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Limited Items [SADOL] Fall limited resin eyes

Oct 4, 2017

    1. [SADOL] Fall limited resin eyes

      Hello this is Sadol.

      Did you enjoy our summer limited eyes?
      We hope you did, and here's more!



      it's Sunset and Night for fall limited edition!
      They are going to be released on October 1st, 2017 to October 29th, 2017!
      So grab them while you can!

      Thank you for your interests and supports, and we hope you like our latest set.
      If you would like to see more photos,
      HI !!! Welcome to sadol^^

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      Discussion Thread
      SADOL Discussion | Den of Angels
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    2. These are just gorgeous! The Night ones are perfect for a doll I'm getting soon.

      Is there any way to estimate shipping before actually ordering or without making an account? Are even the eyes shipped EMS? I just worry a bit about very high shipping costs... :sweat
    3. @KiyoshiSenshi - When I added them to my cart just a second ago, the shipping showed up as $20.
    4. Thanks for the info! That'll definitely help me make my decision. :3nodding: