Saintbloom Tiny discussion part 1

Mar 31, 2012

    1. Hello i'm buying a saintbloom for my next birthday, and i'm looking for a database on which clothes and shoes can fit those dolls, does it exist ?
    2. Sorry, I don't know if one exist.
      I have one and another on the way.
      I've dressed mine in random yo-sd clothes and also homemade clothes so far.
      And I bought Rrabit shoes for her at a dollmeet.
    3. WoW, Your Hazel is ..... AMAZING!
      I love those dolls, but yours is one of the nicest Charlie models I've seen so far!
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    4. There are some Etsy sellerrs that make clothes for Saintbloom.
    5. My Charlie, Loris, normally wears Yo and MNF sized clothing, and yo sized shoes.

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    6. Many thanks ladies :)
      Does anyone has tried blythe clothes on saintbloom?
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    7. I love this body, and I’d love to hybrid it. The one thing throwing me off is 99% of pics of SaintBlooms are just... standing with their arms downward. They do this very cutely, but still, it makes me worried that she can’t hold other poses. Is the new body still single jointed? Can she sit unsupported? What kind of movement does she have in her arms? How flexible is the waist joint?

      Honestly my girls are all second and third hand oldies with single joints and loose elastic, so dynamic posing is clearly not a priority for me. As long she can look elegant doing a few gestures and can stand well I’ll be happy lol.
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    8. She is indeed single jointed. Her arms won't hold past a 45 degree angle. Shoulders are good and she can touch her forehead, but not her face. Wrist mobility is great. Waist turns good from side to side. She can bend forward and back, but won't hold those positions since there are no notches and the top of the hip piece only has a very small hole for the elastic to go through. She sits well and the knees look nice bent. Ankle has good mobility. I can get mine to stand fairly well in high heels even though her feet are flat. If I were keeping mine (just ship[ping her out to new owner tonight) I would drill the hole larger insider her torso and wire her elbows.
    9. I find hot glue sueding helped a LOT, she is pretty good overall for a single jointed doll. She has to have really tight elastic too though, I found my regular preference for slightly loose didn't work at all for them.
    10. This is my Betty, whom I bought secondhand, I haven't taken a lot of pics of her yet (shame on me), but she has some movement range. Once her friend will be here I'll need to take more pics. ;-)

      [​IMG]Saintbloom Betty by blablette1, sur Flickr
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    11. Thank you! :3nodding:
    12. Thank you everyone for sharing there girls and info on them. i know this thread is old, but im hoping to find one of these girls and all your info has been quite helpful. This nobbie to the hobby has fallen in love with saintbloom, and can not wait to have one of her own. as of now 2018 has anyone ordered? do you know if hes still taking orders on these girls off his site?
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    13. This thread seems pretty dead, but today a preorder opened up with the new body!! :D

      I might be splurging for a Charlie, anyone else getting one???
    14. I have been thinking, or wanting one. I may order Charlotte! What is their normal skin like?
    15. Wow saintbloom just made a dubble jointed arm body! if you order now you will recive the new body! wish i had waited. x.x but now ill wait a little longer till its both the arms and knees are dubble jointed i think.
    16. The double jointed elbow looks great! I hope it goes into production soon!
    17. you can already order it. any saintbloom doll bought affter the 15th will come with the dubble jointed elbows! next he will work on the knees though. (Also was told hes working on a boy body/doll soon) yay! I will wait for dubble jointed knees to and then buy another girl body/upgrade my girls body! but i cant wait to see the new elbows in action!
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    18. Thanks!! I hope to order one of these girls soon! I'm having trouble figuring out exactly which dolls are available to be ordered...