Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. Kroenen, this was the last drop and I just had to order Valo. :D Thanks! :lol:
    2. So glad that more are getting these dolls, they are really poseable and the resin is smooth as silk to the touch. I love my Dylan, he is like no other in my collection!
    3. Glad to provide the push :P He's a great choice pikkumei ^_^ I love him lots, his quality is excellent
    4. I think I may get Valo 2, cause he is awesome.

      I do like that I can find owner shots of him now. I've loved that face since release.
    5. Hey, a humble request from me... I'm back to really, really wanting a Valo-girl, because my indecisiveness in the hobby is one of the worst. :sweat

      Anyway, I'm wondering a bit about what the girl body can do. The joints look about the same as the boy's and, other than the obvious differences in the torso build, a girl body looks like she could pull off the same poses as a boy.

      Does anyone here have the girl body, and if you do, would you mind taking some shots of it?
    6. Hiya (first DoA post, yay!) Just posting to say that I just ordered Ringdoll's Lily model and am VERY excited for her to arrive! Already picking out shoes and wigs (I opted against her "set", I didn't like the clothes).

      I ordered her from Mint on Card and they're doing her face-up for free, great for me since she's my first and I was NOT looking forward to painting on doll eyebrows (but I AM looking forward to all the awesome clothes I'm going to make her!)

      On shoes, can mini ringdolls wear normal MSD size shoes? MoC's site says that her feet are 5.2cm, most of the shoes I've found so far are around 6cm, is that going to be too much of a difference? I wouldn't mind if they're kind of loose, so long as they're not so loose they fall off ^^;;
    7. My Dylan wears a size 5.5cm for shoes, but so far I need to get him a pair next time. I think anything past 5.5 will be too big for my doll. 5.2cm is smaller than my Narae's feet, not sure where to find shoes in that size.
    8. Hmm, yeah, besides getting them from Ringdoll (and they don't have much of a selection), I can't find shoes that would fit her exactly. Maybe I'll take the suggestion someone else posted and just get her some MSD feet. It looks like Ringdoll's new "natural" is a near match for Volk's, so maybe it'll look okay.
    9. I honesly don't think giving her different feet will really work. The balls of an MSD's feet would be much too large to work with the slender ankles on a Ring Kid, even with some modding. MSDs are really rather chunky.

      It might seem silly, but try socks! I've got this same size issue with my AE girl and also with my old RS tinies, and just by making them wear socks, the slightly too large shoes didn't move around and were so much more stable.
    10. That's great, I was pretty much planning on her wearing socks (but since neither the doll nor socks are in front of me its hard to tell how much extra that adds). Thanks!
    11. The new Armand sword is a must buy >w<!
    12. I'm going to be purchasing a Kyo doll with full attire, but would like some more 'casual' clothes for him (by the way, seeing pics of others and hearing about them is making me want him even more! Dx ). So to get this straight, all MSD sized clothes will fit Kyo? Because i was looking at measurements (was looking around Dollmore) and it seemed the measurements for shoulder width and so on were too short to fit him.

      Also reading through the thread did I read correctly that size 10 eyes and 6 - 7 size wigs are better fitted for the Ringdoll dolls?
    13. My Dylan wears 12mm glass eyes since his eyes are more round in shape and the eye well for him is bigger. I do have some 10mm eyes and they were too tiny for him. Size 6-7 wig fits my Dylan perfectly, now I am hunting for shoes for him to wear.
    14. :)Heeey, I'm totally new to BJD collecting BUT I just wanted to say that it helps to see all the great feedback on the Dylan type doll! :D I sent in my order for him just last week, so he'll be my first! I'm sooo excited!
    15. I figured I'd give this a friendly bump~ Erath JUST came home from Canada. (He was off getting a faceup from the talented Frozen Wings) Erath wears a 6-7 wig and a pair of 14MM eyes from Safrin, these are the hard half rounds. I think a pair of the squishy silicone ones would sit differently~ Anyway! PIC SPAM TIME.
    16. TVQ- Do post another pic of your Kyo, he is just gorgeous!! I love his faceup and the colors used, would love some upclose pics if you can.
    17. Hi, I'm new here~! I just ordered En from Ringdoll(my first bjd, yay!), and I was wondering if anyone of you could help me with something~ :D

      I want to buy my En these glasses http://cgi.ebay.com/Obitsu-50cm-Doll-Glasses-M-Black-MSD-DOD-Dollfie-/120611089187?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0
      and There are two sizes, I want to make sure what size would fit the En head before I order it ^^;; Which would better fit the En head? the 51mm in width or the 55mm one?

      *Edit* nevermind~ I already bought the 55mm one~ XD I'll just hope it will fit XD
    18. Thanks Derilan! His Faceup is by Frozen Wings here on DoA. :D She did a lovely job.

      On other awesome news! Erath made it into the MoC Contest! He's in the top ten! I'm so excited!
      Remember to vote for your favorites, you guys!
    19. Hey guys, new to the thread.. currently in the 2nd wait stage of my Female Dylan, but overwhelmed by how much I love my new Ringdoll.

      @Ellanie: As soon as my girl's body comes back and I get her restrung, I could take pictures of her posing for you :)

      Kinda bumming right now.. actually, really bumming.. my doll Storm is disassembled and incomplete (got a tattoo done on her back) and I didn't get her head back until today, so I didn't get to take pictures of her new faceup for the contest... (that's probably why she didn't make it to the top 10 :/) I got her head and wig back today (UGH! WHY NOT SATURDAY!? D8), so I popped in the new eyes that I got for her, and my god is she ever gorgeous... and with the addition of the tattoo on her back.. I am SO lucky to own her D;

      Tattoo pictures (done by hane):

      Faceup by hitomifrens:
    20. Just heard RingDoll are discontinuing some of their models, or maybe all of them? I sure hope Kid Kyo doesn't get discontinued before I'm able to order him.

      Also I wanted to ask a question, I know you have to put the eyes in yourself with RingDoll, but do they send some eye putty too, or do you have to purchase that yourself. Just so I know that I have to purchase some before I get him.