Saintbloom Tiny discussion part 1

Mar 31, 2012

    1. @Chehime the link I posted is working. I don't know what his old website address was but has been working for me.
    2. Thanks! Got it!
    3. I'm hoping this means they'll re-release Charlotte, I have a Charlie and a Betty on the way, just need one more for a 'trio' of girls :)
    4. Hello everyone!I've ordered new Charlie few days ago and begin waiting her now, so excited)
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    5. Congrats! Can't wait to see her! Love your icon btw @DeineSeele ;)
    6. Hello everyone, want to show you my adorable cutie Hazel(Charlie).

      It was realy hard to find her a wig, some are too big, some are too small, and i can't make them by myself.
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    7. Wow she is adorable @DeineSeele!! That was really quick, not even 3 months?? Did you do her Faceup yourself? It's gorgeous!

      I had a hard time finding a wig too, their head is an odd shape! I think I'm going to have to learn how to make wigs lol
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    8. Awww thank you!yes,she arrived 27feb and I've paid Saintbloom 1feb,it was really quickly.
      I tried to sew her a wig,but dismatched with size at the and,so decided to buy her one.Wigs for soom teenie are too big thought
    9. Hazel is soo beautiful readhed*µ*
    10. Thank you!
    11. [​IMG]
      pic made by my friend
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    12. Hello, this is clothes for Littelfee?
    13. @Leda4444 hi!This was common noname tiny clothes, sorry don't have littlefee to put this on(
    14. If someone wonders where to find clothes for one of their girls, I've discovered today that Moana from Disney, as in 28cm teenager Moana with long skirt and bra-like t-shirt genuine doll from Disney store, has similar measurements. The only differences are that the Saintbloom girl has a shorter trunk and longer legs.
      My Charlotte can wear Moana's clothes though the skirt lodges itself straight under the bra/t-shirt. Even the size of the feet are similar, though Moana's are flatter on top and slightly wider at the tip of the toes.
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    15. Hey, guys! I was just wondering if any of you of any other companies' heads that would fit/match/compliment the Saint Bloom body? I MAY be coming into a Saint Bloom body in the future; if my friend puts up for sale I wanna grab it cause it's so cuuuute, but I dunno what head to plop on there?
      Thanks in advance!
    16. It would have to be a super small head, like a lati yellow head or smaller. Resin match will be hard, they're normal skin yellow, but most companies do pink nowadays. :/
    17. I would look up the neck sizes, but Bunny Nine might work. Though they could be too big. If you don't mind a bobble head they could be really cute though.
    18. I think Lati yellow would be way too small. A Momcolor/Momotree head might work or one from about a 27cm doll. You didn't say what skin color you might get.
    19. Lati yellow has a 5" head and Saintbloom gals have 4.5". Actually I just realized I have both so I can make a hybrid lol