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Jun 21, 2009

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    1. I have a KDF Zuzu boy Curly. He is the femboy type. And I've found out that the new ring kid type 3 body have just the right shape for a furry femboy character.

      It have the right curves and wide hips as seen in the way many artists use to draw. The only thing I don't like is that it's not a two part torso. But besides that the shape of the body is perfect for what I have in mind :)

      I do not have any plans to do any new BJD purchases at the moment because I'm on a break.

      But I do wonder how does Luts and Ringdoll ns match. Anyone who knows?
    2. ringdoll is more yellow than luts. here is a pic of my luts 2012 event and my ringdoll kyo (on a loongsoul body)[​IMG]
      heads: left luts NS / right ringdoll NS
    3. @Snowy @Jaline - your boys are so handsome. beautiful photos. :candycane

      I really like the new Chinese boy and girl. + she has horns! I'm disappointed the new bodies don't have a torso joint and why does the boy have such wide hips? but, they are very bendy! all Ringdolls can sit cross-legged. :aheartbea why can't more companies manage that?
      I'm confused that the height says "head not included" ??? well, it's a doll not a body. the K3 body is 34.5. so 38cm overall? very short.

      my only other RD is Xiu fullset. he's so cool, but the only heads I like are made for the big #3 body. I just know it would make a gap on the #4.

      since the new kids are not limited, I'm going to wait and see about that mini Frankenstein.(or Dracula!) a lot of doll makers are going "fashion" size.
      (my Dollshe 44cm man is wonderful.)

    4. Hello everyone on DOA! I have been stalking RingDoll's site a lot lately and I just decided to order their new Ring Kid, Xi. I love her look so much. I love unusual dolls and she looks so mischievous. I would just like to know your opinions on her. :)
    5. @KittyKittyClaudia I just ordered her in tan! I think she is adorable and am sad I can't find any owner pictures.
    6. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to order her.... But I will in the future. I love her so much. I'd love to see owner photos of her as well....
    7. I'm not sure how long it usually takes to get a doll from ringdoll but as soon as mine comes in I'll post a lot of pictures!
    8. Oh yay!!! I can't wait! Plus I'd love to see her in the tan color!!!
    9. Hi everyone! I've never bought a Ringdoll before but am just dying over the "Little Monk" Asian boy! He looks like a child Buddha, I just think he's amazing......even if all he ever did was sit on a pillow and added a sense of calm to my space.

      I am a little worried though. I was looking on Mint on Card and they said that Ringdoll takes a longggggg time to fill orders. It actually says that 40 weeks is not unusual! On Denver Doll they aren't even taking any RD orders until they get caught up with their other orders. I don't want to wait that long I don't think I have the patience lol (maybe I need this baby Buddha after all)!

      On the RD site it doesn't say anything like that. Have any of you ordered from them? How long did it take?

      They also sell through EBay, which mentions a certain wait but nothing like 40 weeks! Anyone bought a RD through their EBay dealer?

      Just trying to figure out the best place to order this little guy from, any experience you guys have will help!

      (Well I tried to insert his picture but it's not working).

      Roni :)[​IMG]
    10. Has anyone received a Mad Hatter or Alice yet? I'm craving owner photos like nobody's business. :XD:

      Hi there! While I have not ordered from Ringdoll personally, I have seen folks state wait times like the one you described (upwards of 40 weeks). Xagadoll and Asleep Eidolon have similarly long waits, too.

      But I have ordered via Mint on Card before, and I can say they are fantastic---always willing to answer questions, etc. If you order through them, they will be with you every step of the way. (I can say the same for Doll'sSinging on eBay, actually; Jeeryama is fantastic to work with.) Just be ready for a long wait. :thumbup

      I hope you're able to order your Little Monk! He's too cute.
    11. I have a ringdoll Valo with mechanical arm. I love him very much!!!!!!
    12. Hi! So I haven't looked at this thread in a few years, but I just received a new wig for Corbin, my Valo, and he finally looks like the brat prince I imagined him as when I bought him; so I thought I'd share a couple of quick pics. [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I'm so glad to see everyone else's Valo's too :love

      @roni207 I didn't buy through Ebay, but I did buy through Mint on Card to be safe (I'm not sure how Ringdoll is doing at the moment, but when I ordered my boy, there was some worry about the company). I did have a very long wait, but as I was aware that that was probably what was going to happen, I didn't worry about it too much. From what I've seen, they're wait times are still really long. If the ebay seller has things in stock it might be that you can get something much faster, but ordering will probably still be a long wait time. Have you tried contacting the ebay seller and asking if they think their estimated wait time for Ringdoll is accurate?
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    13. I love my Xander (Valo w/mechanical arm) I bought his full set and trying to find another wig for him and some more clothes. His posability is absolutely amazing!.[​IMG] Your doll is absolutely handsome! I am having a problem finding a wig to fit him.
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    14. Thanks so much for the compliment! I had trouble finding a wig for mine too...I ended up going with a 6-7. You kind of have to just keep looking until you find a wig.

      I would love to see Xander, but the link looks broken...
    15. [​IMG] Sorry about the picture being broken lets see if it works now [​IMG] I am trying to link them from Tumblr and I don't know why its not letting me do it. Any ideas?
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    16. Ah, I don't think it will let you link it from tumblr because you have to link the image url directly. Flickr or Photobucket work much better for this.

      Edit: Also, if you go to the FAQ section under "Help" here on DOA, scroll down to "Why is my image broken" They have a lot of information there for you :)
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    17. Ok this link is from flickr and it works on skype lets see if they work here. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    18. Not yet :( Did you past the whole big long thing? Or did you delete all of the extra. There should be a part that starts with "https and end with .jpg" That's all you need, minus the quotation marks. And I think the image has to be set to public.
    19. Has anyone ordered their Chunyi boy yet (or has gotten him already by any chance)? I just bit the bullet and asked a dealer to order just his head (not overly fond of the bodies) because he'd be perfect as the counterpart to my Volks Ian :D