SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. Yeah I had messaged FJ before and they told me they would ship soon, I don't want to annoy them, so I'll wait a little while longer... :( And yeah, customs in EU can be a lot harsher than other parts of the world, and the greek customs can be very lazy. Even if I call them, they'll just say "wait till it's out, nothing else to be done about it".
    2. We got our two Mizi heads just the other day! I'm excited to get mine together but since there's a lot going on in my life atm I haven't even had time to think of a concept for her. *_*

      @Shailara I would ask Flower and Junior directly for sure. At least they'll probably be able to tell you if the package has been shipped!
    3. I recieved my Mizi head on Monday, too! I wasn't expecting to recieve her so soon so I haven't made any concrete plans for her. Might wait until I get her a body and hope inspiration hits me.
    4. @RumDilly, I have my Mizi head on a Luts Kid Delf body and it's a perfect fit!:)
    5. @PoeticSoul
      Aaah! Now I am super tempted to get a satyr/centaur body for the mizk head U.u If they wouldn't be so...expensive....

      if you have some time, could you take a picture? I would love to see the proportions
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    6. @RumDilly, it is (apologizing for the dolly nudity.)

    7. @PoeticSoul Thank you! I do like the proportions :3
      Are the male and female bodies much different? Because I was thinking of turning Mizi into a boy...
    8. I just ordered Char <3
      I can't wait!!! :D
    9. @RumDilly, the male and female kid delf bodies are pretty much the same no worries there.:)

      @akeyaranu, congratulations on ordering a Char! You won't be disappointed...the quality of these heads is amazing.:D
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    10. [​IMG] [​IMG]
      I've been working on the face up for my Mizi head this weekend. I decided to try a ghost like look and I think I'm happy with how she turned out. I also received my alpaca fibre and it looks like it'll make a nice floaty wig for her. Too bad it will be so long until she gets a body. Sorry for the terrible quality photos, my phone was struggling to focus on her face. I also only had two eyes spare so she's not showing off her best feature :(
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    11. @Scoops, your Mizi is looking great!:) I think a ghostly look really suits this head and I love the face-up you did.
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    12. Thank you so much! It's only my second face up so I'm not too confident yet, my phone completely failed to pick up some of the detail. I'm definitely happier with her in real life. I can't wait until she has a body, she's such a fun unique sculpt!
    13. Sorry for the double post, but my Serenadedoll girl arrived over the weekend and I put my Mizi W head on her to see what it looks like, in case anyone was interested.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Apologies for the background mess. I think the proportions work quite nicely if you're looking for a taller doll and the resin match seemed quite good, although this could be due to the faceup.
      Sorry, I did take a photo without flash too but it seems to have disappeared at the moment. If anyone wants any more photos just let me know.
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    14. I email Small and I was right, fox has been shipped and held at customs since the 16th... I guess I'll need to call them again to get my package released -_- This is starting to get really annoying.
    15. Not sure if this has been posted in the thread but I just found out that they're doing a group order for Yabi (white skin only).


      I just ordered mine so I'm hoping they get the numbers they need! :)
    16. And a preorder for Mushiyi as well~ until April 10th! I just put mine on order T-T i couldn't forgive myself for passing last time and then everything was just discontinued so I thought this time for sure! I'm planning to get him a doll chateau body in time~
    17. We just ordered a Dollzone B45-016 body that was in stock at Mint on Card. I'm really hoping it will suit my Mizi! If it does, she may be complete much sooner than I thought!
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    18. I’ve got an SD Char and a Yabi on their way, my first dolls in years since leaving the hobby, simply because no other sculpts really spoke to me like these. Clearly I’ve found my favorite artist~
    19. I got my Dollzone body today and I'm super happy with it! The proportions and fit are perfect imo. The resin match is maybe 97% - VERY good, but Flower and Junior has a slightly more pink undertone.

      @RumDilly here's a pic for you! The lighting isn't good, but at least you can see the proportions. I'm on mobile, so I can't post it directly, but here's the link:

      Flower and Junior WS Mizi.W on WS Dollzone body
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