Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. I'll post some here soon - must do faceup before (at the moment his head is havin' a break after applying Mr Super Clear). Then 'll be as many pics as you wish ))
      or you can actually see him wearing 10 mm acrylics here or here in my blog, taken after my boy's arrival (though I'm not really sure if this site's open for foreign IPs or not)
    2. "Green" as in more environmentally friendly materials. Which it is, but I just as quickly heard that this is a kind of resin that doesn't yellow or green, it outright decomposes, like biodegradable plastic. :horror: I was heartbroken to hear that, since I like Ringdoll and Impldoll very much, and both use this kind of resin.

      Only just yesterday was it pointed out that that's simply not true. It's not biodegradable in it's friendliness, it's actually non-toxic , unlike polyurethane and french resin. So, my wish list is now being completely re-hauled to include the Impl and Ringdoll kids I've really liked, and I'm happy. :)

      EDIT;Synthetic - I can see your Kyo just fine in those shots, and can also see what you mean. I think he looks good in the 10MM, myself.

      Doesn't Dylan and his little eyes have the same sizing quips?
    3. Synthetic ~ Thanks! Those look neat, though I'm not sure if it's the look I'm after either! *laughs* I'm apparently confused. Right now he's got a set of giant 16s in and I think they give him a really weird look, but I'm not disliking it. I might get a set of 12s though, just gotta pick some out.

      Ellanie- Ooooooh neat~ I wasn't sure. ^^; I had heard they didn't yellow or green as badly, but sometimes my memory play tricks on me.
    4. EmilyLee - That's really why I've come back. I want a tallish, lanky boy that poses like a dream to be my Raven, and Dylan looks like him to a tee!
    5. hi Ellanie, please allow me to share you my collection about Ringdoll En ^^
    6. When I first found Ringdoll, I really loved the En, but I'm glad I got my Kyo, I think the En would be much too sweet looking to be my Erath!
      Went out and got the velcro for the wig today and carried Erath around Joann's, got a couple looks but no one said anything. :p It amused me greatly.
    7. Oh yeah, Ringdoll reps aren't permitted on DoA. :sweat

      I actually really think En is adorable in that shot either way. Maybe I should get En. He looks much sweeter, and that's really what I need.

      Choices, choices. :)
    8. I love my Kyo he so poutty and poses really great.
      (but boy is he skinny)
    9. I finally finished my boy's face-up! (it's very very light, but I wanted something tender and natural . btw, my first face-up ever :p)
    10. Perhaps it's because my only was a RS yo-sd size before I got my Kyo that he seems so big to me. *L*

      Synthetic- It's very light and cute. :D He looks good in that white wig.
    11. He looks great! He looks so gentle and soft with all the pale details. It really works. :)
    12. Thanks everyone ^^
      btw I created a RD club on dA. Everyone is welcome to join and show your beautiful boys and girls to the world =))
    13. Yay Kroenen! Yaaaaay! Yaaaay!
      He's so pretty! I love his face-up, he looks like a grumpy panda. <33
      Smoooooth pretty resin.
      I'll make sense later~ I had great roleplay earlier, there's no sense left in me.
    14. Thank you ^_^ lol he does kinda look like a grumpy panda XD i think it's my camera it just blurred the whole eye area together :P
    15. Camera's do that.
      I should take more pictures of Erath, but I'd like to do his face up first... I just need the supplies and I can't this week. ^^;;

      I got him a pair of the Guessdoll MSD sneakers from DenverDoll, they are a bit loose but they fit pretty well and he stands like a rock in them. Of course he stands like a rock anyway.
    16. Hi there,

      I was wondering if anyone has any feedback about Valo? Greatly appreciated. :3
    17. He looks so adorable! I can't wait to get more pics of my Toshiro in his new clothes when they arrive!