Sartoria J Design Group - Part 2

Nov 22, 2020

    1. I am curious how Dominic will look like. Had thought about getting a Jude, but who knows :lol:

      Also for the ones who have the 71 Athletic body, how does he compare next to an EID body? Tried to find a naked side-by-side picture, but no luck :eek:

      ---------- Added notes -----------

      Sartoria J Woman Measurements
      Height : 63cm
      Head Girth : 20.3cm
      Neck Girth : 9.3cm
      Bust Size : Bell (large) 28.7cm / Dew (small) 26.8cm
      Waist: 18.8cm
      Shoulder width : 12.8cm
      Arm Length : 19cm
      Arm Girth : 8.6cm
      Wrist Girth : 4.8cm
      Hip Girth : 33.6cm
      Thigh Girth : 17.7cm
      Waist to Toe Length : 41.5cm
      Ankle Girth : 6cm
      Foot Length : 7.5cm
      Weight : 1.7kg / 3.75lbs

      Bust Options

      Skin Tones

      New Skin type & colors (November 21 2019 +)
      Dewy SkinGALLERY - SartoriaJ

      Body Posing

      Layaway Information
      How To Start Installment Payments (Layaway)LAYAWAY - SartoriaJ

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    2. They are similar at least the model EID body is. My heads that fit on the EID body look good on the SJ body. But I think the SJ body is a much better poser and I personally like the aesthetic better. I am sick but when I'm better, I could take photos.
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    3. That would be very helpful! I have both the Model and Superhero here :)

      Thing is, I had wanted for this character to be more of a regular 70cm ("Uncle" size, so like Spiritdoll Proud)...but I fear that won't happen, cause all the faces I like are for the bigger 70cm guys.
      This close to just saying screw it and making him a beautiful big hunk :lol:
    4. @Ara - The SJ body is similar to the Iple Model body...but more a swimmer.
    5. That does come closer to what I have in mind for him! :3nodding:

      Am curious about the stringing though too, since in the old thread it was mentioned the legs are a bit loose due to how they are strung. Would it technically be possible to string them the regular way (i.e. through the torso and to the neck)?
    6. So far I've left them dangling. But other have restrung them, yes.
    7. Yes, I believe you could restring the 71cm body...

      Here's a quickie photo of it...He has more of a swimmer's build than the Iplehouse EID Model body, I believe.

      [​IMG]Dau by luluna33, on Flickr
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    8. @Mahgiep Get well soon. It's awful being sick.
      @Ara, @luluna
      FYI, the legs on my 71 Jarrad are very loose, but someone in DoA advised me to live with it for awhile. I will! I am not very good at posing him, but I am more interested in costuming than posing. I am really happy with the Sartoriaj sculpts.

      Speaking of, here is Lobelia in teal. She is just so beautiful! I'm excited about their sale, can't wait to choose a few new companions.
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    9. @Frillseeker Your Lobelia is so pretty!!
      My Lobelia finally arrived home after I had to pay a customs ransom, I will post a picture later.
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    10. @Frillseeker She`s impressive! Grats to your new girl! Her skin color, is that peach cream?
    11. @Ashemanu
      Thank you. No, it’s the lightest - warm ivory.
      @Kaname Kimura Oooh, I can’t wait to see her ❤️ LOL on the ransom, I sure feel that way about my shipping charges.
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    12. @Frillseeker Thank you! Warm Ivory looks so very white on their webpage, while the skintone on your pictures looks much darker. I wonder how their peach cream really looks - I am a bit afraid to order that tone and then it turns out too orange, like I felt about the Iple peach skintone.
    13. @Ashemanu
      She photographed warm. Actually, she is very white. In fact, I thought she was a mermaid and fooled us all! I did not get the elf ears, I’m not fond of that look. But this skin tone is definitely otherworldly. My new Eleanor will be in peach cream, so we’ll see what that looks like. I really like the dark tones, too. They just cost so much more.
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    14. Does anyone know the wait average on these dolls? They’re stunning.
    15. I have Yvonne in their new peach cream. I was afraid of this skin tone because it had 'peach' in the title.....but I actually really like her colour. I would probably never order the warm ivory now as I'm not currently a fan of very pale dolls (but of course that could change...), and for me the peach cream is satisfying as a skin tone.
    16. @Bluenocs Thank you! I ordered MSD Luthien in peach cream, now I feel better about that decision.
    17. My Jude in Expresso brown arrived. I named him Thunderheart.


      @Ara, as others have stated, he compares to a EID model body and for sure yes, a swimmer's body is a good description. As for the legs, I'm grateful to say that mine seem to be okay. He's not loose. I expected him to be loose and to buckle, but nope.
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    18. @Ashemanu I was flipping through the Sartoria mini doll thread and saw that you had ordered her. I hope you like her! I totally think my Yvonne is the most beautiful doll in the world!!! :):dance
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    19. GAH! :drool:blush
      Pass the smelling salts......
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    20. @Frillseeker

      I love that teal color on her. She looks beautiful. I can't wait to see what you create for her.

      LOL. (handing over the smelling salts and a napkin):mwahaha


      I guess I would say it depends if you use layaway or not. And covid-19 has really made a difference in waiting time as well. I would say it can take from 2-6 months before I would expect anything to remotely ship once you have placed an order. You also need to factor in wether you have custom face up, bought the outfit or what not. So everybody's time can differ according to what they have ordered and whether they paid it in full in that moment.
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