SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. I would love to be able to buy the ears too! I really cannot wait to get Kaka too.
      I also cannot wait to have him so I can stop saying Kaka. Being french, though it's a stupid reason, makes that name very funny xD

      I do hope they continue making new heads and won't stop anytime soon. I really love their style and will most likely get more heads, especially if they have SDs soon ~<3
    2. I studied french way back so yea, I get that. XD
      In swedish it means cookie. ^^;
      So maybe I'll call him "Kakan", as in 'the cookie', lol.

      Edit: And I got a reply from Small saying that you can get the ears too!^^
    3. My DIM body is at the customs! I hope to see it in a couple of days, and then show Char on it.
    4. Hm... I received the body yesterday. Unfortunately DIM is not a match for sc-doll at all - it's too pink, and the neck is too thick.
      Hope this might turn useful.

    5. Yeah wow, thanks Reya! That yellowed doll-leaves seems nearly perfect. Do they naturally yellow that much on their own or was it prompted from a little too much sun/etc? I quite like DL bodies so its good to see Flower & Junior match it well enough yellowed, at least.
    6. Great that you find it useful! The more hybrids people see, the better choice for bodies and skintones we will have. Sc-doll heads are adorable and deserve the best bodies for themselves!

      I should say that Doll-Leaves dolls yellow like that on their own - when I received Wish 1.5 years ago, he was paper-white. He has turned light ivory since then. He never sat directly in the sun, and I took him for a walk outdoors only a couple of times.

      Doll-Leaves bodies are cute and rather posable, the only thing that maybe could be better and more beautiful are hands - imo they are not very delicate in shape. But that's just for my taste.
    7. Oh *_*
      I didn't know there was a thread for Sc-doll!
      I have a Char Head too and I'm waiting for a Kaka Head right now. ^_^
      So cool I can post them here now! <3

      Edit: I tried a Doll Leaves Boy Body for Char (WS) and the resin match is quite good! ^^
      The Head is a little bit more creamy, but i liked it. I can post better pictures when my friend comes again with her body.

      Crappy pictures are crappy... :'D

      Edit 2: Haha, someone posted the resinmatch already! I didn't read everything, I'm sorry! :3
    8. Aurelius, your boy is lovely! *3* Hope to see more photos of him in the thread soon. And yes, Doll-Leaves is quite a good match for hybriding!

      Temp, congratulations on ordering Kaka! *O* He is a very promising head, there is so much that can be done to him!

      I've also emailed Small about Kaka, as my Char is so small and shy among my big boys. He needs some good company his age. X) Kaka would be definitely the best one to match him. *3*

      Here is Jack peeping out of the window and hiding behind the curtain:

    9. Reya Dawnbringer
      O_O you made it yourself? It looks great! And omg I love bushy brows on dolls ;A;
      Will you post new photos soon? *___*

      Small answered me today and my Kaka will be sent out within the next two weeks.
      She said she is really busy. ó__o

      And thank you for your information! :3
      Normal Skin is much more difficult to match...

      I will take my time too xD Need to safe up some money for so many bodies..
      And artists too!
    10. Our Kakas will be send out together ;D hehe~

      Got a normal skin Char today, because I wanted normal instead of white... and I think I will give the white one to a friend >__<
      (I have too many white dolls already xD)
      Luts normal skin is a little bit too light and Fairyland is too pink/peachy? Hmm.... I wanted a Doll Leaves for my white one, but what do I do with normal skin now? xD
    11. I have also received an answer from Small! :D But I guess I will have to wait a bit more than two weeks, because I need to wait for the release of Nima (he/she will be a present for my friend who absolutely loves cats, but hasn't got a BJD yet). I need them to be shipped together.

      Another photo of Jack from the walk (no idea how many pictures we're allowed to post per answer while discussing).

    12. Joining the thread, since I ordered a Kaka head when I saw it on bjdcollectasy...

      I have bought an old yellow skin DZ girl body, since it's lighter than the new DC yellow I hoped it would fit color wise... but since I am not so fond of this body... I have finally ordered a second one : a loongsoul msd girl in normal yellow... hope it will fit too...

      Haven't heard back from Small yet...
      edit : I have sent a message through flickr and got a tracking number back :)
    13. Did you get him Temp? :3
      Mine was sent with EMS again........ /Sigh
      And since 29. March (?) it's with that s***** company........
      They want 27 Euro extra for taking it to you. AND the custom fees of course. So I payed shipping from China to me(!!!!) and customs and now they want again money from me.
      That's why I wanted him to be shipped with YanWen. Only EMS gets stuck with the GDSK in Germany.
      I'm dissapointed. He would be here since last week if it weren't EMS and the GDSK. .___.
      Don't even understand why it's legal for that company to do such things in germany. -____-

      Edit: But i don't think it's smalls fault! D:
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    14. Congrats! You're lucky you got him without customs! ;3

      Yep, his eyes are super tiny!
      I think he needs 8 mm eyes.
      But wanted to try some others first. ^^
    15. Well here wo go, finally!

      One more pic of everything that was in the box. ^^
    16. Congratulations to all!
      Here another boy, his owner asked me to post quick photo showing nearly perfect skintone match with really old Dollmore kid body.
      Also, that person says Boy&Girl normal yellow is looking very close to Kaka, and LUTS normal looking rather nice.

    17. Luts normal skin is a no go! D:
      I have a KDF from summer 2012 and it's a terrible match.
      Much too light and pinky.
    18. Eeeee! Late to the party, but I got my Kaka on Monday ^_^ he's super I need a body 8 U any idea if doll chateau will fit?
    19. If I can't find a Volks body I was thinking Dikadoll might be a good match.
    20. I'll try an angellstudio solid butter(?) body for Kaka ns.
      And for Char I'm not sure if I keep the ns oder the ws head.
      The Char normal skin is really yellow, much more than Kakas normal skin.
      If I keep ns I will try an B&G boy body.
      If I keep the ws I know I take Doll Leaves.
      Would have loved to get an Volks SDCute Body for Kaka, but it's limited like hell.
      And Angel of Dream discontinued the 1/4 'muscle' body. ;___;