SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. I got a family member to bring my parcel.

      I bought Mizi.w, Char in one order and Yabi and Abi in another, and Small said she would combine my orders, yet when I opened it I only received Abi and Yabi. I recorded the box opening as it said 2 pieces and I had a feeling she didn't send everything. ETA: I'm in contact with Small and she believes Mizi order didn't ship because Char 1st isn't ready yet. I'm in contact with her on IG. Hope this gets resolved. I have a body incoming for Mizi! :(
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    2. [​IMG]
      Jett hanging out with me while I made my coffee this morning! I love F&J's cute faces so much.
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    3. I just wanted to share this picture of Luna I took while getting her ready to go to Resin Rose :D I can't remember if I've shared her here since she got painted and all! I'm short on time but she just looked so pretty all dressed up that I couldn't resist :aheartbea

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    4. Oh my...she’s absolutely lovely! I love how etherial she looks.:)
    5. Thank you! :aheartbea
    6. She's lovely, @redfeathers ! Her face came out lovely!

      Jett's actual body finally arrived a couple days ago. Now I can take him off the borrowed one, lol.
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    7. Thank you so much! I made a lot of demands of the artist (my wife haha) but she did an amazing job!

      Jett is sooooo cute! He looks great on that body!
    8. Thanks, @redfeathers ! The resin match is so much better with the new body, which is white skin, although it looked decent on the other body (a normal skin little gem body) because he's such a blushy boy. I ended up choosing the Myou Type III boy body, since I wanted Jett to be fairly delicate looking.
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    9. Such lovely dolls being posted. For my Yabi I'm hoping to get a slightly chubby boy body. There's a lot of thin tall bodies at the moment and I want him to look more cuddly.

      As an update on my missing heads: Small confirmed it was because Char wasn't ready and my order will be shipped soon. I just hope she changes the address as promised. I'm going to message her again to confirm as she never replied to the email. I can't wait more months to pick them up again.
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    10. I got Jett a new coat and shorts, and decided to change his hair to match. I've had this wig for so many years without someone to wear it, haha, bought it for a doll I ended up giving up!

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    11. @Magnus Vale, I absolutely love Jett in this truly brings him to life in a very wonderful way. His new coat and shorts are awesome as well. Love, love, love his style!:D
    12. Hi, everyone) My Luna (Char) as japanese girl)
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    13. @Linum what a great look for this sculpt...and very unexpected! She truly is adorable this way. Hooray for you for recognizing her potential for this look.:)
    14. I redid the faceup for my Faven (Mizi.W) and I'm quite happy with the result. She looks more like a magical girl now :aheartbea
      I also received good news as the package of Yabi head arrived today! He was from 2018 but the condition is pretty good. I think he is gonna go well with his sibling :XD:
      [​IMG]IMG_3115 by curlydeer, on Flickr
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    15. Ahh she looks amazing! I love her whole look - that iridescent part around her 3rd eye is awesome :D Her eyes are such a pretty colour, too <3
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    16. @Copcop Awww...she looks utterly amazing! What a fabulous take on this sculpt, and it’s so well done. She does indeed look magical.:) And what fun that she’s getting a brother. I can’t wait to see what you do with him.
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    17. Thank you :aheartbea It took me 3 years to find her perfect eyes pair, I’m glad the efforts paid off :XD:

      Thank you so much! I’m so looking forward to painting Yabi :dance