Event [SADOL] 15th Birthday Event: 15% discount!

Aug 4, 2018

    1. [SADOL] 15th Birthday Event: 15% discount!


      Hi DoA! This is Sadol!
      We are here to announce Sadol's 15th birthday!

      Thank you all for all these years and here are our three events!

      [15th Birthday EVENT 1] 15% discount
      Event period: 2018.08.02 - 2018.08.29

      Costume - 15% off (about 30 days for shipment)

      - Limited items will be included.
      - First come first serve rule
      - Discount applies on set items, not separate items.

      Doll - 15% off (about 40 days for shipment)

      - head with body set, body, head and other parts are also available.
      - First come first serve rule

      * Non-discounted items
      - Joint hands
      -Doll face up

      [15th Birthday EVENT 2] Lottery Events

      - We will draw three lucky winners from customers who shopped during our event period!

      1 person 1 lottery ticket (1 lottery ticket regardless of the number of orders)

      First place: 300 points

      Second place: 150 points

      Third place: 50 points

      [15th Birthday EVENT 3] Facebook / Twitter Event

      We will give a set of GTS2018 randomly to one of the retweets / Like&Shared post
      Twitter : 사돌(SADOL) on Twitter
      Facebook : Sadol

      Lottery Date: August 28, 2018

      Thank you for your interests and supports, and we hope you like our latest set.
      If you would like to see more photos,
      HI !!! Welcome to sadol^^

      Like us on Facebook

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      SADOL Discussion | Den of Angels
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