Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. I like her 2nd version as well! The only thing I will change would be the wig (I'm not a gray fan) and the dots on her cheek but those are easy to change. I was in between white and normal and ordered her in white since the promo pictures look great. What color did you order her in?
    2. @aireoko I ordered the White Skin, as well!
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    3. Just had the heart breaking news that the dealer I bought my Jade full set through has sold her instead of shipping her to me. Not really sure what to do since she was so limited, I'm pretty upset. :(
    4. @Scoops Oh no I am so sorry! What an absolutely shitty business practice! How are they intending to fix that for you? (and may I know the dealers name? I'd like to steer very clear of them)
    5. @Roterwolkenvogel They've refunded me and said they'll send me the gift head that would have come with my order, but there isn't much else they can do. The person who bought the 'in stock' doll doesn't want to return it and Ringdoll won't make any more sets. It was Angelesque, I'm very disappointed since I've had good transactions and communication with them until now.
    6. @Scoops that's shocking to hear, I only had good dealings with Angelesque as well so this is a real "what"-case /hugs
    7. Greeting, I just order a ringkid last december so she will took... quite sometime to come to me.

      I just wondering what wig and eyes size that fit the ringkid well, so I could have a look and prepare before my girl come.

      Any advice would be appreciate. :3nodding:
    8. 14mm or 16mm eyes and 7-8 wigs I have fit Jade. I'm not sure if other Ringdoll kid have the same head size but I think 7-8 should be fine if the wigs have a stretchy cap. Hope that helps!
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    9. @aireoko That's really help. Thank you:whee:
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