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Sculpts you love (but will probably never get) - 2

Apr 23, 2017

    1. SOOM Amber with fantasy parts, I reckon. Especially in this beautiful lilac/violet colour, god, why does it have to be THAT limited? At least I'm not even thinking of getting her anytime in the future. I don't feel like hunting down a limited sought-after edition nor would she fit into my planned crew in any way, but oh Slaanesh, she is stunning. So delicate, an absolute feminine beauty with a fantasy-beastish twist. I'd know what character to assign to this doll, how to style, but... well, one can dream.


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    2. Elfdoll Rainydoll Yuan :...( Even just the head would make me sleep better at night
    3. I avoid getting dolls I dont have a plan for... but I guess I cant say I will Never get them.. Right now my list is Iplehouse Dexter in EID or HID size and Iplehouse Stella as a SID Boy or FID girl.

      There are tons of sculpts I admire, like the Spinx and all the Fairyland centaurs, but I prefer human dolls only. So even tho I love photos of them, I will never own them.
    4. I really love iplehouse Kamau, but i will never buy him due to his size and weight. Also iplehouse Victor is a great sculpt, but all the same, they are huge for me.
    5. Ohh I love Angell Studios Victoria! Sadly it's a limited and I probably can't get her anymore :(
    6. Volks Charlotte. It's not her size that deters me, but her price. No way in hell am I paying over 1k for a doll.
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    7. I would have said Dollshe Saint (the old version) a couple of weeks ago... but the discontinuation wording during the sale got me in a panic, and now I'm waiting on one :sweat I don't even know what I'm going to do with him, but I just couldn't miss the chance!
    8. I guess I would like a few Sooms? They don't match any of my aesthetics but I do love soom R amber. It was one of the first dolls I ever saw and I adored it.
      Otherwise! There's a few teen dolls that I find really cute (as full sets) that if I had the room and money I would get (like ringdoll kou or misha-style B) but I know I wouldn't appreciate them as much as 70cm BJDs
    9. I don't have any fantasy dolls, but I will love to have Soom Crow fantasy parts.Somehow, there is something special with this doll.
    10. Any doll with elaborate fantasy parts.

      I love looking at photos of other people's hoofed dolls, elves, vampires, and so on but when I've bought that style of doll I've always ended up selling them (unless they had non-fantasy option parts). I just don't enjoy owning them as much as I do looking at photos of them.
    11. I really love Rongtian (Loongsoul) but given his limited status, I doubt I'll ever have him. :lol: Oh well. He's just so beautiful, it's a shame that he was so limited!
    12. Souldoll Swinte would be an ideal sculpt if my two dolls had a daughter. But because there is so much in my crew that's still unfinished, I doubt I can properly accommodate a new doll, at least for the moment.
    13. I love almost all of the Switch dolls! There are something special about them that just hits a soft spot. They are a little bit on the expensive side for me right now, but I might buy a head. :P
    14. Mature minis in general. Greatly prefer the scale of my bigger girls.

      Heavily stylized dolls i.e. Dollfie Dream 'cause they just don't really fit with the collection even if they can be cute as hell.
    15. DollPamm's Arubi series. I am just in love with the sculpt and the heavily stylized proportions, but I am very new to the hobby and don't feel as if I will ever have a chance to get such a limited doll between paying off my current dolls. The longer it takes to build money back up, the less and less likely I will ever see an Arubi.
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    16. I also realy like SOOM Amber....She is fantastic! :abambi:
    17. I feel like I've been rather fortunate in being able to get the dolls I like, but if I was going to be honest...
      Mewiefish's bactro dolls. Msd alien frogs? Yes please. I don't think mewiefish makes them anymore, however, and I can't see myself picking one up secondhand as the only ones I've ever seen are too expensive for my budget.
    18. Minifees. I like Karsh but I doubt I'd ever get to own him and even then buying just the heads seems to cost as much as getting a full doll from another company. They're gorgeous dolls don't get me wrong, I love seeing pictures of them and seeing them at meetups. But I don't see myself ever owning one unless I came into a large sum of money.

      Doll Chateau Elizabeth is one of my grail's but I have no room for her leggy self here either. She'd fall off my MSD shelf is more likely. Again, another "if I come into a large sum of money suddenly"

      Dollzone Brant is one of my major dream dolls but I'm pretty sure he's discontinued now and I have no room for SD dolls.
    19. Dollshe Natalie Portman
      Dollshe Arsene
      5th Motif Venitu
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    20. D.O.D Petsha- I absolutely loved her outfits and accessories.