SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. I just received my Mizi.W head today, so now the serious hunt for bodies can begin. I don't suppose anyone could tell me if doll family H white skin matches or even comes close?
    2. Yay my Yabi showed up in the mail today!! I put him on a dollmore ballet kid body for now.. The size is ok but I'm thinking of trying to put him on an imda 4.3 body? Does anyone have a size compare for that?
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    3. I've also received my Yabi without any kind of notice, but I don't have a body for him yet. I'm planning on a Doll Chateau kid body for him, so does anyone have any experience with the match between DC white and F&J white skin, and the neck size?
    4. @WasteOfMuch I made a resin comparison a while back with DZ/DC old and new white with F&J white! My Yabi is from an older batch so I'm not sure how much the resin varies in colour, but the photos were taken when he just arrived.

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    5. @avianAnnihilator Oh, it seems pretty much perfect! That eases a lot of my worries, and should teach me to at least skim through a thread before asking questions :sweat
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    6. @WasteOfMuch Oh no worries! It was no trouble finding it again ^^
    7. Hi, I really like the Mushiyi and Kaka sculpts and want to know which eyes size would fit them since their eyes seem pretty small?
    8. Love this brand!! I’m waiting for a new doll for sell today! :)
    9. In case you didn't see the thread from Small :3

      it is a little bit short notice, but she is having Little Fox with open eyes up for pre-order until the 5th June
      15 orders need to be reached. More infos are on her website (。・ω・。)ゞ
    10. Today I got Char's head, it was really a long wait. I can not look at it, even at work, I want to keep it in my hands \(≧▽≦)/
      Only now it is necessary to pick up a body. I like the bodies of dollzone, do you think it's suitable for sd head F&J?
    11. My little ghost finally got her dream valley body! The resin match is pretty spot on, I'll try to get a better photo in the near future. I'm going to blush the body to match her face up and try to make some suitably ghostly clothes for her.
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    12. Great to see that its such a good match, I was seriously considering it for my Mizi.W too! Hah!
    13. @Scoops my wife really wants that exact body for her Mizi head, so it's great to see that the match is so good! I love the way you styled her too! :D
    14. My Yabi is here!! He fits flawlessly on his dollzone body
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    15. Hi guys!
      My yabi arrived last week, it´s so lovely :D
      I´m thinking on hybridizing on the dollzone b45-014 boy body.
      Is there someone who has yabi on this body?
    16. That’s what I have! It’s slightly more yellow then his head, but it’s an awesome body and his head fits it perfectly. I can take pics!
    17. I´m glad to hear that fits well!!
      If you could take pictures to see the proportions it would be great!
    18. [​IMG]
      Here you go! Mine might be slightly yellower because its 2nd hand and a couple years old
    19. [​IMG] Also a size ref for SD Char and Yabi just cause
    20. @Lili2997 Thank you very much for the photos!! They help me a lot!
      The combo is very well proportioned, and the body is so beautiful!