SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. I never received a reply. It's really frustrating as I've been wanting to order a girl Char since she was first announced.
    2. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that gypsydale >: She's really hard to communicate with sometimes because of her situations...I'd offer to help you (although shipping to me and then to you would add up a bit of money), but she already closed for orders... ;;^;;
    3. hello thread ^^

      i'm just stopping by to share my char. he's on a doll leaves boy body and his name is Laurie :3!

      Laurie - Sneak Peek von meymeez auf Flickr

      i hope everyone else can get their char heads fast! <3
    4. Well, I ordered the full doll and she says approx. 3 months wait..TT3TT Laurie looks adorable!!! >W<
    5. Soe I love your boy. *A* He's so handsome! And Laurie is adorable, too!
    6. Thank you poochiness <3 you should post more of your Char too, yes you should UAU *nodnod*
    7. Soe ahah, aww, thank you! ;w; It would be easier if she had her own body. x'D I got her secondhand but she seems to have yellowed a bit.. but she looked alright on my Luts KDF body, I think.. xD /rambleramble
    8. Such a cute char, Ruthwen ^-^ Makes me really impatient about mine, if Small ever sends him, that is...TTvTT Her site is down again so that makes me worried...
    9. You are waiting Char? How long time?
      My Char is a first preorder.
    10. Hmmm, since middle of July...she put Char up for sale with a body around that time and I bought the sleeping char. If I remember well, she said it'd take about 3 months for production, so I'm not too worried yet, although I did contact her on Flickr a week or so ago and no reply yet...
    11. I've also pre-ordered a Char girl during that time-frame. small is updating her lofter daily but no reply on flickr? I find any lack of contact a bit worrisome. :sweat

      I'm going to wait til the end of this month to contact small again. There is also a high chance that there is going to be pre-orders for large sized Kate or Little Char sometime in the coming months so I definitely expect something by then. :)
    12. No word from small yet but she did update her lofter with a picture of a bunch of cute Chars looking ready to be shipped out. ;w; :aheartbea
    13. Hi!
      my Char dollzone body ^^
    14. Aw, can you give me the link? .u. Also, it's been a while since your last message UAU;;; Have you heard anything from her?
    15. Ahhh thank you so much ;;u;; Argh, I hope I can get my little Char soon u.u;;;
    16. i'm really sad to hear that it takes such a long time for everyone to get their chars ;w; ...
      makes me feel bad about myself, too, since i've got one sitting at home and have been neglecting him (and all my other dolls) lately, because university kept me busy ><.

      but i finally got around to take some pictures today to share with you and hopefully make the wait a little less hard <3.

      [​IMG]Introducing Laurie by meymeez, more on Flickr
    17. Tsugaru your boy is sooo adorabe!!!!

      And just wanted to let everyone know but, since I've been infatuated with small's most recent sculpt, Yabi so I've been following her very closely ever since she posted the first photos of him on her lofter... And just yesterday [MENTION=58376]Shailara[/MENTION] found out that she's actually already selling him, albeit on her taobao shop. So as soon as I knew I rushed over and found out he's available only in WS and only as a head and went ahead and placed an order for him. So, if you want to order him too, you should go check it out!
    18. [MENTION=58479]Soenatte[/MENTION] Aah, she has a new sculpt out? D8 I need to go stalk~ -shot- Congrats on your order!