SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. Thanks a lot! The proportions really do look nice!
      Hopefully I can buy the two bodies later this year. For now both heads are away for a faceup
    2. I also ordered the Yabi head. I placed my order on mar 6th I've been looking for information on when/if they have made or sent them out yet. I've never ordered from F&J before and don't quite know what to expect. Have you heard anything about when they may start sending them? I do believe they got enough people to do the group order since the head is now sold out.
    3. Last I heard Yabi will be sent out “end of April” according to an Instagram post from a month and a half ago, so hopefully anytime now!
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    4. I ordered Char on January 28 and haven't heard anything yet... I suspect it takes longer than they estimate.
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    5. I guess the char sculpt had some imperfections that needed to be fixed before being sent out so the shipping date was changed, last she posted on April 13th saying tracking numbers will go out next week, has anyone gotten their tracking number yet?
    6. I emailed them to check and she said it is "sending now" so I guess I'll get a # soon, hopefully.
    7. Sorry if this is a little off topic, but since there are already plenty of body suggestions ..
      It is such a pity that they dont have their dolls in skin tones other than pale skin:eek:
      I really would want one in normal skin
    8. They sometimes do offer their dolls in normal skin. I got my Mizi head in normal skin and she's a perfect match to Luts pureskin normal (and I imagine other normal skin offerings from different companies as well.) I think it just depends on which batch they're casting in at any given time.
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    9. Ahhh I see! I guess I will just wait~
    10. My wife, @Mimiko, made some custom eyes for my Mizi!


      I've decided to call her Luna for now - not the most unique name ever, but maybe something else will come to me as she gets closer to being finished. :lol:

      I'm going to try and order her wig this weekend! I'm looking for something in a nice matcha green that won't hide her precious eye. :aheartbea
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    11. I got my tracking number for Char yesterday :whee: Has anyone else? I had to ask for it because I didn’t get it in my email or anything, but it appears they have all been shipped. I also asked about Yabi and half the orders are finished but the other half need to be complete before shipping (not sure how long that will be) Exciting times!
    12. I got tracking for char yesterday! I ordered a Dollstown 18 yr body for her. They are both on the way EMS so I’m crossing my fingers for next week. Thinking based on some comparisons I’ve seen that dollshe fresh will be a perfect match to the flower&junior white skin
    13. I’m gonna have to see pics of that, I thought about getting that body and the one I have I’m not loving.
    14. I got my Char head, and I instantly shipped him off to get a face!
      The sculpt is so precious, I can't wait to have him home :love:aheartbea
    15. Oops mispoke, I ordered the body in pale!

      @Lili2997 I will definitely post pictures. Char arrived today! So hopefully the shipping is just as fast for the body and it gets here monday or tuesday :celebrate
    16. I purchased the sleeping Char head a few days ago and I'm very excited! I've been a bit inactive in the hobby for a bit due to personal reasons but this little guy is reviving my love for it. <3 I can't wait to put him together!
    17. Do you know if there's been any update on this?? I ordered on March 5th but I can't see any confirmation yet. I was planning to email but I'm not in a huge rush anyway.
    18. I asked Small and she told me half the orders are finished, and she’s waiting on the other half before shipping but I’m not sure how long that will be.
    19. but now I’m seeing Yabi heads from the March order being delivered to some people on Instagram, apparently by surprise with no shipping notice so potentially they have all been shipped?
    20. Oh interesting! Thank you for the information! :)