! And you gave him beautiful eyes.

      May I ask you where did you get his wig, and the wig on the boy in your avatar? And his eyes?
    4. Thank you, Applecandy! Radek's wig and the one Tyler (boy in my avatar) is wearing are both Glib wigs and I got them from Mudoll. I'm not sure whose eyes you're asking about. Radek's are Glastic Realistic 10mm and the colour is hazel green. Tyler's are Safrin 14mm and the colour is Snowstorm. Hope that helps!
    5. Thank you about the informations. Yes, I was asking about your Radek's (Dylan) eyes, since they look great. I was planning to get some Glastic Realistic Eyes a while ago, but I changed my mind since I started to appreciate glass eyes better than acrylic ones, and since they are not easy to order in Europe without paying lots of money for the shipping cost. But your picture is confirming they look great and I might plan to get them again (moreover, the color is just one of my favourite).
      Anyway, congratulations on your lovely boys. I'll check for more pictures on your flickr album.
    6. Thanks! I really like the Glastic Realistic. They're a nice alternative to glass and they aren't very expensive here in North America.

      Here's another photo of Radek for you. :)

      Radek by SapphireStargazer, on Flickr
    7. He's one of the cutest Dylan I've ever seen. I usually am not a fan of Dylan's mold, but I must admit that after seeing some customizations, like yours, I reconsidered my opinion. He can be really cute.
      Glastic Realistic eyes look like they have the realistic looking texture of acrylic eyes, and almost the depth of the glass eyes.
    8. He's such a cute boy. Very nice photo.
    9. thank you!
    10. Time to bring this thread alive in hopes of some info on an ancient limited sculpt. XD

      I am wondering if The special sculpt Quiz was offered in both normal and white skin? Does anyone even have him? I am going to start that long hard search for his head :/ I am hoping to find it in white even if it been yellowed. I have a way to remove yellowing now thankfully.

      If anyone can help me that would be too amazing!
    11. Finally had some time for taking pics, so Virimirie, my Valo boy finally got some screentime <3

      Virimirie-balacing-river von Wildcard_Snowy auf Flickr

      @Fush: I'm afraid I haven't even heard about this sculpt before. Was he limited or discontinued? If he was discontinued you might wanna try writting Ringdoll. You might be lucky and they have an unclaimed head left over. If he was limited, I'm wishing you the best of luck ^^°
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    12. Ooh, Radek and Virimirie are both very cute! I really love the Ringdoll sculpts, but I don't particularly care for the resin... maybe someday....
    13. Snowy: He was a limited back in 2011. I written to Ringdoll and found so many sellers that arent bothering taking him off when they only do preorder. And there is not much info on him on the forum. It really going to be one of those sculpts that no one has :/ It really is confusing why sellers are still selling him preorder after 3 years.
    14. Hello, I am a first time poster to this thread :D

      Snowy - Great picture - what a cute little adventurer <3

      I am contemplating getting a Valo for myself, can I maybe request some picture spam?
    15. i just got the body for my Kyo hybrid and i am very pleased. the ringdoll head fits in the neck perfectly and the resin is a good 90% match. so excited :D here is Hikari:

    16. At Doll AKon this weekend. Ash, Evz and I met Huang Shan. I love how he held on to both of them possessively. He is proud of his dolls.
      [​IMG]2015-06-06 21.50.21 by SteamWitch BJDmama, on Flickr
      He liked that I had had twins.

      In the Q&A they said they were planning on making 1/4 size infamous sculpts like Frankenstein.

      Just thought you'd like to know some new and different Ringdoll 1/4 were being planned.
      I had a great time.
    17. Wow that's great news! I love all of their 1/3 sculpts but I'd like to have something unique like Frankenstein in 1/4 size. ^^
    18. Hikari got her shoes!

    19. Is anyone else excited for new Ring Kid dolls? I don't particularly care for the two coming out soon, but the possibility of more is really promising. I'm also intrigued about the new body. I wonder what the jointing will be like? Ringdoll has certainly improved a lot in their larger lines, so it will be interesting to see what they do with their minis as well.

      P.S. If anyone has Valo spam, especially with the mech arm, I would love to see it! ^w^;