SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. Here's Gilbert on Volks SDC Body.
      In real the skin match is almost perfect!
      The body is from Hansel. :3

    2. I have finally finished kaka's face, wig and a set of clothing. He is on a volks boy body which was a perfect match. Now he needs a name and I think lighter eyes.

      kaka by Xiaoli2004, on Flickr
      A couple more are on flickr.
      Thanks for looking.
    3. Nice cap, Xiaoli! And I very much liked a pic on Flickr where your Kaka is with a dog! *O*
      Yes, probably smaller eyes will suit him better.

      That's my Jack - we've gone for a walk recently. His outfit's not over yet, as I also need to make suspenders for his trousers.

    4. Reya, I loved your Jack's pants, and both Aurelius' and Xiali's Kakas are too cute ;-;
      did somebody managed to buy a Char Head? I looked the page since friday and he was sold out all the time u.u
    5. Modoki26, thank you! I've got the same problem with Kaka - I payed for him and wrote a letter on Flickr, but didn't receive any reply or confirmation that the sum had been received. *( Hopefully Small will answer soon about it.
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    6. Legend,
      Luthik is very lovely. *3* You've done a great job customizing him!
    7. Reya Dawnbringer
      Thanks! ^^ I think, he is sweet. ^^

      It doesn't match by pale skintone, but can make it match with the faceup. ^^ Dollstown fresh skin is mostly close to Char's white but not perfectly.
    8. ....................thank you...unfortunately I waited too long ...missed often do they offer him?

      It doesn't match by pale skintone, but can make it match with the faceup. ^^ Dollstown fresh skin is mostly close to Char's white but not perfectly.[/QUOTE]
    9. All dat cuties! :D
      And then there is mine..
      But he doesn't even want to be cute. :sweat

      It's more lively here again? :D
      I'm happy 'bout all the pictures. Makes me want to watch this thread all the time!
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    10. Mikkio
      Unfortunately I don't know.

      So far there are only a few of us, but I hope, that it will change with time. ^^ More lovely photos will be appear. ^^
    11. Eh, I can only look at your lovely Kakas... And desire such one very much :(
    12. On behalf of another person (permission granted), I want to show a hybrid - Kaka head and Boy&Girl body.
      The doll owner says that skintone matching nearly perfect, although the body a llittle bit more grainy.

      Here the link to the photo
    13. Hi,dear I'm small :D i found two ears ,one brown hair,2 orange hair ,3 soil ,1 dust in the agent ,if you still do not receive your package ,pls contact with me ,thanks ^^
    14. It seems to me that's quite not fair for the thread to be so deserted. People, pls post your lovely Kakas and Chars! *O*

      Here are two our Flower Junior cats (both Chars) - Jack on the left and Makoto on the right. Makoto belongs to my friend Tetsu. He trains a domestic tiger:

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    15. helloBapupupupu i saw Sui on flickr and i love this head, do you know when it will be available?
    16. @heliantas *late reply...but* i checked the web, it is written
      [FONT=&#24494](appointment time:2014/04/15) [/FONT][FONT=&#24494]for sui :) .. i guess it means that sui will open for order on April 15th :)

      I've been back checking Xiao's flickr lately :< and saw Kate (1/3 Char) ~
      I wonder when 1/3 Char will be released <B ...I want SD char soooo mucchhh :D[/FONT]
    17. The new body on Sleeping Char looks really cute!