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RosenLied discussion part 1

Apr 27, 2011

    1. @Oliveoil ohh I was also considering the current limited Fairy Bambi to be my reverie version's twin but did not like her faceup as much as well. Indeed it could have been the droopy eyes![/QUOTE]

      I like the face up but I thought the droopy eyes was the sculpt. I wonder if eyes could be positioned lower or looking down not up so much would help. Does that make sense?
    2. @yoake Could you post a photo of her head showing full ear? I am curious how big the ears are. Thanks!
    3. My Bebe's portrait :blush

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    4. Bebe is very pretty!
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    5. Hello, everyone!

      I just ordered Milk, in white skin. Does someone know how are rosenlied’s waiting times these days? Im so excited!!!
    6. I have no idea what the wait period is but Milk is my favorite sculpt. Please post photos of her when she arrives.
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    7. She is my favourite, too!!! Kana did such an amazing work on her!! I will be happy to share her here with you!!!
    8. Are you getting the Limited or basic?
      I love her little teeth. :)
    9. Many thanks! I have only one girl and I very much love her :3nodding:
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    10. Basic! As far as i know, rn there is no limited milk available. She will have white hair and violet eyess, here’s a mockup

    11. @GallaL Sometimes it is best to have just one to spoil and love!

      @Nonexistent No there isn’t a limited Milk available. I forgot Kana made the sculpt.
      The photo would not open but like the color idea. They had an LE Milk by RollingPumpkin that was very tempting. She was available for a long time. Finally sold out. :(
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    12. Ohhh

      Here’s again 2e559e44-ca89-4054-9eaa-bd89492829e3

      Yes, i remember! There was two Limited Milk i think. Seems like wednesday child are not as oular as other lines ywy. But im happy they still sell them as basic in their website
    13. Hello friends, it's been almost 2 years I own my rosenlied baby so I want to share some pictures with you :D

      I fell in love with Mignon's face and size in 2014 and later I realised holidays child fit my big volks girl so well so I wanted to get one and was lucky enough to find Tami selling exactly the one I liked the most! I also love Bambi's and Miu's face, those girls are adorable, but Mignon was very special for me so here she is, her name is Momo and this is her current look:


      together with her offtopic older sister, they look cute together, don't you think?


      I adore her size, but sometimes she's so hard to deal with D:


      Momo's previous face-up which I thought was the best but I ruined it myself very fast..


      and her very first face-up because I wasn't sure how to paint her but it was still cute and everything! :aheartbea
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    14. Momo is beautiful. I saw your photos on instagram. I love the cat ears. I agree Mignon has the best face sculpt. Super cute. Did you change the face up?
    15. Thank you! ♥ I'm so happy someone else likes Mignon sculpt because I was instantly sold, Elf ears version though, I wish I could have that one instead but mods are a thing :') I painted this in september 2017 so I guess no? I'm quite satisfied with her current state!
    16. Rosenlied shipped my Basic Milk, no makeup in half the stipulated processing time!! Just 4 weeks!!

      Im so excited to have her home soon!!
    17. Great news! That is fast!
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    18. Need to give more love to this girl ; v ;

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