Limited Items [SADOL] Winter limited resin eyes

Dec 31, 2017

    1. [SADOL] Winter limited resin eyes


      Hello, this is Sadol!
      We are here to announce our winter limited eyes!
      For 2017 winter limited eyes, we used the natural diamond (size 2.6-2.8mm) for the pupil.



      Sale starts on 2nd, Jan of 2018!
      So don't miss them!

      Thank you for your interests and supports, and we hope you like our latest set.
      If you would like to see more photos,
      HI !!! Welcome to sadol^^

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    2. will there be size in 12mm?
    3. @kamikakushi Hello there will be 14,16, and 18mm size for sale ;'(
    4. I think the price is up wrong it says 190.00
    5. They have diamonds in them...
    6. wow... real diamonds. Ok.
    7. can you provide proof they are real diamonds? what is the carat? it says in the description they are cubic, does that mean cubic zirconia?
    8. I was thinking the same. I bet they are cubic zirconia which are much much less value.
    9. if they are cubic zirconia it would also be false advertising to market them as natural diamonds since zirconia is man made and not diamond at all
    10. correct. We wait to hear more. Definitely warrants the question.
    11. Diamond is a cubic mineral, they're using mm measurements instead of carat measurements, most jewlers offer a conversion.
    12. Sorry if I used word 'cubic' I thought it means little gems, but I guess not at this point.
      It is NOT zirconia; man-made diamond. We used natural diamond, but since it's the size of 2.6-2.8mm (0.05ct) diamond doesn't come with certification, even we do get certification, it costs more and price goes up, and they normally don't do identification for less than a 3mm(0.10ct) diamond in general.
      But before shipping, we will try to prove through professional jeweler if not, then Sadol will prove that we used this product made with diamond.
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    13. thank you for the reply!