SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. So true Temp 8D
      But the normal MSD Volksbody is pretty easy to get. ^^
      Or I could test some other resin matches when I visit Think Pink (Dealer).
      That would be in may. If you want to wait? Maybe I can test Dikadoll too!

      And I finally got the right eyes for Wolfram!
      But his wig is lost and I need to wait for a new one... ;__;


      Hope this doesn't count as double post, because my other one was days ago. O:
    2. Looks good ! Did you try other bodies on your boy? I found a white skin body but my kaka is normal skin XC I hate making hybrids!
    3. LordHelmet - Thank you! :3 If you can wait, I will try some resin matches other than Volks. I want to visit Think Pink (a Dealer in Europe) and I want to compare with some normal yellow skin dolls or parts they have instock. ^__^
    4. char(Normal skin)+XAGA girl body (Volks skin) (thank you my friend XD
      Photos look than the white body
      In fact is the same ;)

    5. She said to sell 2 nd/SP version in the this year,but I don't know specific time :(
    6. i found myself a volks msd boy second hand...i wasn't really excited to use it because i don't much like the hands...but...i painted him this weekend and now...i love him XDDD here he is!

      bit_of_a_bruiser by Pretty_Little_Monsters, on Flickr
    7. He's awesome!!! *__*
      More photos <3~

      I got mine a Volks SDC Body today. :3
      And tomorrow he goes away for his face-up and scar.
      I'm so happy now.... >///<
    8. He looks great! You were really able to make his eyes pop!

      I tried to paint mine this weekend too.
      I'm still not friends with my new sealant.. And not happy with how the lashes came out. I'm almost thinking about trying to open his eyes up a bit 'cause they're just sooo small!:o
      I tried to define his nose a bit extra too. ^^;;
      He still doesn't have a body though so he just borrowed a neck in the meantime.
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    9. Sorry, I'm a little bit lost, Doll Leaves WS matches with SC WS?
    10. Hey modoki!
      Yes it's matches, not perfect but it looks good. ;3 Sc is a little bit more creamy/yellow/darker.

      AND TEMP~
      he looks wonderful <3 and I like the lashes~ tehe
    11. Oh! Thanks! Do you have any photos?, because the one here is with a yellowed body
      And what about normal skin? (normal skin DL and normal skin SC)
      By the way, I asked small about Kaka and Char two weeks ago and said to me that she was planing to re-relese them in about a month <3
    12. No one here? :3
      I got a WIP photo of my Kaka head. Finally I can show you one of mine too!


      Made by Ara*!
      He's not finished yet, but I already love him soooo much. :D
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    13. Ow! That make seems great <3, Small didn't respond me yet (I asked her for news abouts futures re-releases ;-;).
      Anyone here knows if Illusion Spirit neck would fit Kaka/Char neck hole? I think yellow skin would be a match .3.
    14. With blushing I think it will look fine!:) And their bodies are so pretty.. *_*
    15. Could anybody tell me the size of wigs and eyes that Char and Kaka uses?
      Did someone tried Angell-Studio body with Kaka? I know it matches volks skin, I'm a little bit worried about the neck size and the proportions :S
    16. Wigsize is 7-8 inch and eyes 12mm (posted a picture on the last site with Makoeyes)

      Legend-the body is awesome an beautiful!!! *^* and i really like the wig!!!

      (Writing on phone is terrible..)
    17. You can't get a dollstown boy body but you can order the girl 5 yo body. There is no real difference in size. I hadn't thought to try char on the 5 yo body. I tried my normal skin kaka on my 7 yo body and it didn't match at all.
    18. Keladry, Temp
      Yes, I'll do a face-up and the matching will be good. =) DT bodies are my favourite. *__*

      Thanks. ^^ I cut the old wig and it acquired a "new life". ^^

      Yes, I know, thanks, but I wanted a boy and I don't like to modify my own dolls. ^^" I thought about Narsha body for Char as well, but I hadn't it.
      Oh, what a pity about Kaka! I wanted to buy him and try this head on 7 yrs boy body. =__=