Sculpts you love (but will probably never get)

Oct 3, 2009

    1. narsha
      narindolls (mostly narae43..all faceplates)
      some volks molds (forget the mold names.. but always are rare and too expensive)
      unoa (all)
      limhwa foryou and mono
      minoru world junior
      dollmore dahlia
      samantha herren
      planetdoll mini
      ccc firefly (both)
      elfdoll tiny and SD

      ..Like them lots.. but cannot imagine owning them, for reasons we can probably all share in a circle and whine about..
    2. Soom MD Amber, for no other reason than I dont think I will ever be able to afford her unless I win the lottery
    3. Most of the ones I absolutely love, but will probably never get [because they're either hella expensive or just not absolute MUST have's] are:

      Volks Miruku
      Volks Hikaru Genji
      Volks Chris/Lucas/Lucas SwD
      Volks Tsuyoshi Maki
      Volks Heath
      Unoa Lusis
      Musedoll Re-Che
      Souldoll Ize
      Luts Yder
      Luts SDF Frey
      Luts SDF Abadon
      Luts SDF Bliss

      Really gotta start buying more lottery tickets~
    4. For me, it's a looooot of the VOLKS and SOOM Limited's that came out, as well as a few 1/3 AoD's and like...ALL the DoD's! I also look for how they would fit into a storyline, as well as availability. Those limited dolls make me and my wallet cry, as well as not being able to think of a proper storyline... Sure, there's those dolls you love but you can't really think of what to DO with them. OH not to mention quite a few Dolkots as well as LUTS and Crobidolls.... :...( they're just soo great, but then there's no way they'd fit into my doll family!
    5. any soom females, any and all of those puki cat dolls, supia lina, lena, and rosy, and doll in mind Kassia and Bellosse. all those are so pretty!
      This Migidoll Ryu, specifically has me caught it it's lovoscope. =P But really, I just desperately want a Ryu. Every time I look at a doll and fall in love at first sight, I end up finding out that it's a Ryu in disguise.

      I also am decently in love with the Dollzone Hong. He's just perfect for a certain character that I really badly want to make. Like, every time I imagine the character in my head, I see a Hong. *sigh* But I'm way too poor for a DZ doll. V.V;;

      Hopefully one day my dreams will come true and I'll have these beauties. <3
    7. I know there isn't anything other than the SOOM Cuprit model that I would LOVE to get. I know someone who has one locally and she is simply beautiful. Maybe, one day, I will get lucky but... for now I can dream 83
    8. The Soom MDs and the Luna Tamer. WOW! But way too rich for my budget.
    9. I would kill for Hikaru Genji.... *sigh*
    10. I gotta say Soom Sphaler. I don't really know why I like him so much, but he's too big (I only get MSD and smaller) and he's quite pricey. And Dollzone Yue even though I don't think I'd like him nearly as much in person as in theory plus again, too big. I love some Narins but he wouldn't fit in (my MSDs are quite young looking and are pretty chunky). I really want an Everpurple Turkish Angora Kitten but I don't see myself getting it because I already have 1 Baha and 1 more on the way. I also really like Resinsoul's Red Ox but he was a very limited edition and I don't see him for sale too often. (PM me if you have one to part with... ;)) I also like Domadoll Okja but she doesn't go with my other dolls at ALL so she'd never be coming home. I could probably go on, but these are just a few of my favourites.
    11. Some Soom MDs , Dia...
      Also Souldoll Ize.
    12. Soom Beryl - she is the Holy Grail of dolls for me. I absolutely a.d.o.r.e her pouty face and the horns!
      Soom Euclase - His face sculpt is gorgeous. Thankfully, i am not into boy dolls (atm? :D) nor into grey skin.
    13. For me their price are too high,and It's a big responsible to take care them.
      So I have more interest with tiny size.

      Volks SD Kurumi/Miruku
      Unoa zero Latea/Marion
    14. Volks' Little Alice is adorable, but she seems too hard to get and I have a feeling she's going to be very popular on the aftermarket. I'm betting she may be the most expensive secondhand YoSD to date. :sweat

      I've had passing infatuations with Volks Shinku and Suigintou, but the want passed and I'm glad I didn't shell out any money for them (as if I could lol). At one point I also adored Tsuyoshi Maki, SWD Nono, and Jun Tachibana. I still rather like them, actually.

      I love the look of Yukinojou, Ami Ayase, and Hikaru Genji, but not enough to buy. I don't think SD16/17 would fit in with my crew.
    15. I think the best part about being me is that I'm saving and buying all the dolls I really want one by one and soon enough I'll just have them all.. I don't know if I'll stop buying at that point and only get dolls occassionally... or if I'll just not get anymore at all. I need a character from my comic for me to really get enthusiastic about dolls. However there are some dolls that I like, but just can't see myself owning because I really don't have a vision for them. It's not because they're too expensive or not my size.. it's simply just that I don't really have any ideas for them. There are some dolls I adore but can't seem to find on the second hand market because they're too limited though. I'd really kill for those kinds of dolls, just because I adore them so much.

      Dolls I like, but probably won't own:
      Distant Memory RAD
      IoS Garsh
      Any of the EID Iple boys
      Crobi Nao
      Crobi Ys
      Crobi Gillian

      Dolls I want DESPERATELY, but can't get due to rarity:
      Crobi Dante
      Crobi Mikhail
      Musedoll suntan ReChe
      DoI Black Luke
    16. I have three of them. First one is SOOM's Amber, second one is Volks Hina Ichigo and the last one is SoulDoll's Celina (that blue version).

      Reasons are these; All dolls are sold out and I can't find them from aftermarkets. Maybe it's just good, because Amber and Celina would be too big dolls for me. And Hina.. I don't have any character to her. So, it doesn't matter much. Or that's what I try to say to myself x__x;
    17. Supia Roda/Lina: I heard their resin's really soft and easy to break
      Yo-SD Tanpopo: I can't handle tinies =___=
      SD17/SD16 boys: I don't really like the body:/
      Little Monica Yuria and Dyuke: I don't have any characters for the sculpts:/
      Arte Tokio dolls: Not sure if this is counted, but I really love those concealed joints and the poseability. I don't think I'll ever get them though, because it might be pricey to maintain them:/
    18. I completely fell in love with the Yur Special Edition from the first moment I saw her. But Iplehouse is only selling her until the 7th of next month, and there is no way I can afford her right now.
    19. Any doll from Soom really. I hear such horror stories about their shipments and lack of customer service I don't know if I'd be willing to risk dishing out the cash for something I won't be happy with. I mean sure, every time you buy a BJD you run that risk but it seems to happen more with Soom. :|