Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. Yeah, but I think they're coming out with some new models as well.. it's still sad since their dolls are so pretty. I was sad they discontinued Lily. I was just starting to grow fond of her :(

      Mine came with a whole block of eye putty.. I was even able to change the putty in the heads of my other two dolls with it!
    2. Yeah it is, but I'm sure the new models will be just as pretty.

      Really? Thanks, that's good to know, as I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to get hold of any before he came..and then he would be going around eyeless poor guy, lol.
    3. I finally got around to taking some pictures of the Valo I bought a month ago! Thought I'd introduce him to this thread.


      Unfortunately he's being frustrating, and I can't figure out what his name is. For right now, he's Nameless Boy Doll... but he's so darn handsome, I don't care... :D
    4. A couple of shots of my adorable Antanas (En) which I took today, for your viewing pleasure~



      *bows out with a blush*
    5. They are all so handsome, I have yet to take any more pics of Toshiro, he can be so serious!!
    6. You're welcome! Eyeless would not be good! 8(

      Such pretty dolls.. :) I'll take more pictures of Emma when I get her darned body back... it doesn't seem to want to come home lol It's been in Ireland customs since the 31st of August and hasn't left yet :( I have pictures of her in pieces, her face, her torso, and her kimono-dress, which I just finished last night. I'm so anxious to get her torso back so I can put her back together... you have no idea! I wasn't too excited when I first got her, since she looked nothing like I had imagined.. but a lot of patience and careful planning has turned her into exactly what I wanted :)

      Thank you Ringdoll for the perfect face sculpt!
      (see pics on last page of replies for faceup, or just look at my icon!)
      Though, I do wish her body was a little hippier, since the character is XD but I'm too scared to try and make a hybrid doll.. resin matching is a pet peeve of mine, heh.. but, I am glad I got the ringdoll body, I love the quality, and it seems to pose really well :)
      (see pics on last page of replies for her tattoo)
      Keeping with the blue tones for her kimono-dress. It's being modeled on the body of my other headless MSD (which isn't a slim MSD). It's a bit small on her body.. but I'm sure it will fit Storm's perfectly..

      Urgh... D; 2nd wait is the most painful for me...
    7. Statuess, thank you so much for showing pictures abotu your En! <3 I've wanted to see owner pics of him so bad, because I didnt have any idea how he would look like with a different make-up and wig. :3
    8. chemcat
      He's such a beautiful boy! I love the hair and eye color you chose. I'm waiting on my Valo. He's on his 52nd day, 39th business day. :)
    9. emeraldwings, you should post a picture when your Valo arrives! There aren't very many around, and I'd love to see more photos of what different people have done with them.
    10. So, yes. Need one of these dolls still. Grah, with the promise of new models, I'm really enticed again. Grah, I wish I weren't so indecisive and poor!

      Sanctioned, your girl is absolutely gorgeous! That tattoo is incredibly fantastic.
    11. chemcat:
      I will totally post pictures of my Valo! I haven't ordered the wig yet because I kind of want to see him first, but I believe he will be a redhead. A redhead with bright blue eyes and full of attitude. I got an e-mail today saying he was sent off. He will go to the store, then to me. Yeah!!!
    12. I just ordered my Dylan some clothes from Dollmore, I know finding shoes for his size has been a challenge. And I have yet to get someone to make his official outfit. When his proper eyes arrive I will take pics of him with my new camera too on my next day off this weekend. I think he feels I have been ignoring him, but I have not just working too much lately.
    13. derilan85:
      Do you have any pictures of your Dylan? I really want him to! I think he is sooo pretty :) What kind of clothes did you order for your Dylan and does he have a name?
    14. Speaking of wearing!
      I have my Kyo (Erath) in a BFC Ink outfit. The shorts are way huge but they look cute on him when I have them pinned so they won't slip down and the top seems to fit just fine. Erath's got such a slender body but he doesn't look like a cross dresser in his outfit at all. Or perhaps a really manly one.
      I do wish there were more people making clothes for them. I have a few pairs of jeans I got from a seller but the crotch/waist is way high and he's just a little emotastic boy, he needs sexy lowriders. :D
      The sweaters I got from the seller are short in the arms too, do regular MSD's have short arms? I know the RD's are a big gangly, but that gangly?
    15. emeraldwings- His name is Toshiro, and for the most part he is wearing casual clothes here is a pic I took of him with my old camera
    16. Does anyone else have a kid Rebecca? I saw someone else with a intro thread but other than that, I haven't seen many rebeccas.
    17. I recently bought a dress for my incoming girl from another company, but she's still not in. So I decided to try her dress and wig on my Erath~ an RD Kyo.
      He makes a super pouty sorta sultra blond. :D So here's a teaser, the rest can be found on my DreamWidth~
    18. TQV- He looks good in that dress, but don't tell him I said it.
    19. Oh I assure you he knows he looks good in the dress. :D
      I doubt he'd consent to wearing it if he didn't look so good in it.
      Though a great deal of wearing the dress is for revenge against his best friend, the dress's future owner.
    20. Speaking of dress, does anyone have trouble dressing their kid in normal MSD clothing? What do you reccommend looking for if you want to buy clothes? Is there a another common or popular doll that they are the same size as?