Rumpeldoll Discussion

Jan 8, 2018

    1. "What do you mean I have to go save Zelda, AGAIN?" *grumble grumble*
    2. THAS RIGHT lol
      Also lmao *grumble grumble* XDDDD

      I have maybe played some of the games way too much.
    3. He's actually been here a few weeks, but I finally relinquished his body, so he's sort of a real doll now.


      And he is sitting in a clothes drawer on the Joker's shirts....
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    4. I got my Morfeo head in the grey resin and I'm super happy!! Now just a body.. I'm not to fond of the dollstown or dollshe bodies, so I have been looking for another body to use. Anyone know if the "modern grey" matches any other doll companies out there? And I would love to see more of your rumpeldoll creations :)
    5. I got a message that the Abaddon heads have arrived and will be shipping out soon. I'm very excited, even if my poor guy will probably be bodiless for a long time. Unless he happens to match something here, but I don't know who would be willing to give up their body, lol.
    6. I saw on instagram that they were in! Mine shipped pretty fast, but then actually getting here from Spain took forever D:
      I will hope for speedier traveling for yours.
    7. I missed the delivery yesterday since no one was home. I have to go pick up the head today after I pick up my car. I can't wait to see him in person!
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    8. I am stalking this thread now. :) I love Rumpeldoll's sculpts, even though I missed Morfeo AND Abbadon both. :'(

      Your dolls are lovely, everyone!
    9. I just finished giving my Abaddon a face up. His name is Hyde and he's my werewolf guy. <3

      [​IMG]2018-04-23 18.45.51 by Heather, on Flickr
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    10. @LuckyXIII your boy looks so charming. I like the beard and the name Hyde is really suiting for him.

      I would like to join the discussion XD here is a picture of my Morfeo with a faceup by Hortus Conclusus. He is on the Akagidoll body. I have an Abaddon too but I have to get him a faceup.

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    11. Your boy is AMAZING. I <3 him so much.
    12. I found a Morfeo head! <3 I'm so excited, you guys! It's in oriental resin -- which looks kind of dark on the pics -- so I am not sure where to look for resin matches.

      The seller says it's lighter in person, so I'm going to hold off buying a body until I see it, but in the meantime does anyone here own a Rumpeldoll oriental head?
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    13. Thank you! I adore him so much. I love your Morfeo! I'll be snagging one when they are for sale again. :D
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    14. @emac Thank you! And I own oriental Morfeo and Abaddon. It is a pretty pretty dark normal skin actually. It matches well with my Akagidoll. And April story normal is pretty okay too.If you were thinking of a normal pink skin company like dollzone it will be darker than that.

      @LuckyXIII Good Luck! i hope you are able to get one too.
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    15. I will be getting my Abaddon who is grey on Friday and I can let you know is Soom grey is similiar. I was thinking of a soom supergem hybrid if I don't manage to get any other bodies in grey. I was thinking of a dollshe mystic body for him too but I don't know if the neck will fit. hmmmmmm. Anyone have an Abaddon and a Dollshe Mystic or arsene body they want to try for me?
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    16. My Morfeo has arrived! <3 The random wig and red eyes were mostly just for fun, but they're both growing on me...

      I bought an Akagidoll body after @KiwiNinamori recommended it, so I can't wait for it to arrive. :) I may put Morf on my Mirodoll body in the meantime, though, because I just love him so much and want him to have a body! Sorry Siobhán (shown in the background, contemplating how he's about to be banished back to his bust lol)
      [​IMG]Morfeo by emac116, on Flickr
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    17. Welp, guess who did nothing but play with dolls this evening? :P Morf (I have GOT to think of a better name for him lol) did indeed end up stealing Siobhán's body and promptly wrapped himself in raggedy clothes.

      [​IMG]Morfeo 1 by emac116, on Flickr
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