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Jan 8, 2018

    1. Omg....dont' tell me that lol! I have a Nkiru on pre-order already..... I wish i had snapped up a Eloy but a Morfeo relation would definitely do it....:sweat

      Hmmm.....good luck with that....isnt there as saying about resistance being futile? Maybe that is just in my house! :3nodding:
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    2. If anyone is curious about more hybrid options for rumpeldoll heads. Here is a picture of my boys. My abaddon on an Akagidoll body and Morfeo on a lumedoll body

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    3. Ree got a temporary style change before being moved to a bust (to await his Akagidoll body)! This was the skater kid look I had going for my April Story Cheon head but I moved him to a bust to work on wig construction. I can't stand having headless bodies around, so Ree got to hang out for a while as a skater ratto lol

      [​IMG]Untitled by emac116, on Flickr by emac116, on Flickr
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    4. I love the skater Ratto look Emac, and am swooning over the photo of Abaddon on the Akagidoll body. I would definitely like him on my wish list!
      I have been making progress on my Moth Boy Edison. I plan on making him a leather flying helmet type of headware but you will get the vintage vibe that i am aiming for with him.
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    5. I cannot adequately express how much I am in LOVE with your moth! <3
    6. Thank you! I think you just did, and very well lol!:lol:

      I wanted to make him a non scary, somewhat 'geeky,' Vampire Moth and was hoping that I would be able to pull it off - projects sometimes don't work out how we plan do they, but thankfully he did.

      I collect a few artist bears as well as bjds and have a few moth repellents around the room to deter them from eating the mohair on the bears. I will out of necessity have to sit Edison with a big bear when he arrives due to lack of space, so wanted to try and give him a story that would tie in with this.
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    7. He looks amazing :love
    8. Thank you! I am so pleased with him. He seems to almost have a vulnerability about him which i really love. Definitely a stayer here! Hopefully the new sculpt that Rumpeldoll is working on - little Abby will join him one day too:love

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    9. I love your moth guy! I'm holding out for another release of Morfeo. (I also am waiting for Abby!)
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    10. I too was waiting for the next release of Morfeo but was lucky to secure him on the secondary Market. One of the things that I love the most about this sculpt is the fact that he looks as good in profile as he does from the front, and that is surprisingly rare.
      I have sold dolls before that I just did not like in profile, as no matter where I put them, their appeal gradually waned over time. To have a doll that appeals from every angle is wonderful! :)
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    11. ^ Yeah I couldn’t wait any more and put out a post asking to buy one. Thankfully someone came through! <3
    12. That is often the best way when we desperately want a doll. I don't intend on missing out on Abby this time like I did Morfeo. I will give her a Borrowers character and call her Arrietty!

      I really like Abbadon but don't have a character that I could give him right now, or a body so I won't go down that road just yet unless one falls into my lap and then it would be rude not to! :lol:
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    13. Ree’s Akagidoll body has shipped from ACBJD! <3 I can’t wait to get it in. I still have a free face-up from AngelToast so I might use it for Ree and get him all settled finally!
    14. I also have Rumpel Doll Abaddon :D Actually I have two heads of Abaddon, but they are the same character. He is like a demon, so he has his normal demony head and a head for when he pretends to be human.

      I really like this head so much :love Now with the new preorder I am considering to buy one more, but I think I have enough with two heads :whee:

      This is the demon version. The clothes are not right - he needs a suit, but it was what I had that fitted him. His eyes and wigs are what i imagined om him, so that is right :D
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    15. Oooh, he's so cool and handsome!
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    16. what a cute project!! is a very good idea! i like very much <3
      is he in fresh skin? and what body he has? i'm looking a body for my future Morfeo in fresh skin and i'd like to know all possibility i will have for this hybrid!
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    17. I may have just ordered Morfeo (again) in the Copper Oriental. I wanted him to be tan anyway, and had been putting off getting him another body because I didn't know if I should dye him or blush him or just give up and go with the fresh. Now I don't have to stress over it XD
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    18. Ahhhh, I love the variety of fantasy creatures people turn Morfeo into! :love

      My poor Morfeo, Howell, has been sitting around body-less for months, due to a lack of funds and indecision. (I want something tall and lanky for him, but I have a hard time with male SD sculpts.) He's a púca, though, so I just tell myself that he's doing his best impression of a dullahan. :lol:[​IMG]
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    19. I just submitted my order request for a gray Morfeo. he is going to be a vampire and be the half brother to Hyde (my Abaddon) who is a werewolf. I love monster boys <3
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    20. Congrats! I'm getting a gray Morfeo as well. No plans for him, just found the sculpt cute. :XD:
      Still body hunting, and I'm considering a resinsoul body, but I've got time.