SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. the body looks so nice and cute >,<
      please spams me with Kaka or Char pictures :D
    2. Hnnngh... I'm practically biting my nails over Sui's release tomorrow! >n<;;; does anyone know if he's 1/3 or 1/4 after all? No matter how hard I looked for the information I couldn't find it...
      Also Kaka spam for me too please...? He's more or less my grail doll so I love seeing pictures of him while hoping he'll be rereleased or someone will sell him >m<;
    3. He's SD-sized! Such cute small eyes.. But the photos don't show too much detail of the sculpt..
    4. I think I'm in love~ ><; but I'm afraid I'll have to pass on Sui... a miracle happened and someone answered my WTB thread on the marketplace so I'll be getting a Kaka soon! >A<;
    5. Wow, so after failing to get the site working on any computer in the house, I managed to view it through the WayBack Machine internet cache thing. And just now, I also found it loads on my phone with Opera but not with Chrome :? Buut, now I can see they have some really awesome eyes :D

      [​IMG]komat by BRO.TITI, on Flickr

      I hope I can get a few pairs whenever they become available :D Found another great doll artist through this too
    6. Hey guys >: Did anyone manage to buy sp Char? ;;-;; I tried checking out but it says "insert phone" while I have the form all filled out!!! She hasn't answered any of my e-mails so I don't know what to do...
    7. Same problem as Shai... ): and small won't reply. On other news, my Kaka head has left his origin country and is headed to me uwu;;;; I can't wait!
    8. Anyone see the new Char release? I think she's adorable! I'm not sure how much longer I can resist these dolls!
    9. She put up a new site today. She has sleeping char, char and only head for options. I didn't try to order yet as I need to get some money :P So I don't know how well her site works.
    10. Aah, sleeping char though!! XD Finally. ;;
    11. The new site doesn't have shipping to the U.S. or Canada. I asked a question about it through the website.
    12. The new website looks nice :')
      ..but the other options (home, product, etc) are still not functioning well :'<

      I wonder if small will move all the products to the new website? *hmm* I kind of like the new website look more :'3c
      I'm waiting for kate (SD Char) release <3 small said she'll be released this winter >____< *aaaaa
    13. Sorry to bother, but what body is she using now? Is it her own design, or from another company?
    14. It is her own design ^_^ You can see pictures of it from the sleeping char.
    15. Oh ;,; it's a lovely body, I just prefer a boy, was asking to see if there was maybe a different company providing bodies that had boys as well. Oh well, it's a cute body, and I love the size range for certain!
    16. Because her body is new, all of the other bodies people are using are from other companies ^_^ Doll-Leaves seems to be a pretty okay match (my friend Soenatte has her Kaka on one temporarily) and she's also posted on her Flickr a picture on a Kid Delf girl body, which should mean the boy body fits also :) I think small's body is lovely and doesn't look too girly (I wanted it for a boy too XD) bt good luck if you're going to look for a different company body :)
    17. Did we ever hear back about whether the new site will ship to the US or Canada? ;;
    18. Artemos: They look great on Volks bodies. ^^
    19. I had to sacrifice a couple doll stuff and borrow some money from a friend, but I was able to get sp Char ^-^
    20. Yayyy~ >w< I'm so excited about your sp. Char Shai~ you know it uwu;;;;;
      Also I don't think I ever posted this picture of my Kaka finished... So here goes nothing! The poor guy is still nameless, though, which makes me rather sad... -__-
      He's on the Doll Leaves boy body for what it's worth, and although Kaka's head is a tiny tad on the large side for it, the neck fits fine and the proportions don't really bother me.