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Jan 8, 2018

    1. Thanks for the thread! <3 I've added the few pics I have of my hybrid so far.

      I was playing with a name generator and came up with various names I liked (not just for Morf/Morph). But these are the front-runners for my street rat:


      Obviously there's a bit of a pattern here lol
    2. Those are all some great names. That first one I was pronouncing like "Reo". not sure how you'd do it. From that list, I really like Radim. Not sure what it is about it though XD
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    3. I was saying the first one like “Ray-joe”, but “Ray-oh” is fair. I was leaning towards the longer ones (Radimek, Radovan) because they could have nicknames — maybe Radim is the nick for Radimek?
    4. I touched up Hyde's face up a bit to make it a little darker. He keeps getting washed out in pics.
      [​IMG]2018-05-09 18.52.02 by Heather, on Flickr
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    5. I thought i would share my recent Morfeo addition. I gave him a new face-up today. I have called him Edison.....he is to be a Vampire 'Moth' - not sure if there is such a thing lol, but there is now :D Now i just have to find him a body!

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    6. Aw, what a sweetie!
    7. Hey guys!!! I finally made it here lol I came to see @Saraht 's lovely boy, and I forgot how many lovely Rumpeldolls there were around here that I knew and loved xD
      So here is my frilly boy, Silvi Baudelaire. He's a fairy (who needs wings xD) and I have him on the Dollstown 15 body. The neckhole is a little big for the neck but I just made a neck donut and now hes perfect (in my eyes) :D
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    8. Wow! He is perfect in my eyes too :love
      You have given him such a wonderful look. Thank you for sharing him. It's great to see so many different interpretations for him. I can't wait to put my headless boy onto a body now!
    9. @Saraht thank you!!! I can't wait to see your boy put together either! I love his adorable faceup <3
    10. Oh my goodness I'm in love <3

      The glasses! The hair! The little fangs! Please share your secrets of where you sourced the glasses and wig btw. :) And your face up is amazing!
    11. Your boy is adorable! How much of the coloring is post-prod on the photo and how much is in real life? I ask because I love to see really heavily shaded blushing/face up jobs like that. :)
    12. Oh its mostly how he looks in real life. xD All my dolls are really heavily blushed. My most "tan" doll is a hybrid doll with a paper white head and a creamy white body xD
      Anyway, this is Silvi in terrible lighting but not as edited as the first. He's fresh skin but I freckled him with rusty pinks and burnt oranges diluted and then i blushed on top of that. That white spot on his index finger knuckle is actually where his sealant rubbed off xD so its his original color underneath
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    13. He's just lovely!
    14. Thank you! This was the second face up I gave him as the first just didn't work for me. The wig is from BlueberryStyle on Etsy and the glasses are from ForeverVirginiaShop on Etsy and are printed acetate ones that you cut out with scissors and come on a sheet. I use a little bit of moleskin to stick the ends of the arms behind his ears.
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    15. Which size wig did you get?
    16. I think it's an 8/9. I bought it second hand. It is slightly on the loose side. The seller is very nice as I have since bought another wig from her. It might be worth sending the head measurement to her to double check.
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    17. Yes, he definitely does! Definitely a family similarity there :)
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    18. I was also thinking that the head Twigling is working on right now looks like is could be related to Morfeo. The eyes feel like they have a familial similarity to me. :D
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    19. I could have a whole family of Morfs! Must resist... lol