Sculpts you love (but will probably never get)

Oct 3, 2009

    1. Ahh, for me that would probably be Pluto Doll's Vergil (pure LOVE) and almost every single one of DiM's Love boys. These dolls capture almost every single trait in their gorgeous little faces that I adore in a doll and I sigh wistfully every time I look at one of their images. The only problem is that they are minis. And now that I have 3 minis and have since sold all the others of that size I have discovered that I really don't want anymore. I convince myself it is not that big of a loss as I do not have any characters that would suit their sculpts or size anyway to fit in with my current crew, and for my wallet's sake and not my heart, I really hope I am able to stick with that decision in the future and don't create an entire new storyline just for them. I am not good at new made up characters.

      I am also pathetically in love with Luts' Bliss and while I may have a character that could work for him, he is a very minor character and I wonder if it would be worth it.

      I could also throw in Volks Kohya/Tohya and Pixydoll's Sevy, but they're limitation is mostly due to their rareness and price rather than my desire to own them.

      There are plenty of other sculpts that I adore and think are simply beautiful, but as I am usually pretty good about deciding if they will or won't suit the characters in my head it makes it a bit easier for me to detach myself from them. At least that is how I hope it is working.
    2. Dolls that I'll probably never afford but love SOOOO much are Dollmore's Lusion Black Dahlia and Volks Anais (or Tae :P).

      ...I say "probably never afford", but I should say "hope I'm never crazy enough to spend that much on a doll". I'm pretty sure I will, though, once I get a job of some kind. Far in the future.
    3. I'm at least the third person to mention Volks Suigintou.

      I really like the Volks Rozen Maiden collection, but two of the dolls, Suigintou and Shinku, are so highly priced that if and when I could afford them, I don't think that I could have any fun with them for fear of damaging them. They would end up being cabinet dolls, and that's not really what I like for myself with this hobby.
    4. Unidoll Jace
      Happydoll Margo
      Asleep Eidolon Dou Sha
      Puki Darjeeling

      I really want a puki for my next doll but if I get one, I think I'll just be swamped by BJDs.
    5. Volks SD sized dolls especially the LE ones

      Soom's MD dolls
    6. LUTS DoA 5th Anniv LE Abadon -- his body, actually. The Abadon headmould doesn't interest me, but the armoured body is one fine piece of ball-jointed engineering (at least what I have seen of it!) and I would be honoured to grace my doll collection with it. However, I haven't quite crossed the line of Really Wanting it, and 70cm is a little too big for my tastes.

      Soom MD Sphaler. I love everything I can see about him (Soom's bleached photos notwithstanding), but again, not begging to be brought home. I'll wait to see owner photos before I decide that actually made a big mistake. =P

      Soom's Mecha Angels Vega and Sabik, and most of the BlueFairy Tiny Fairies and Volks SD10s and larger. The beauty of Sabik and Vega's faces can't win out their size (too big!), the TFs and SD10s+ are lovely but still aren't calling to my heart. I'm content to just look at the gorgeous owner photos!

      Also, Dollshe Bermann and Hound. But too big, and too rare. I'll live vicariously through others' photographs. :XD:
    7. Any of the Iplehouse EIDs..espcecially Luo. I love him but that's too much doll for me. I got to handle a Kamau (thanks MieAga!) and was overwhelmed. My Hound is almost too big for me and he's a twig compared to an EID!

      Yukinojo and Bermann.....Love them both soooooo much but their price is just too much for me. Totally think they're worth it but probably won't ever have the funds.

      I hold out hope for someone's unloved Bix here on the marketplace though.....
    8. MMmmm Unidoll ARK. I loved him from the first pic I ever saw. Have never seen him in person but I don't think that would change the way he calls to me. I don't know that I would ever be in a position to pay that much for a doll though. (My kids would try to lock me up somewhere! LOL)
    9. Add me to the list of people who desperately want a Volks Suigintou, but will never have one.

      Seriously, I love everything about her. xD But even if by some freak incident I did have the money, I doubt I could justify spending that much on her just because she's pretty. :/ I mean, yeah I can come up with reasons why I want her, but ultimately it comes down to "She's pretty. All these other reasons are just me trying to justify it." You know?
    10. For me, the "unobtainables" thread is more about dolls you would buy, but can't because they are rare or expensive (or both!). I read this thread's OP question more as dolls you like, but won't buy because of more personal taste reasons. (Like not fitting a character or not fitting your collection).

      Oh, there are so many dolls I this are absolutely beautiful, but just wouldn't "fit" with my group of rather goofy and overexpressive dolls. For me, one example is the realistic Minimee dolls... I've owned two and had to sell them both because they just didn't work out for me. (But I still love seeing other owners' photos of those sculpts!)

      For the most part, the dolls I "love but won't get" are either too realistic or too elegantly pretty to fit in with my crazy gang. Or I adore them and just don't have a character in mind.

      The list as I can think of it right now:

      Volks Pearl
      Volks Cristal
      Iplehouse Freezia/Gentle Freezia
      60cm Narae (pretty much all the variations)
      Souldoll Queena
      Soom Cass
      Minifee Woosoo girl
      Minifee Vampire Shushu
      Twigling Ylisande
      Rosette Sakura
      Souldoll Chiron centaur
      Leekeworld Luke
      Elfdoll Sooah
      EID Kamau
      Supia Roda
      Limhwa Mano
    11. Ao Ze Tian by HZ... He amazes me every time I look at him... Le sigh.
    12. Never say never, but there are a few molds that I love that I am highly unlikely to ever own, like Dollshe Hound and Saint, Iplehouse Akando and/or Luo, Dollmore Kyle Reese, Dream of Doll's Luke - I adore them all, but they're large and/or expensive. Maybe someday, but it'll be far off in the future. B&G Afra I love, but can't deal with the elf ears (for myself, they're cute on other people's dolls!) and would feel strange having him hang around with no ears at all, so I probably won't ever have one.

      There are also past limiteds - Delf Breakaway and Woosoo; and Lati Aida who pops up on the marketplace from time to time at a price I could normally stretch to afford on layaway - but only at times when I couldn't possibly come up with any of the money.

      Vampire Lu-Wen is on my wishlist, but I don't know if it'll ever happen.
    13. Breakaway, Woosoo, SA Bermann. Limited, no longer sold, ridiculously expensive on the second-hand market.

      Soom Amber, Euclase, DoD Kalix grey. More recent dolls, also limiteds and expensive second-hand. I'd much rather my money go to the company than the owner (sorry), so I refuse to pay inflated prices for second-hand dolls.

      DOI body, because of its awesome sculpting, but I'm not fond of the heads, so I have no reason to get it, unless I want to try doing some extreme colour-changing for it to fit a minimee head. :\

      Luts El, Lishe, Miyu, Chiwoo. Pretty, aesthetically pleasing, but if I want to see pretty dolls, I can just look in the galleries, since I feel no other connection.

      Volks School A. Unless I can go to Japan/America and take part in the lessons and get the head... once more, I don't like paying inflated prices. Furthermore, I'm not fond of Volks bodies, so it'll end up sitting around bodyless.

      Yea, I understand economics, about supply and demand and prices, but, nngh, I just can't bring myself to spend, say, $700 on a two-year-old Breakaway with one head when I can get a Soom MD for $745 new with optional parts. :\ Or over $3000 for a DO Bermann when it can get me between 4 to 6 SD-sized dolls. Or a new laptop.
    14. I think for me it would be a Migidoll Ryu. I like the way he looks but my dream for an SD would to be like an older version of my twin MSDs. Maybe also the Minoruworld Junior boy. He looks so cute but I like having dolls around a certain size so it's easier to buy clothing for them :sweat

      Awww, he's a cute sculpt to get ;)
    15. I have to echo the earlier sentiment of Volks' Hikaru Genji. Such a lovely, lovely boy, but rare and expensive.
    16. Alice in Labyrinth's Bertram, Chloe and Alice (MSD) are all capable of breaking my bank and my heart.

      So. Darn. Pretty!!

      If I ever get one, it will most probably be Chloe. But my salary isn't ready for an SD10 female doll yet. :(
    17. I have 2, actually. Iplehouse Mars and Delf The Moon. I love them so much, but my "No SD" rule kind of leaves them out. Maybe if I ever randomly came into extra money, I'd at least try to bring Mars home, but I can't really see myself owning Moon
    18. I'm not a big Volks fan normally but I certainly wouldn't say no to a Tsuyoshi Maki ._. ..
    19. Gomidoll Igon, the one with half-open eyes. My GAWD I love that sculpt so much. However, I don't want an SD-sized doll and they're sooooo hard to find :( Also CP Soony, for much the same reason. Soony is absolutely my favourite of the CP sculpts, but she's too big. And again for the same reason, a Dollshe Hound or Bernard. Although if I had the money and the chance to get a Hound, I *might* break my no-60cm+ rule...