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Sculpts you love (but will probably never get)

Oct 3, 2009

    1. I actually wanted to put down the doll I really wanted on layaway tonight, but got a message back from the dealer that the doll was sold out and they hadn't updated the site on it accidentally. :( I'm honestly really heart broken. I don't think I'll ever find that doll, and I haven't ever fallen in love with a doll as much as that one before.
      It hurts worse because it was a limited, so... I doubt I will ever get him.

      For those curious, it was a Loongsoul Rongtian boy. He has red hair and a really beautiful outfit, and is honestly the most perfect doll I've ever seen, for my tastes.

      Time for me to go to bed. ;-; I don't want to cry it out but darn I sure feel like it. I had bonded already just by seeing the pictures a couple months ago but I wasn't in the place to ask about ordering him then. :(
    2. Where do I begin? Doll Chateau: Snowborn, Lily, Lillian, and Zenobia (just the body. Those are pretty pricey dolls, but I mostly want a Ringdoll Norman Dark 2.0. He is perfect, but sold out.
    3. I love the Doll Chateau Lily. She is so beautiful. She's tall and super thin like a flower. I love her, but gosh is she expensive.
    4. Serenade doll The Emperor's Nightingale full set - would be for me (even I dont collect big dolls)! But the full set is sold out:roll:
    5. Nabarro Sumner and 5th motif Venitu are super realistic and super unavailable.
    6. IOS Blood..I've yet to see him for sale in the year and a half span I've been in the hobby...
      I also really want a Loongsoul Vampire Auguste full set...
    7. There was an Iplehouse male doll that I would have loved to have, but it would have cost over $1000 to buy him and all the clothes that went with him. I picked everything out and put it in my wishlist that I wanted. He's no longer available now, and I don't even remember which one it was, but he was beautiful.
    8. Too many!! But if I can only choose one then One Fine Day Zak LOL.
    9. I really want a Rey Lewis by dollshe craft or a Switch Soseo holy vers. I'll probably never find one though.
    10. Switch- Soseo holy vers.
      Dollshe craft- Rey Lewis
      Dollzone- Snow
      Dollzone- Isaac
      5th Motif Venitu
    11. Luts Howl. I saw him for sale on another site and loved his face. I should have jumped. Sadly he was gone and I think he will haunt me lol.
    12. Dollmore's Trinity Doll Snow Flower White Jude. My holy grail I'll never get to own hahaha I adore huge dolls and when I saw there was a line of nearly 3ft tall dolls I wanted it more than anything in the world. I can dream it'll happen one day, but they're all LE-numberhere- and White Jude is LE10 so I dunno if I'll ever make it.
    13. Dream of Doll Black Elf Ducan.... :...( Impossible dreams
    14. A Granado Mars!! And I want the exact doll they are advertising on their page. That doll is just wow!
    15. I really want Alan (elf) from Doll Chateau but it`s gonna take me a good 9 months to save up for him! He`s just so whimsical looking I absolutely must have him.
    16. There's a specific head that I know I'll never have because it's no longer made and seems to be fairly rare. I can't remember who made it, but it was a face sculpt that was supposed to be Fenris from Dragon Age II.
    17. The Enyo from Irealdolls, but he is so much limited and expensive to me :/
    18. Never thought I'd want a Luts, but then I saw Abadon Commander of Blue Knights..... First of all I have no funds for anything doll-related right now, second Abadon's face alone does nothing for me so it's got to be the whole set with the painted armor and sword and everything. Third I do not want to tackle the daunting task of piecing together all the parts of a LE fullset from 2009 or hope for a stroke of insane luck and find someone selling everything together...and can you imagine how expensive that would be....

      I'll just, uh, stare longingly at the pictures on the website.
    19. Iplehouse SID Eric. Gosh darn, he's a beauty, with a price-tag to match! Almost £600, for the options I want; an entire month's wages for me at present, and he's top of the wishlist. Has been since I first saw him. Maybe, one day, secondhand...but for now? :...(

      Dikadoll BaiXuan Human on the 68cm body, with jointed hands, is another who's been on my wishlist from pretty much the beginning. He's almost £500, though. A little less than Eric, but still a lot for me to part with when it comes to dolls (I just can't justify that kind of money; not even for a wished-for doll). :(

      Maybe, when I hit the big-time or come into some money - or double my wages - but, for now it seems like they're just far-off dreams just out of my grasp.
    20. Soom Sard, the night odyssey version . I've been admiring that version for years, but I'm not super into owning any fantasy sculpts. I do have wings and horns for my dolls, but they usually only go on for photos and then back into storage :sweat

      I also really love all the armoured dolls that have been released so far, but honestly I can't see them fitting in with my dolly family :(