Rumpeldoll Discussion

Jan 8, 2018

    1. Congratulations @LuckyXIII and @LotusMoon I have ordered and Abaddon head.- last time I got him in gray, this time in fresh skin :)
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    2. I've also ordered an Abaddon head. I do not know who he is yet, which is unusual for me as I normally have an OC made already. I'm excited to figure out what part he plays during the wait. :)
    3. I’ve never seen someone use the Morfeo as a female and she’s sooooo pretty, I’m in love
    4. I ordered another Morfeo, this time in Fresh skin. I just couldn't resist! I don't know if I'll sell my Oriental resin Morf or keep both and make them two versions of the same character or what... I really want an Abadon too but I don't know if I have the funds... When does the pre-order close again?
    5. @emac Congrats on Morfeo! I think it is very nice to have multiple heads for the same character, so I think that would be a good idea for your heads.

      My demon boy dresses as a human when he needs to get around without being discovered, so I have two heads for my boy. Some time ago I showed his demon face and here is his human face:


      I love the Abaddon sculpt so much I am considering how to add more heads to my character :P
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    6. Thanks so much, it means a lot to me! :D
      I can never seem to keep male dolls so I instantly knew she had to be female. I really love to see the diversity in Morfeo owner photos. I really love that the mold can be boyish or rough and tough.
    7. [​IMG]Equinox by Nymrah, on Flickr
      She's definitely one of my alltime favorites
      wistful sigh
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    8. Hey guys, I am currently looking for wigs for my preordered Morfeo. The head is 8 inches and I am often a bit conflicted between wig sizes. I discovered a wig-style I crave on ebay and they offer the following two options:

      "Size: 1/4 7-8" = 18-19cm
      "Size: 1/3 8-9" = 22-24cm

      I am unsure whether to take the bigger or smaller one? I am still a newbie and want to make the perfect choice haha
      And thought this would be an opportunity to generally ask what wig-sizes you use on your Morfeo-heads.

      Thanks in advance! :)
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    9. I would go with an 8/9. If it is too big, they can still wear the wig. You can also try to find an 8/8.5 but half sizes are a bit harder to find. I'm in the same boat with a few of the heads I have.
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    10. Really love Rumpeldoll sculpts! I got my eyes on Morfeo! :D
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    11. Really liked Morfeo when i first saw him, but the lips feel a little too thin for my tastes?
      But those ears, hhhhh
    12. Wow, those eyes!!!
    13. They are by MehiArt or Candyworld on Etsy ^^
    14. Thank you so much! Since I am so new to BJD's I had no idea.
    15. Hi ! Does anybody here tried to put 14mm eyes on his Morfeo ? I have small iris 14mm eyes and I would like to put them on my new boy, but I'm afraid it doesn't fit his "eyes holes".. ^^'

      Edit: Well I've finally ordered some 12mm eyes !
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    16. Heyy anyeone else waiting for their Rumpeldoll Abby?? :D
      mine is in customs for so long already :pout:

      I would love to se pictures of her already! there are only so many on instagram..
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    17. I am too! I’m also waiting on customs!
    18. mine arrived!! she is soo sweet.. I'm seriously amazed by the detail.
      there is a little box opening photoseries in my insta stories if anyone wanna see~
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    19. I love my Abaddon. I haven't felt the enthusiasm for a long time ...
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