SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. Thanks, I managed to get a reply. :) I was worried since it'd been so long since the last reply.

      I ordered Mizi.w and Yabi so I'm in for a wait (I also ordered Char and Abi haha...)
    2. I'm just worried because I know Flower&Junior has failed to deliver on orders before. But I hope they heads ship soon.
    3. Has she actually failed to deliver? Or was it just a very long wait for some people? I know some people waited a long time and were worried nothing was coming, did they not receive anything?
    4. It was a couple years ago, so I'm not sure if the heads eventually arrived. But it was extreme and people had to try to get their money back. It may still be buried in this thread...
    5. I've been slowly read through, not caught up yet but it seems there was a long wait and some people worried they'd have to get their money back. I'll keep reading through when I have time. Hope it doesn't happen this time. :(
    6. Me too!!
    7. That's good news then! Rather than getting too ahead of herself. :)
    8. Le sigh..... still no head! No shipment notices- no nothing!
    9. Really hope they ship soon. :( I have a lot of money spent here. I'd rather have the heads though! I thought Mizi.w orders only would have shipped by now. I know I have a bit of a longer wait but it's worrying when the same pattern is happening.
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    10. I contacted Small about a change of address but she said my order is already shipped. So perhaps it's a case of orders will just arrive at this point and she hasn't notified people? Mine says 6th of June on the tracking. I am surprised mine shipped already since I ordered Yabi after the 30 in stock ones had already sold so I expected a longer wait.
    11. That's good to hear. I asked Small for an update on Saturday, but I'm not really expecting a reply until Monday. Hopefully this means my girl shipped, too.
    12. I THINK I got my shipping notice this morning! Via text message?? But it's DHL from China?
    13. I won't be able to get mine till August now annoyingly as I won't be going back to that address until then so I won't even be able to check that they're all there and in tact. I did email Small on June 2nd but realised too late that the contact form gets better results with replies. D'oh.
    14. @Chehime That's normal for DHL. I think they auto-text whatever number you provided for your address.
    15. Well it worked!!! My head arrived today!! I have to try her out on her Bambicrony body now! I hope they match a little....
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    16. Hello everyone,

      I have a Peto normal skin at home and need a body. I have no idea which company would be compatible with this resin color. Is SD sized doll Chateau body in pink normal skin a good match?

      Thanks a lot

      By the way, I have waited approximately 3-4 months for the heads. And they just pop up at home randomly today. I haven’t received any update or tracking number, so I was quite surprised! Still waiting on the body for Chan white skin... should arrive by August.
    17. I know DC/DZ white skin is a close match for the WS (though maybe a tad creamier? I'm not sure). As for NS I have no idea, I think pink normal might be the one. I know people were mentioning the normal skin matches in the earlier posts of this thread.
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    18. Thank you Rinoa