Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. I'm having my Ringdoll En arrive *hopefully* :D within next week xD I was wondering, what is included inside the Ringdoll box? does it include the same things as other doll companies? like a certificate and pillow?
    2. TQV~ eek! that's the dress I made! it seems to fit him... I hope it fits your new doll as well!


      Mon2x~ Ringdolls come with a plastic certificate card (like a credit card), but they're protected in layers of foam as compared to pillows.
    3. Me too, Sanctioned. XD Assuming Erath will give it up that is! He's rather attached to it, I might have to get the blue too. XD
    4. It does look really good on him XD Moving this discusson off of the thread though :)
    5. Sanctioned= Thanks, I was shocked when i viewed some Ringdoll box openings I didn't see any pillows inside the boxes ^^;;

      I have another question, how different is the Resin of Ringdolls from other companies? I mean, I know they use a different kind, so, is that kind of resin more high maintenance or roughly the same as the french type? and i read somewhere that it doesn't yellow(or doesn't yellow as much as french resin) is there any truth in that? ^^;;
    6. Well, considering I only received my Ringdoll Kid a few months ago, and I haven't really had her out in the sun very much... I can't really say that I know for sure that the resin doesn't yellow as much, so sorry I can't bust that myth for you! Maybe someone else who has had their doll longer can help you out ;)

      I don't think that the resin is high matinence at all, it's silky smooth and I love it more than the resin on my other two dolls! Though I will tell you, it is less opaque than other dolls when you see it in person. It's not like you can see right through it, but it definitely doesn't have a flat matte finish. I'd say it's about a 90% opacity, maybe 95%- it doesn't make a whole lot of a difference, since you can't even tell in photographs, but when you see one in person, you'd be able to see what I mean. I hope that makes sense? ^^;
    7. Mon2x, I only received my Valo a couple of months ago also, so I can't tell you about the rate of yellowing. Sanctioned is right about the slight transparency of the resin, which I think is very beautiful. It looks more like real human skin somehow.

      The normal skin is a slightly more yellow tint than my normal skin Minifee, but it's still a natural tone, just a bit less pink.
    8. Thanks guys xD your comments are reassuring me that I made the right choice of having a Ringkid as my first BJD XD I can't wait for him to arrive~! :D
    9. derilan85:
      Toshiro's hair is so funny! What kind of wig is that? A fur wig? I think I want my Dylan to have long, reddish brown hair. :)

      Is that his default makeup?

      Your boy looks way too good in that dress. He knows how to work it.
    10. emeraldwings- Yeah it is a fur wig I got from Soul Doll for their Soul Kids, I styled it like that, yeah he has the company faceup and Old Yellow Normal Skin color. He smells like oranges to me when I smell him, almost good enough to eat, but then he may just freeze me with some kind of hado he knows.
    11. Thank you! He really is a prissy little thing. :D He doesn't want to give the dress to the doll I bought it for! I might have to bribe him with one of his own!
    12. derilan85:
      I don't mean to sound dumb, but what is a hado? A spell? Maybe my Valo will smell like oranges! :) He's suppose to be on his way, but for some reason was sent back to the store :( It seems Ringdoll is having issues with their shipping. I will have to wait even long for him!!!!!!!!!!!

      You should totally bribe him. Your Erath looks so lovely in a dress. What kind of doll is the dress he's wearing meant to go on? Does Erath have his eye on any specific kind of dress?
    13. The dress will eventually go on an Island Doll Wallis girl. :D Erath really likes the short burlesque style and there's a blue almost matching one we like. He also likes lolita too. XD Erath wants to be bribed with dresses, perhaps I should give in and try to sew him a simple one too.
      Speaking of EGL~ I just ordered him another wig since his Monique Destiny wig is taking forever~ He's getting a black wig with blunt cut bangs that should be rather long, at least down to his hips. :D Wig in Question
      I got some pictures of my pretty boy outside yesterday and then we got rained and then I got some rather 'risqué' pictures of him lounging around in my bed. :D
      Photo shoot Here!
    14. emeraldwings- I probably spelled hado or hadoe wrong since I don't speak japanese, but if you ever watch the anime Bleach then you'll know all about Toshiro. He is still mad that I don't have his proper uniform and his zanpato either.
    15. derilan85:
      Oh, okay! I've seen Bleach, but didn't make the connection - slaps forehead. I just thought you wanted to name him Toshiro. It just didn't even occur to me. It's too bad you don't know someone who can sew. He would look amazing in their uniforms. Can you sew?
    16. emeraldwings- Nope...I think I will have to commission a seamtress later on, I know of 1 that maybe able to do it and she has done wonderful cosplays too. She is Full right now.
    17. Woo~! Erath's wig from DDE came in! It's a Dollzone wig and a little coarse, it's a 7/8 but I find it a touch...small? I think it's because of his strange alien head. XD That's what I call it.
      I took a ton of pictures today... None of them are DoA safe, so I put them up on ConDoll and on my DreamWidth under an 18+Up Warning and a Cut to hide them.
      This one is pretty safe~ So have some Erath emotastic spam. I'm just so glad he's looking more like how I imagined him. :D
    18. derilan85:
      Oh, that’s a pity. He would looks so awesome in the black, Bleach uniforms. My mom said she might give me her old sewing machine, so I could be learning to sew soon. I’m excited!

      Erath is look very sexy in that long dark wig. I think you made a very good choice.
    19. Thanks! He thinks he's looking pretty sexy too. Though my other doll just home today and she's taller than him and he haaaaates it so much. :D I love how slender and short he is, it makes me giggle. :aheartbea
    20. He's shorter? Aww, that's so cute! What kind of girl did you get? Is she and Erath a couple? ;)