SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. im so sad i want little fox so bad but hes sold out forever :( guess i'll have to settle for another sculpt because i love all of them haha, just especially that one
    2. @Homucchi thats too bad, maybe write the artist? Maybe she still has one or two heads in stock?
    3. I really want to buy Char and possibly Abi and Wing. I know it's been Chinese New Year but is Small's communication and posting times any better? I did email her a few days ago about doing a group buy for sold out heads but not got a response.
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    4. OMG YES! I love Mizi. I'm probably going to order a few. I wonder if Mizi will be available when Yabi is or if I'd have to order separately.

      EDIT: I should read their post before asking silly questions. Will have to order soon then!
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    5. Wow, these dolls are lovely, this is my first time seeing them! Love the ears on the Abi, Yabi, and Wing heads especially! Now I'm super tempted to order one.
    6. What is the neck circumference of the Slower and Junior 1/4 heads? I have a Bambicrony body but I think the neck sized aren't going to match.
    7. I’m not sure of the actually measurement but I’ve had my Mizi head on a regular older Volks MSD body and a Luts Kid Delf Multi body and it works perfectly on both.
    8. Great! That sounds perfect! Volks have pretty thick necks so I think I'll be safe.
    9. I have my Mizi on a Dollzone boy body right now - fits great on that too!
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    10. OK!! Jumped on board! Mizi was too good to resist!! I should NOT have spent that much money! But she goes on sale so rarely... I kinda had too???
    11. And there's no telling if this will be the last time either! Welcome aboard! I'm hoping to get my Mizi a body this year still, doll chateau discontinuing so many sculpt like they are threw my schedule off. But I want to put her on the Dream Valley B4-06 body, the one with the lovely angel wings?
    12. Thanks! I'm excited! I have wanted a 3-eyed doll since I got into this hobby, but never found the right one, and then I missed the first Mizi order. (I've also been nervous about ordering from SC Doll- but they seem to have gotten their act together). So this is exciting!

      I hear you on the DC discontinuation :( I'm pretty sad about all the dolls I'll never get from them) but it sounds like you have a good plan :) I just happen to have gotten a great deal on a second hand older Bambicrony body on the market place so I have a floating BODY!! And now I'll have a head!
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    13. Kismet, it's meant to be!
    14. I kinda wish Dream Valley did Angel/Pixie wings on the boy bodies. I'm undecided if my Mizi is going to be male, female or genderless.

      I got Char with my order too. Will be getting him a DZ body since the DV bodies are a bit too mature for the sculpt and my plans.

      The DC thing threw me off a bit too! I had to grab Faramita before the sculpt was gone forever. I still have the funds to get Yabi next month though! :)
    15. Doesn't hurt to ask them if they are thinking about it at least. It took them awhile to make a boy three armed body.
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    16. I might ask them then!

      I'm getting excited waiting for Yabi to go on sale. :)
    17. No shipping notices yet? Le sigh....
    18. I'm concerned, I emailed Small and she got back to me in 3 days (the usual time I've noticed) asking for more info and when I sent the info she never responded and it's been 9 days now. :( She's been online though.
    19. I messaged Small through the contact form on the Flower&Junior website and got a reply back this morning. Apparently Mizi.W orders are due to ship in May, but I didn't get any more detail than that.
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