Sculpts you love (but will probably never get)

Oct 3, 2009

    1. I have a lot. :'D

      Kid Pado
      model Uri Rich

      Zaoll Luv

      Narsha boy

      ...pretty much the entire senior delf line :'D

      Dream of Doll:
      T.E-an and E-an(she was the first doll I ever loved. But now...I just can't see myself owning her :'C )

      Okita Souji. I love his stupid(I mean this in a loving way XD) sad face but I'll probably never get a chance to own him. And if I did...I don't know whether I would get him home and actually want him.

      Pretty much all their limited dolls since they're the only ones I like ha ha

      I love Dolkot's dolls. I love Hara so much. But I probably won't ever buy one.

      I love them too. But IDK what I'd do with a hooved doll. Heliot's sculpt is so beautiful and I love his horn and hooves but ...I don't have a character for him nor the money

      Be still my heart! They're all amazing sculpts. But I can't justify buying on to myself and I don't know why!

      Iplehouse Jessica may also qualify for this. I really think she's amazing but I dunno if I'll end up buying her T_T She'd be a fandoll. And I don't know whether I really WANT a fandoll in the long run. I'd hate to buy her only to realize that I love her but didn't need to have her. OTL
    2. Oh my, what an interesting thread!

      For now, my "Love but won't have" are:

      Soom Sard (for obvious reasons)

      BlueFairy Louis and IP Jerome: they are so beautiful, but still, MSD is too small for me, however they might work as some of my guys' little brothers ^^

      Heliot's romantic head, but that horn threw it all away for me and I'm so afraid of mods X__x

      Almost any crobidoll doll T_T Dunno why I cannot imagine them fitting in my family.
    3. Male dolls: Generic a statement as it is, a Hound. I love their serene faces and long lanky bodies, but I think they'd just be too big for me. Also, whenever I have the money for one and convince myself to give them a try they vanish into the Marketplace ether. I think the universe is trying to tell me something. :lol:

      Female dolls: I loooove the Bella and Ipsae Model Dolls from Dollmore, but again, they're huge liek XBox and I wouldn't get one without having a similar sized friend for her.
    4. I really want a Soom Topaz-Honey Dew :aheartbea She's so beautiful.
    5. Hypermaniac Euqjiv ! Arfff even if I found her over the marketplace, she will still be too expensive u_U
    6. If I had an endless budget, and wasn't trying to get into college:sweat....

      Volks Unoss - I've always loved her body, even with the un-jointed torso. I've seen many mods of the head where her eyebrows and lashes are concerned. She is actually a sculpt I'm considering for my character Hazel, but I want her to match Iplehouse's NS, as her brother is slated to be a E.I.D. Evan. And there's the problem with her lovely womanly hips, but I personally can relate to not finding big enough jeans in that department!! :whee: But maybe someday.

      Unoa Zero Marion - Again, one I was considering for Hazel. However, after reading about a few problems with the resin casting, I'm less than sold on her. Still, I love her devious expression and the Unoa joints - so fluid-looking!! :D

      Soom Sard - I've seen this on more than one wishlist in this thread, and I have to agree that, despite seeing so many of them on Deviantart, the odds of actually finding one for sale are not very good, especially for me. That, and I don't have a character for him to play, and it would seem unfair to him if he came without a persona waiting for him.

      Soom Amber - Oh. My. GOD. This girl really convinced me that Soom was a good, good thing.... And as an anthro artist, those ears make my insides tingle with love. However, she's in the same boat as the Sard: No character, and a rather slim likelihood of finding one. Ah well.

      Soom Topaz - This is one I am seriously considering for Hazel, and the nice thing I've discovered is that apparently Soom sells their normal girls in WS, so a Topaz head would match. As will the other two Soom dolls, availability secondhand is unlikely at best. *sighs*

      Soom Heliot: Girl Mod - Soomed, much? I blame my girlfriend. Anyway, back in the dawn of my discovery of these beautiful resin beasts, I was going to get one to be my pride and joy, Zephyra. The only *minor* problem then was A) She was really tall, and B) She was a cat-like thing. Since those days, a storyline for my Troupe has evoloved, and she was ultimately cut from their storyline. That is, until I saw Nezumi-chuu's modded Heliot girl, Miss Za'apphei. The sculpt, while a very dutiful male, makes the perfect haughty female I needed for Zephyra, and she has since been added to the top of my wishlist.

      Unoa 1.5 Lusis
      - Seeing as I have two other Gentaro Akari sculpts on my list, this shouldn't come as a surprise. Probably my oldest love on the list, I feel in love with the Lusis back in about....2006? Maybe '07? It should bother me that I don't remember, but anyway. The Lusis sculpt actually has a tentative character waiting for her, should I ever get her. And with my love of bigger-scale dolls, she'd end up as a pixie, which fits her sculpt, IMO.

      But alas, I am destined for college next year, in the lands where food is scarce and books are expensive. My girlfriend has already put plans into action to buy me a SSDF, but I plan on buying the rest with my 'fun money' once I got this whole college thing down. :lol:
    7. Volks Little Alice - She hasn't even been released yet, but I highly doubt I'll ever get her since there's no lottery and secondhand prices will be insane.

      Volks Luna - I would KILL for this girl. I'm praying that Volks re-releases her sometime in the near future with another amazing BTSSB outfit.

      Peakswood Tan Goldie (Wake-up or open eyed) - I love PW Goldie, but in tan skin she's just fantastic. She's just too stylized for the dolls I have planned though. :(
    8. Reason at the bottom.

      Asleep Eidolon:

      Cherish Doll:

      Crobi Doll:


      Yuu (tan)

      Dream of Dol
      Elf Ducan (For good reasons)
      Tender Too

      Thinking Lisa Rubik
      Sleeping Pado

      Pandora (again good reason)


      Sleeping Rona Mod
      MNF Woosoo
      LTF Chiwoo Elf Girl

      Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong (HZ):
      Hui Ka (Defanged 8D)
      Ao Ze Tian
      Schuster Fei

      Dreaming Lion >.>


      Little Monica:

      Annette Boy
      And a Fenny x3

      Cynical Ryu

      Muse Doll:
      Re-an boy xD

      Nino Doll:

      EVERYTHING ;3;

      Actually nothing 8D (Just put this hear to mess with you all xD)


      Shinn or Linn
      Tsuyoshi Maki
      Captain Cecile
      Shirou Tachibana
      Reisner >.>;; DO I NEED TO SAY WHY SERIOUSLY?
      SwD School A (Oh how I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ;3; )
      and a super random
      MDD Nia >.>
      + Dream doll: Suntan F-38 on SD17 body *drools*

      Most of my reasons go with lack of characters + Lack of being creative + Lack of money and supply. D:
    9. Minimee hide [Hideto Matsumoto]. Though I lean rather heavily on the part of the thread title that says 'probably'. Mostly 'probably' because I really wouldn't know what to do with one if I had him :huh?:
    10. Soom Sard, Soom Io, Soom Topaz, Soom Cuprit-just too expensive for me.

      Soom Deneb, Soom Saiph, Soom Vega boy. It might happen someday, but I really have problems with the Mecha Angel attenuated body. Same sort of problem with the Rosette girls (wonder if the same artist sculpted them both?), but I might go for a Rosette because at least she's smaller.

      Any Unoa-they're cute, but I just can't see that it's worth the trouble and expense of getting one.

      Old version Dollshes, particularly Saint and Bermann-love 'em, but can't pay the price. I could see maybe saving up for a DSAM 32 boy at some point though. Probably Rosen.

      Volks Ryoya Kanoe and some of the other limited Volks dolls. Regular Volks stuff leaves me cold for the most part-any Volks I see that I like is either a limited or a one-off and I'll never be able to afford them, so I try to just ignore them.
    11. Soom Mecha Angels - Love them but just way too big. I had a Sabik but I sold him because his hugeness confused me so much.

      MiniFees - Love them to death. The cute faces and pose-ability drive me into a frenzy of wanting to collect about ten....but I started with SDs and I just don't have enough characters for that. Plus they're so stylized and my crew are very realistic....oh...maybe just a Shushu one day. I love LTFees too. Would really like another one after I sold my first. Maybe I just need to wait out the desire for one.

      Dollshe Bermann - definitely one of my grail dolls but I just can't justify the price. I paid almost $2k for my Genji and that almost killed me. I couldn't pay $4k+ for a single doll.

      Peakwood Segi, Skyia and Tan Goldie - again too stylised but I loved the Dollheart/Haute Doll collaboration Halloween sets. And Tan Goldie is just adorable.

      Bluefairy Boys/Rosette School Girls - Again minis and too stylized but the crew of BF cuties modeling the Arcadia doll fashions on their site really get to me.

      Dolltown - would love to have every single one of these dolls but they just don't click with the rest of my group. I had a Daisy boy and had to sell him as he stick out so much. Big heads and massive eyes. But who knows I may try again someday.

      Anthros - Love them but too cute for me and generally not pose-able enough. I have a Zuzu Delf but I get the feeling he's for the chop. He doesn't really have a character. He's just dead cute.
    12. from your lips to God's ears! that's exactly what i'm hoping ...
    13. Soom Saiph (boy). I just love his lips! Not only his lips, EVERYTHING about him! He's a dream, I'll probably never reach... (Or maybe if I'll have the luck to have enough money, and Saiph in stock at the same time....-.-")
    14. I don't have much money and have already spent WAY too much on dolls. Plus I need to spend the money for about two or three MSDs getting stuff for the dolls I own... One of them literally has nothing to wear, and most aren't in too much better shape. I just prefer getting resin to getting the things they need...

      Souldoll star
      As much as I love these girls, I don't think I'll ever get them because of both the larger price of larger dolls and the fact that I would need to go get stuff for them (they can't share with the girls I have, as I'm hoping to sell my gisele in the future)

      Dollfie dream escalayer
      I can't find one, and if I did it would literally cost about $1,500. If not more.

      There are more that I have shoved into the back of my mind completely so as to avoid thinking of it XD
    15. I love the Kurumi/ Miriku (sp) mold, I love the Chrom mold. But I probably wont get them.

      I love Soah and have had my eye out for her but I am saving for her since she doesnt pop up as a head alone very much.
    16. I want a Angelheim Luka head on a Dollzone body sooo bad, myself~ <3
      I also like Migidoll Ryus~ But if I remember right, Migidoll is the site I can't figure out how to order from. ._.
      idk maybe I'm thinking of another site.
    17. [​IMG]
      HE'S SO PRETTY~~
    18. Soom Sabik....I love his face sculpt with all my heart and soul, but he's just waaay too TALL! And skinny! His body is just too funny looking for I will continue to admire his beautiful face from afar...
    19. I have a not-so-secret passion for Leeke Mihael. He is just ssooooo beautiful and different, and as far as price goes, he isn't too bad, but I just don't imagine myself having large dolls (no space). For the same reason I will probably never get a body for the beautiful Luts Winter event head I just got T_T
    20. I'd have to say pretty much ANY DOD....I LOVE their sculpts, but they really don't suit my characters.

      Also, SOOM Bygg. ; ; I could never, bring myself to pay that much for a tiny, no matter how much I want it...