New Doll [ Sartoria J ] The Iron Crown : Serena + full dolls release

Nov 21, 2019

    1. The Iron Crown

      The Iron Crown is a new series by Sartoria J, Serena is the first character presented from the series. You can read the Iron Crown prologue here;
      Prologue, The Iron CrownGALLERY - SartoriaJ

      **Each purchase of The Iron Crown series will receive a piece of the crown. There will be a total of 8 pieces to complete the crown. Each piece will be released with each new character presented from the series. This time the offered piece is the crown's chain

      Naomi and Yvonne are also rereleased as full dolls.​


      You will be eligible for the piece of the crown if you purchase a body or / Serena, Naomi, or Yvonne full dolls + limited series clothes
      Height : 63cm
      Head Girth : 20.3cm
      Neck Girth : 9.3cm
      Bust Size : Bell (large) 28.7cm / Dew (small) 26.8cm
      Shoulder width : 12.8cm
      Arm Length : 19cm
      Arm Girth : 8.6cm
      Wrist Girth : 4.8cm
      Hip Girth : 33.6cm
      Thigh Girth : 17.7cm
      Waist to Toe Length : 41.5cm
      Ankle Girth : 6cm
      Foot Length : 7.5cm
      Weight : 1.7kg / 3.75lbs

      Bust Options

      Skin Options

      Nail Polish Options
      For hands and/or feet
      Red, White or Black
      If you require another color, please leave a message on Q&A after ordering

      Additional Options
      Aesthetic Leg (no ankle joint high heel leg)
      Peti Nails (Long nail hand option)

      Clothes (available for purchase separately)
      SD_Sorcerer Full Set
      SD_Medieval Velvet Dress
      SD_Royal Red Cape

      You can choose default or any makeup from any previously released heads
      IE Serena head + Yvonne Mirror queen makeup. Please leave a note in order comments and leave a comment on the Q&A

      Body Posing

      Body Posing demonstration

      Sartoria.J on Instagram: “ #sartoriaj #bjd #bjdstagram #balljointeddoll #balljointdoll #balljointeddolls #bjdforsales #artistbjd #artbjd #artistbjd…”

      Aesthetic Leg Installation Demonstration
      Sartoria.J on Instagram: “How to assemble esthetic legs! So easy and simple! #sartoriaj #bjd #bjdstagram #balljointeddoll #balljointdoll…”

      Available for up to 6 months; read more here

      How To Start Installment Payments (Layaway)LAYAWAY - SartoriaJ

      Full Doll Purchase Link

      ~New customers will receive free lingerie and a coupon for for free shipping for their next doll order when purchasing a full doll.
      Body only purchase is not available for new customers/customers who have not purchased female heads previously****

      ~Customers who have previously purchased female heads (from the official website and Etsy) that want to buy a body will be able to buy the body only, and have the benefit of getting a free head.
      -The free head will be the same sculpt previously purchased (Naomi / Yvonne), but the skin color will be the same skin color chosen for the body.
      -You can choose any skin color, even if you previously purchased a different color, the head will match the body purchased.
      -You may choose a different makeup option than the one purchased previously (ie Serena makeup for your Naomi head etc, you are not limited to head type faceups, you can choose any faceup).
      -Makeup is free if you previously purchased makeup. Please check current Serena and previous Yvonne and Naomi listings for makeup choices.
      -Those who did not order a faceup previously and added a faceup option will be invoiced****
      -You can only choose the head sculpt that you previously purchased. IE You purchased a Yvonne previously, you have to select Yvonne, you cannot change it to Naomi.
      This will be the only time you can do this, this will not be offered again in the future****
      Link is only accessible to members, those who have purchased heads from website before will be able to access this page when logged in. If purchased by etsy, please register and then leave a message on the Q&A page ( Q&A - SartoriaJ ) to be added to the list to view the body only page.
      ****This is only for those who have purchased heads previously. You must be logged in to access this page

      ~All customers will be receiving a free resin swatch chip "palette" of Sartoria J's available skin tones

      Discussion Thread
      Sartoria J Design Group

      Ordering Period November 21 - December 31 2019

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    2. The body is beautiful - I love her curvy hips! <3
      Is there a measurement available for the waist size? I could seem to find one in the measurement list.
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