Sculpts you love (but will probably never get)

Oct 3, 2009

    1. For the price and I dont have any character to fit but still soooo much love on them would be..

      Hikaru Genji
      SWD Lucas... T_T
      ..and a boy suigintou xD

      For the size is..
      Iplehouse I
      Unoa girls..

      just because I still cant justify slim MSD sizes within the family *sigh*
    2. Well there are a few molds I really admire, but I wouldn't know what to do with them if I had them, and then there's the fact that they are too expensive for my tastes...

      Iplehouse Jessica
      Iplehouse Luna Tamer
      Iplehouse Luo (gah, the manliness!)
      Iplehouse Tatiana
      Stunningly beautifull and very realistic sculpts, but they don't trigger any stories in my head. They'd just be something to drool over :sweat

      Soom MD Cass
      Soom MD Heliot
      Soom MD Topaz
      Most of the soom MD's look nice but don't appeal to me too much, other then being pretty. These three do appeal to me much more but are still not for me (and that's without even thinking about the secondhand prices for those). Though I did buckle for Afi :sweat

      Oasisdoll Yaoyue
      Gorgeous girl, but I wouldn't know what to do with her apart from admire her looks.

      Elfdoll Soah
      Very pretty, but hard to find/crazily expensive, and again I wouldn't know what to do apart from admire her looks.

      Fairyland Feeple Ashley
      cool sculpt, she has a very unique look and I love the posability of Feeples (and fairyland dolls in general), but on the other hand I fear her face and body are to stylized for me...

      Souldoll Soul Zenith Chiron Centaur
      I love that guy, he's amazing, he's unique and he's a frickin' centaur :lol: But he's also huge and very expensive. I wouldn't know where I could keep him safely... And I simply cannot afford to spend that much on a doll... Maybe someday, if I'm filthy rich :)

      That's all I can think of from the top of my head. Funny thing is that it's mostly bigger dolls. My biggest doll at this moment is a resinsoul Mei, an msd. I'm not sure if I'll even like bigger dolls... I might buy a RS Dan someday, I really love her face and she's affordable, but I might find out then that SD's really aren't for me, I don't know yet.
    3. I don't normally look twice at boy dolls, but Dollshe Bernard is such a beautiful doll. I wish I could even consider getting him, but he's so expensive and rare to find as a version 1 and the newer Dollshe bodies are intimidating (to me at least - all those joints!)

      I love Volks SD10 Suiseiseki/Souseiseki, but I can't justify paying the prices on the after-market, plus those headcaps don't have schpitt-magnets, so I also wouldn't want the faff of messing around with elastic or s-hooks to keep the headcaps on and I most definitely wouldn't want to try modding such a rare and expensive head.

      I also love the SD16 girls, I think the bodies are fabulous and I've really liked all of the headsculpts, I just never have enough money when they're released. If I planned ahead and saved, I could probably snag one on the after event site, I just never remember to do this until it's too late.

      Ami Ayase is my favourite SD16 doll to date, but I think I could achieve a similar look with Volks SD13 Rinon, who is a standard model with a similar shaped face. So I may get my Ami one day, she just won't be SD16 Ami Ayase!
    4. Migidoll Miho - Love, pretty much, is all I can say about him. I love his face shape and his lips and eye shape, they're absolutely beautiful. However, parental restrictions would keep me from getting him (and really, that's about all that's keeping me from getting him.)

      Soom Amber - No joke, the first female doll I completely fell in love with, and one I'd quickly get if I could, since I'm into the fantasy type dolls, but I doubt that I'll be able to find one, and even if I loved the sculpt enough to justify spending so much on an Amber secondhand, there are, as always, the parents.

      Soom Euclase - And this is one for which I see so many possibilities, no joke. I doubt I would have been able to get him anyway, even if I hadn't missed the order period, and to find one secondhand, chances, I'm thinking, would be fairly slim. So I content myself with looking at Euclase in the gallery at the moment, but I wouldn't hesitate on Euclase (not to mention I have a character that he'd fit perfectly with that yummy grey skin, by chance.)

      Soom Bygg - Wahh, such a pretty, perfect sculpt! All that I can say is that I'd never be able to justify spending that amount on a tiny, so I don't, but still...

      DoD Sha - The sculpt itself is so gorgeous, but I can't really see myself owning him, so he's going to be one I admire from afar n.n
    5. Resin soul Gang
      Dream Realm Xiao Chi

      Other then that there aren't many dolls that I want.
    6. I have to doll that I'd like to have

      Fullset Leina ver.1

      Tender shall Full set



      But will not be able to get them anytime soon for financial reasons since I'd like Leina and Shall but like someone mentioned earlier she would just become a shelf doll because of her price so really to me it not worth it
      Dollzone sculpts are interesting but I'm afraid I won't like them in physically
    7. because of the price or quantity OR because i would'nt know what to do with it...
      soom euclase
      soom amber
      limhwa to you
      mecha angel Saiph
      zaoll luv
      iplehouse amy
      MNF juri
      breakaway 05 NS ( i had WS and i sold him :sweat but he was really gorgeous)
      CP lishe
      SDF matthew
      SDF bliss
      CP moon

      there was more Ôo
    8. I have few to add to this list:
      DoC tender yen
      DoC twin B
      Dollmore tan Pado
      and Latidoll ble line lyn

      they sculpts on these dolls are so cool, i wish i had a job i'd buy all of them!
    9. Leekeworld Milch...they don't make it anymore.

      Dollmore Lusion...too expensive and probably too large, although I love the idea of a doll that size.

    10. Dollshe SA Bermann T.T
    11. Volks Hikaru Genji. He's as perfect as impossible for me. I'd really like to buy him, but first: anybody sell that treasure, second: I couldn't pay him, his value is out of my reach.
    12. Any of Soom's fantasy dolls, I love looking at them and I think they are absolutely stunning but I myself I can't see me owning one or what I'd even do with one if I had it.
      Mecha Angel Sabik & Super Gem Dia (Love them both so so much but I think they're a little bit too tall for me but I think if I clear out a bit I'd have room for them, but at the moment there's no way I can get them)
      Anyone of those "dreaming" faces: I think they're pretty and when done right look really great but I, again, can't see myself owning one.
    13. i've given up on owning dolls that i want, but are outside the msd size scheme ._.; i don't have the space or the money for them. -wistful sighs, and all that-
    14. Oh god, there's so many xD
      Luts: Abadon, Moon, Cloud.
      SOOM: Io, Topaz, Amber, Heliot, Sabik, Lazule, Sard/Dia boy, Vesuvia.
      Volks: Williams (T_T), Hikaru Genji, Cristal, Liz.

      And I could continue.. Many of them are sculpts I love, but would never buy. Other of them are some I'd love to own, but I'm really not sure if I could use that much money on a doll.
    15. The Souldoll Tarot Lev ;A; The one with the apricot skin, pointed ears, and fantastic faceup with those blue eyes <33
      Also Soom Glot/Glati TnT;

      Why must the best be limited? Dx
    16. Unoa, unoa, unoa. :p
    17. Soom Sard and Chrom... i just love their faces and fantasy parts! Sadly there are no chances to get a Sard now :(
    18. Both of the 44cm Unoa boys, B-El & L-Bi. I've always adored them, but for some reason just don't have that feeling that I'll ever own one!

      Volks Okita & Sakaki & Williams, and I, will also probably be content to just admire each other from afar. But those guys all knock me completely out. They make my knees go all wibbly.

      Soom Io. I couldn't make up my mind & couldn't make up my mind all the way through till the end of his sales-period; so I decided to take that as a No from the universe. He haunts me a bit, though. I love to look at him.

      And Jollyplus Gise haunts me; I've had a crush on Pasu DollHeart's model Gise for years! He is a gorgeous gorgeous thing. Yet I never considered owning him.

      However.... I have learned to remember there is no such thing as "Never" in real life. For years I always thought that I'd just admire Iplehouse Mars from afar, too, and never own one, but-- voila! He has just arrived here. :D
    19. Soom Bix faithfull night..
      Mecha angel, Rex..
      Iplehouse EID Evan
      DOD Sha
      Dollshe saint
    20. SOOM MD Amber - Beautiful, beautiful lass, but she's LE, and the price they put on her over in the Marketplace make my head spin.

      Iplehouse E.I.D ladies- Love them, but I don't have the urge to bring one home, not sure why.

      Limhwa Limho Mano - How come I only know about him recently?? He's gorgeous!
      He had to be discontinued, of course -_-'' grrr...

      Iplehouse E.I.D Kamau - Why no Basic Kamau?? Why??

      Souldoll Killian and Lampard - Gah, I WANT! But they'll look like lil' man midgets beside my two big boys, the difference will definitely bother me.

      DoD's new Code no.02 - I usually don't 'dig' for DoD dolls, but this new mold of theirs made me go 'Wow...'
      But, his reason will be the same as the above.