Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. Hello! I just received my first ringdoll! Xi in tan skin! I was a little surprised that the tan wasn't as brown in tone like I'm used to with other companies but after playing with her for a bit I think it grew on me.

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    2. thought i would bump the thread with some quick shots of my girl Hikari:

    3. What a cutie pie :D
    4. Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in because I'm SO excited that I just received my Ringdoll body! I purchased their newer 40cm RKBody-4 and I LOVE it! Does anyone else in this thread also have it? It only took 2 months for it to get sent out to me too, I wasn't expecting such a quick turn around time! I admit I am also tempted by their boy version of this body now that I know how cute it is, but that will probably wait for awhile.
    5. I recently received my kid Xi who is also on this body. I like it but I realllly wish there was a torso joint.
    6. Does anyone have a Ringdoll Jade yet? I'm kinda curious about her and I find her sculpt very cute, but wanted to see how other people liked her if that's ok
    7. I just saw the Ringdoll Julia 1/4 announcement and am in LOVE! :D While the sale is definitely short term, can anyone give me insight if she would be a limited sculpt, or something they will probably carry for the long term? I'm not familiar with Ringdoll.
    8. I'm in love with Alfonso! I can't believe he is an MSD, he looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see his irl photo.
    9. First image of Alfanzo has been posted by RD. He looks different than I thought he would based on the art, but I think he certainly matches the character described in the lore. Also, I didn’t expect him to be gray! And his feet, they are high heels. Two toned eyes are an interesting touch. Or is that a trick of the lighting?
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    10. I may have to have this little biscuit. :love
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    11. I think I may have to as well haha!
      They also said they are included a cute gift if he’s purchased on Halloween.
    12. I purchased him literally as soon as he went up for sale. I sent a confirmation email and asked if I was in the top 10 and qualified for the clear wings.

      Edit: They confirmed my order very quickly and confirmed I’m receiving the transparent wings as a gift. :)
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    13. I ordered Alfanso, too. Don't know if I'm in the top ten, though. Didn't think to ask. :)
      He'll make a good companion for Jade, I think. It was not in my plans to order another Ringdoll before getting Jade, but how could I resist such a cute guy?!
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    14. Congrats! He and Jade would make such a cute little vampire couple!
      I know what you mean, I had planned for my Sol I purchased recently to be my last doll purchase of the year, but Alfanzo is just too awesome. Not to mention he’s so limited. :)
    15. Yes, the limited availability clinched it, lol. I was determined not to get him, but he was too powerfully lovely. Plus, grey skin? A dragon wing? His aesthetics are just too on point.

      I've steeled myself now, though. Unless Merlin gets released in a mini version (my only caveat), no more until after I get my two little ones!
    16. Hi!
      I'm very between a couple of sculpts right now and Julia's 44cm sculpt is in the running. But can anyone tell me how easy it is to find clothes for the 44cm girl body/where you bought your doll's clothing? I know their proportions are really similar to Minifees but they're just a bit bigger so they can't fit the Minifee clothes I already own.
    17. I have a Jade-B on layaway! She's currently being reserved for me until RingDoll announces their Christmas event, at which point I'll start my layaway.

      I've never really looked much at RingDoll before, but I couldn't pass this cutie up. Jiang Shi are just adorable and I fell in love with her little face. :sweat I'm hoping her faceup and resin quality are up to par with my expectations. Here comes a long doll wait!
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    18. Congrats, I have the grown and teen dolls and have always been pleased with both resin quality and default faceups.
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    19. @NekoNyanMew same here! I missed out on her first version and glad she have a second version. I ordered her as soon as she was available. There are some owner pictures of her now on FB and Instagram and they look great!
    20. I totally missed out on her first version, as well! I think I like the second one just as much, if not more. What resin color did you get her in? I can't wait until both of our girls are here! :D