Sculpts you love (but will probably never get)

Oct 3, 2009

    1. For me, it's Volks' Tohya. He was the very first doll I ever fell head-over-heels for, but he's so limited that the rare times he does pop up on the marketplace, he's waaaay expensive. So I resigned myself a long time ago that he'd be one that I'd oogle other people's pictures of, but never own myself.

      I thought Luts' LU-WEN would end up the same way, but then stuff happened and now I have him. XD But his version of "limited" is apparently not really limited.
    2. Same here! I would dearly love an old version Bernard, but there is no way i could ever afford him. and the new bodies don't appeal to me. so he is just a dream for me. :(
    3. There's a few for me lol.

      Volks Yugiri - Damn. This is probably my dream doll. But they're so rare to find in the marketplace when I have money that it'll probably be several years (if ever) that I manage to get my hands on one.

      Iplehouse Jessica - I'm also someone that has a pre-existing story for my guys, and there is no character (and believe me when I say that I have alot of characters!) that would suit Jessica. I've considered it, tried to make things work by changing a few details... but yeah, will never work out =(

      Fairyland MNF Shiwoo - I love him, one of the first I ever wanted in fact. Everytime I see him I think 'Yes! Perfect for my character Kenny'. Then I look at my other planned crew and realise that he would look too similar to some of the others. And if it comes to a toss up between a big shiwoo and a mini shiwoo... the big 'un wins everytime! :D
    4. regular poly resin narin the big one. only because i doubt they will release him that way again.
      very depressing
    5. I'd LOVE to get the first edition of Volks Olivia Morgan with default face-up and outfit. I have no idea how much she would cost but I'm sure way more than I can afford.
      She's the only doll over $700 I've ever fallen for. There's a dozen dolls under that price I want - know I can't have them all but it's just a matter of choice while Olivia is definitely out of my reach.
    6. I loved Volks Ryoya and would have tried for him in the after event, buuuuut I made a judgment call: 1200 for Ryoya or 850ish for Chrom. 850 is closer to what I paid for my Volks Cyndy and I think is around the top I would pay for a doll. Anything over 1000 is too much. Ami was the same problem. Lovely face, gorgeous, but ... I just CAN'T pay over 1000. It was already tough the day I moved all my dolls to my new apartment and I realized that I was carrying over $2000 of dolls with me.

      I like several Luts sculpts--Harmony, Regen, and so on--but they all look so similar and are standard models anyway, so I can't justify buying them. Volks Elena is similar. I like it, but it's standard and I don't know if I quite love her THAT much. I think she's one of those "if I had all the money in the world" or "if someone asked me what doll I wanted (with intent to buy)" situations.

      Mecha Angels are on the fence. I'm seriously considering buying one and if I buy one, I feel like I might buy another. But I'm not sure if I really want to buy one in the first place. It's a LOT of doll. I like balance in my doll collection, and right now I need another SD-range girl. If Soom made a Super Gem that looked like Saiph, I would be all over her. I really just love her face. But 80cm? Arrrrgh.

      Speaking of Soom, Olivine and Carnel. Both similar faces and I like both. Won't buy either--Olivine because she's not the sweet face I want and Carnel because I already have too many boys. :/ I only have one boy, but technically I have three. Needs moar wooman. I don't count the MSD or the tiny as women even though they're female.
    7. Oh I'm sure I'm the same way. In the main case with me tho even tho the doll fits my char I can't see myself getting it because of how costly this hobby gets.

      CP El-SS
      CP Juri '05
      CP Woosoo
      CP Kum-ran
      CP Miyu
      Luts SSDF Flood
      Luts Frey
      CP Edgar
      DOD Calla
      DOC Tender Zen
      DOC Tender Bee-A
      BC Elf Kumi
      CP Breakaway *even tho its still up in the air if I'd buy him*
      And just about every MNF there is XD

      The list goes on but I can't think of any others at the moment~
    8. There are several molds out there that I really love, but I can't imagine owning! I prefer enjoying them from afar. If I did have any of these I'd probably end up selling them so someone else could enjoy them more.

      -SD Michele
      -SD Kun
      -SD Anais
      -SD Kurumi
      -SD13 Tony
      -YoTenshi Hinata (actually if I could afford to get her I SO WOULD)

    9. um...Soom Sabik... love his face.. but he's so big and his body is just too skinny.

      Pipos dolls... for me, it's hard to justify spending $200+ on something so little >_< but maybe someday.

      There are a lot of 1/4 sculpts I like, but I'm an 1/3 person so I prolly won't get any ever. Not to mention that unless I start delving into dollifying characters from my books, I don't plan on having a lot of BJDs. I just don't see the need of having more than you can tote around. But yeah that would all change if I was going to dollify my cast xD That would take a looooot of dolls. So it'd have to wait til I was rich anyway.
    10. I love looking at these molds and I sometimes play around with the idea of getting one. In the end, I'm pretty sure I can live without them.

      Supia Rosy
      Supia Dreaming Roda
      Limhwa Dreaming Half Elf
      Narsha Girl
      Both Zaolls
      Both Male & Female Narindoll 60cm
      A Tiny like a Pukipuki or a Pipos Anthro

      My deepest concern is with Classic Narin. I actually do have a character for him and he would definitely fit in with my plans. Plus, I really love this mold! He's my favorite male MSD. The only problem is that I really just want to concentrate boy clothes on Roy, my LK Mihael. When I think of getting him, I think of all the money I'll have to spend on him. @[email protected]

      But we'll see how the future pans out...

      Edit: A little logical thinking can save a lot of money. I thought about the Classic Narin a little more and decided that I can live without him. I'm currently saving for a Classic Narae so once I get her I can dress her in boy clothes to accomodate for the Narin. :]
    11. Hmm... There's a few regulars that I quite like but won't get becuase of price and size, like Iplehouse's Luo, Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong's Hui Ka, and Feeple Esther, since I currently lack the room for a doll that large, let alone a bunch of them, but each one of them is a regular sculpt. I might get them one day.

      When it comes to the sculpts I want but can't get becuase of their limited or discontinued status, this list is worse.

      Asleep Eidolon Min Discontinued and sold out before I could get the money to buy him. And he was only a $250 doll! Very heartbreaking since so few people have him to begin with, I highly doubt I'll ever find him for sale.

      Breakaway, ANY Breakaway. I might jump on the MP and buy the Scarred Event head when they come out at this point, and I hate scarred dolls!

      Iplehouse Strongman Luo At least the regular version is still around. And doesn't turn green.

      SOOM Sphaler If it weren't for the fact he's released so close to the holidays, which is being immediately followed by a Con I'm attending, his most basic form would be on layaway. I'm enamored by anything dragon related, but with him, I'd have to have the fullset to be really be happy, and I just can't afford that. ($1200!?!?) He's very close to being perfect, but the price is staggering, he's gigantic, and I'd be waiting for him untill next June... I'll just happily drool at him in owner pics.

      Dollzone Son of Heaven Ray Fortunately, a blank Ray is still available, and I can get a similar wig, but his incredibly detailed and gorgeous full-set is long gone, so I'll never have the exact set up that I fell for. I'm doing everything in my power to make him as simlar as I can (DollZone even sell some Prince costumes that I like), but it was the full-set that pulled me in and made me fall for this boy.
    12. I have a list too, and my problems have little to do with financial concerns (after all, I could always save...well...forever!):doh But for various reasons, these beloved sculpts will never happen:

      Iplehouse Luo Big, gorgeous, manly and magnificient (and I'd have absolutely no problem coming up with a wonderfully creative character for him too) but he's simply way too big for my display areas.:...(

      Soom Euclause Amazing! I love the wings on the original and unique and completely gorgeous. But once again, too big. Plus, no character I could come up with to match the sculpt would work for my crew of smaller dolls. Alas!:(
    13. Hmm... for me (and probably quite a lot of people) it's gonna be the Soom MDs ^^;;

      Surely they are gorgeous and i would absolutely LURVE to drool at them, but i don't think i will ever be bothered to have such a beauty in my possessions. i know how i get over something really quickly

      Another lot would be the Iplehouse EID line, they have beautiful beautiful HOT bodies but again, they are too much for me

      You can never stop droolin though! =P
    14. Soom Sard, Sabik, and Kyrie

      Sard, because he is way too hard to find.
      Sabik, because I am not sure if I want a doll that big.
      Kyrie, because I do not own any girl dolls, but I just love her face mold.

      That is it...for now. LOL
    15. For me it's the Volks "Rozen Maiden" Hinaichigo. When I first saw her I had no idea what the show was about, she was just so cute and adorable and I loved that little stuffed dog she came with. I just had an issue with the price, I couldn&#8217;t justify spending that much for a YoSD.
    16. Dollshe Hound: Oh how I love them. I'll probably never be able to afford one if they came up for sale on the marketplace.

      Soom Hati/Skoll: I am kicking myself for not grabbing one. I'll probably never see one for sale again.

      Unoa Lusis: I love Lusis' mold, but she sells quite high on the marketplace. (Which is understandable.) I don't mind if I never buy her, I can always admire her from afar.

      Soom Cass: She was beautiful~ I love the head and outfits. She fits into my category of admiring from afar though.
    17. DoD Luke version 1. I think he's so cool. But I don't want a SD sized doll and I refuse to spend that much money. *sigh*
    18. A lot of the Soom MDs.
      I owned a Heliot and whilst he was lovely, I didn't really like him enough to try and get over how big and beautiful he was. Now he's sold and I can admire others without having to worry about making mine as beautiful.

      Still, I have a NS Sard coming home soon and since he's my original sculpt/dream doll-I-love-but-will-never-get, we'll see how it goes :lol:
    19. Volks Ryoya: The boy's sculpt is just insanely beautiful, but I'd never be able to spend that much money on a doll.

      Volks F-16: Again, such a beautiful sculpt, but I don't know if I'd ever buy a doll from Volks because of the price. My money could go to better things, or dolls that I want more.
    20. These are the sculpts I love but wouldn't get:

      Dollshe Rosen - I looove his face. The only thing that's stopping me is the thought of "Another HUGE doll!?" I already have a Dollshe SA Husky and a Volks SD16 Yukinojo--I don't think I can handle another big boy at this time. :lol:

      Iplehouse Luo - He has such a sweet face and very nice body. Again, same reasoning as above. :doh

      Dollzone Yue - When he was first introduced, I was breath-taken. I love his beautifully serene face but I didn't get him. Same reason for not being able to handle another huge doll. :lol:

      Iplehouse Iris - I love her cute and sweet innocent face. I just don't know what I'm going to do with her at all~

      Volks SD13 Suigintou - She's beautiful! But I don't know what I'm going to do with her, either.

      Volks SD17 F-38 - I am infatuated with this particular Sato Only FCS sculpt. However, I could not find a valid reason for owning him--maybe I don't really know what I'm going to do with this guy at all!

      And pretty much all of the Pukis. They're just excruciatingly cute and adorable but I don't know what I'm going to do with them at all! :doh

      Maybe I'll get all of these dolls when I have a huge mansion and gajillions of dollars. :lol: