Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. My Kyo arrived yesterday!


      I absolutely looooove the Ringdoll posability! Thinking about getting more RD msds in the future. :)
    2. Can anyone please tell me, will 7 cm foot length Dollmore shoes be ok for Ringdoll MSD? I'm gonna order the boots soon and the question of proper size rly bothers me..
    3. All the MSD size shoes I have are too big on him for me. I was told Leekeworld has some that will fit but the prices will cause heart failure!
    4. [​IMG]En from Asian Fans of Ringdoll
    5. GM of Ringdoll company mailed me that they has made an agreement with Red Cross Society of the Republic of China that RD will donate $2 for each product that is sold oversea.
      2 means love in Chinese culture. I wish everybody in Chinese quake-stricken area is fine. God bless them.
    6. anugar: also wanting to see her pictures!

      I think the question/thread has come up before *would someone please direct me to said thread...?* of whether or not the Ringdolls are french resin, Environmental resin, or of similar resin used by BlueBloodDolls by Medusa? I've been bouncing between their Rebecca vs. Kyo, but I promised myself I wouldn't get myself a doll until I find Amun...
    7. I'm realy liking the posing that these dollfies can do so l'm thinking that one of them will be my 2 dollfie. Can anyone tell me what size of clothing that fits them the best also what shoes will fit as well.
    8. My Dylan wears MSD clothes from Dollmore, but I don't have shoes for him yet since he likes to stay barefoot, but I suppose he can wear MSD size shoes too. My Dylan is also the older skin tone so he more on the yellow orange color instead of the newer real skin pink shade that the company now uses.
    9. Hi! (This is my first post! Yay! ) Okay, to get to my question. I have also fallen in love with the Ringdoll kid Rebecca and I was wondering if the "shoe issue" was solvable by switching her feet with regular msd sized feet. Now would that look too weird? Has anyone ever done this? And where would I find feet to match the white resin I want her in? Would it even be worth it? I checked out the shoes at leekeworld and compaired them to her foot measurements from Sakura Den, and the leekeworld shoes are 1 mm smaller than her feet. Would this make a huge difference? Does anyone "know" that leekeworld shoes fit? I do know however that doll-zone shoes fit them, but so far that seems to be it besides ringdoll shoes themselves... Anyone have answers? Or even more questions?
    10. Oh goodness, I'm back. I still badly want one of these dolls, but I don't know which one anymore. I'm now terrified of environmental resin because of it's "green" properties, but these dolls are just so beautiful. Valo is love. Dylan, too. :sigh
    11. "Green" properties, Ellanie? Do they green out easily?
      I got my RD Kid Kyo, Erath in the mail yesterday and today his wig came in! I got him a wig from Monstro Designs on Etsy. :D
      I need to velcro it, or perhaps a dab of glue... it's kinda everywhere and slides about. But he looks adorable in it!
      Sleepy Erath hates the camera in face.
      I don't like his eyes very much, I think they are 12s or 14s and they are much too large for my tastes.
    12. RingKids look better with 8-10 mm (in case you want more realistic gaze for him). I ordered my Kyo 10 mm glass eyes, if I find 8mm of the color I need, it'd be great too =)) (tried 8mm acrylic , it's really ok for Kyo)
    13. Thanks Synthetic Creatures!
      Not having eyes that size makes it hard to figure if I should buy some. I don't suppose you'd post us some pictures so we could see? :D
    14. I offically love Ringdoll. I dont have one yet but I will soon. But in the mean time I am gonna lurk around here. Dont mind me. O.O